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Kathryn Rose Apr 2018
Wake up in my embrace
Feel her graze against your hair
My lips brush your neck
She slips her hand downward
My mouth, wet
She moans your name

I ******* scream

Colorful kiss
Persuasive caress
Take me there
Make me forget
Kathryn Rose Apr 2018
Crows creep in
Leaving little footprints
On your satin skin
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
Toasted music notes
Drift away
Slicing the atmospheric pressure
Wallowing in my sorrow
The pure pain
The sting of sweet love
Kathryn Rose Apr 2018
You began only a piece

Dorm room fumes

You grew, miraculously

Now a guardian to the grass
You shade the ants and
Breathe life into the lungs of the cardinals

Let me fly away
On your wings
You green thing
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
I would miss the intensity
Of your sweet, sweet honeycomb heart
The endearing amber in your beard
And the strong hands I didn't fear
The way your soft eyes become so light
In the morning bright
Your warm skin against mine,
Holding me so tight
Your husky laugh
At my joking attempts
The tiny touch of my hip,
The ******* stroking of my hair
Gripping my *******
Thrusting hard, endless pleasure
I could sit in your sensual silence forever

Happiness knows no bounds
Inside your concrete floors and brick walls
Your open windows,
My open chest
Kathryn Rose Apr 2018
Appearing in the dark,
You wrap around my love,
In greedy form.
A knife in my heart, I'm bleeding.
Frozen, watching you.
Laughing, no one seems to notice you
Sitting with ease, on his lap.
Unknowingly, my legs take me,
out of your sight.
The bathroom mirror reveals
The true reflection of the woman
Living in fear.
Build my confidence, glass.
Erase the flutter in my stomach.
Stitch the wound in my heart.
Strong, beautiful woman -
Saunter back to your seat.
Sit with his friends,
Strangers to you.
Look in his golden eyes.
See his truth,
She disappears.

Imagine the present, reality.
Forget not the honesty.
She does not exist any place,
Other than your fragile mind.
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
Sweet face,
Soft ears.
Her eyes pierced me.
Soft giggles.
Everywhere she went,
She left a little piece of herself
Kathryn Rose Apr 2018
The silver moon lets me rest my aching soul.
Sleep void of the memory of you.
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
The Dying breaths of dawn
Linger on my lips a bit longer
Ever since he has been gone
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
The beer dried my tears

Number Seven
Eight .   ?
                 e  ?
Who even cares...

The last rays of light on the brick
On the porch
Me and the teak wood
Wiping my tears with my sweet beers
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
Imperfect child, imperfect man
Shouts from his father looking down with shame
Stuck in his head like demons in the flame

Giving the love he never found
Making family out of friends
Desperate for a full heart

Always searching
Never receiving
Depression looms
Trusting the demons in reality
Holding on to something he can't see
While paper crowds his home
Hoping paper will block the void he feels every day

Happiness existed
Only in the city of lights
Torturous summers, capable winters
She broke his dream

Immediate recognition does not come
Perseverance fading quickly

Screaming child inside him
Eternal college experience of brotherhood, beer, whiskey and Vegas trips
Living through the joy of children

Desperate to find a woman
A woman that won't die
A woman that won't disappear
Someone he won't disappoint
Kathryn Rose Apr 2018
And so we continue
Ignorant and cold
To the ******, barely-beating heart
Of the ******* country
We call home

Call for justice!
How the hell,
Did we get here?

Agent orange
You are correct in saying
We need to make our country

**** no.
It has never been
Much but a host
For a hateful virus
Feasting on the light and kindness
Of its soft atmosphere

We are first!
We are best!

Boast until you burst
I fear is soon
The fat seething through our pours
The knowledge seeping from our brains
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
I think I fell in love with you.

I think I fell in love
When the tears began rolling down my cheeks
Into my mouth
Onto my pillow
Against the cotton of my shirt.

I think I fell in love
When you told me
How you would remember me
Our time together, special.

I think I fell in love
When I could no longer hold you
Feel your hand in mine
Or your beating heart next to mine.

I think I fell in love
When the bright light
Poured through my window
Reminding me of your sleepy, golden eyes.

I think I fell in love
Among the melodies in the air
When I heard them play your favorite record
And felt the soft notes
Spread across my skin.

I think I fell in love
When the wind whipped past me
Leaving me with goosebumps,
Sending chills down my spine.

I think I fell in love
At the sight of a plump grapefruit
Perched on my counter.

I think I fell in love
When I thought about kissing another man,
Someone other than you.

I think I fell in love
When you wished me happiness.
Happiness you couldn't give.

I think I fell in love with you.
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
Don't you dare speak those words.

You know exactly what they will do,
to you,
and to him.

There will be no more
you and him.

Like the peach blossoms
broken from the delicate, young branches,
the verbal hail storm,
the weight of the ice,
will knock him to the frozen ground.

Unsure how much affection he can return,
of how his own whirling thoughts fit with yours.
Your tale, far from fairy, will end.

Your open heart will shrivel,
like the salty sardines you left on the wooden picnic table
in the burning sun.

You will regret your thoughts and
you will regret your feelings,
but know, sadly, there was nothing left to do,
but leave too soon.
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
The torrential wind blew my brain around my neck,
Like a whiplashed skewer,
Crooked and bending in ways wood should not.
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
A flash of bright light
A meteorite
Shooting across my universe

              ing          every
              ­                thing
                   it  s

                        (for the better)

Leaving fragments of burning matter
Shards of glass in the ******, beating sun (my heart)
As quickly as your burning fire came into my sight, you were gone


(but vivid memories, toasted lyrics and throbbing heartache)
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
Every time I take a sip
The memory of your touch
Bleeds my mind emotionless
Kathryn Rose Apr 2018
******* you and your beautiful ******* music.
My heaven, now my hell.

Bass drops.

Heart stops.

Trebled tears.

Your soul floats in Slow Motion.
Your face appears in the Midnight Train to Georgia.
You shot Bambi, Paul.
Every day Feels Like Rain.
I Get Overwhelmed.
I'll never again see you in the Morning Light,
Never again in Luckenback, Texas.
If You Keep Leaving Me,
Every melody begins to Grow Old.
Who knows if This Too Shall Last.
He's Never Failed Me Yet.
I'm Not Okay (I Promise).
There's A Tear In My Beer.
How long do I have to Wake Up Alone?
So much Pain.
You might be Gorgeous, but this is Delicate.
Tiny Dancer, you Lady, You Shot Me.
Would you even care If I Die and Slip Away?
All I Could Do Was Cry.
I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good.
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
A Long White Line?
When can I Pass the Vibes?
I want some Real Love, Baby.
Guess I'll get In The Waiting Line.
Maybe you're not my Destiny.

******* you and your beautiful ******* music.
Kathryn Rose Oct 2018
Tonight the West sky favors the dream
You left on my bedside table
Washed, soft and dark
Even the clouds cry for you
Kathryn Rose Oct 2018
Cloudy Sundays will always belong to you
Sleepy amber
You are the rain
Seeping through the windows
Dousing me in kerosene
Lighting the flame
Encroaching on my present happiness
Drove a thousand miles away
But asked again
To scratch your back
Retrace the touch
Permanently erased
Memory’s demise: “soon”
You mustn’t have known,
I cried too.
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
My thoughts flow, words
My dreams come and go, script delay
My hands touch, hoping they stay
Letters curve so slightly, sensual
Serifs barely touch, hesitate
Testing the boundaries of space, flirting
Lyrics weave my tousled hair, joining sound waves  
Make their way in, touching me
Coursing alongside my thin veins, pressure
Fall swiftly down my arteries, suggestively flood my soul

— The End —