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 Dec 2019 kgl
Evie Helen
 Dec 2019 kgl
Evie Helen
You’re like a bruise that I can’t remember getting.
You just appeared one day,
And now I look different.
 Jun 2018 kgl
 Jun 2018 kgl
you asked me once
what my favorite color was

I didn’t know how to describe
in words

my favorite color is the shade your
eyes become
when the sun
decides to use them
as a mirror

or the warm color that you
become when
the sun dances freely
upon your skin

how could I explain
that my favorite color
rests in the pink hue of your lips?

I told you I didn’t have one
because I have many
and they all are you.
This may not make sense. I don’t know. I’m trying.
 Sep 2015 kgl
Aenya Paine Fike
"If you don't have something nice to say
then don't say it."

People would do well to remember this whilst looking in the mirror.
Please know that you are beautiful, handsome, and worthy.
 Jul 2015 kgl
The Last Wordsmith
Your eyes are still the same grey-blue
In every way you are still you.
Yet your smile’s not warm, your voice not soft
You’re not sending, my heart aloft.
"I love you, I always will"
Yet looking at you, my heart lies still.

I guess we truly, weren’t meant to be,
Since there nothing between you and me.
Not kindness, nor friendship, nor even lust,
I was right, and all is dust.
 Jul 2015 kgl
Nicole Dawn
 Jul 2015 kgl
Nicole Dawn
Why is it
That the biggest hearts
Are emptied the fastest?

And the brightest souls
Are blackened
The quickest?
 Jun 2015 kgl
I spent
my life
designing a
between myself
and the
world of
But the
border was
breached by
a world
so sick,
with hearts
of stone
and minds
of brick.
 Jun 2015 kgl
Monique Clavier
never fall in love with a boy who
speaks in lavender soliloquy and
smells like cigarettes and melancholy;
whose kisses leave you in nirvana and
whose flesh lays in some lovely façade;
for he is a poet, a philosopher, and a believer
whose mind will disappear into breathless purgatory
when you're not even looking
and by the time you'll find out
you'll already have lost him somewhere,
between wandering verbosity,
and ashen wordlessness
wrote this a while ago and shared it on my tumblr, where it got around 80 notes i believe
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