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kate Mar 28
yesterday the sun unfolded
its golden arms around us
cascading down the jutted bodies
of every observable irregularity

melancholic winter melting into sun puddles
stretching across the blooming lawn

under heavy branches carrying yesterday’s rain i stirred in inky shade,
and untied the shadows at my ankles
my limbs unravelling in those first days of
warm weather
kate Mar 28
i watch astral rivers pool into puddles on concrete and
witness the momentary crackle of memory
shimmering in their kinetic reflections

i see my unspent face, my refracted star-eyes
rippling across the water

then blue, blooming raindrops dashed
onto the cosmic looking-glass,
sparrow-like... flighty mirror magic faltering in the rain's blooming breath
kate Jan 16
darkness on foamy peaks, on low valleys descended
as drooping moons divulge their divaricating secrets
ripening on blackened branches, spiralling across
orb-like - yellow bellied and full

along aerial courses, wind cresting through apertures
landing in cloying piles under windowpanes, moonlight flutters
glass refracts the silver limbs of light that unfold
upon themselves restlessly

bursting forth, a cagey night shifting on limbs
misanthropic and strong willed, bending its silver knees
into loamy earth - its shrouding body, dark and stirring
ocean-like, its tides move incessantly
kate Jan 1
acuity soon softens, fermented by a sapid surf singing of elusive green tides and driftwood epiphanies left to litter dulce shores

each sun bleached body is fissured and crumbling, our freckled limbs akimbo across coquina terraces of fossilized froth, we trace the

speckles of sunburnt kisses between collarbones, as the scathing day's paramours, our bronzed shoulders are branded with mermaid embraces

at the calves of palm branches' sapless colloquy detailing tangy, cloven skies and the velvet undulations of acerbic white sands that tangle with infant foam

the ocean orates in guttural, white capped hymns which crescendo on shivering sand, sirens draped in cerulean blue murmur their tidal magic

and across our suntanned faces, the shadows of intumesced clouds rest, as wind carries the fragrance of droves of sea bitten fruits into salt-weary nostrils

our nomadic conversation shies and shimmers, surfing vagabond currents, the afternoon's tidal effervescence purses these escapades

in shivering boughs of sea mist, the ocean swathes shore-ridden limbs, the promised praxis of the sea as she croons from her maritime confines
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