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2.4k · Jan 2015
Kate Irons Jan 2015
it's easier to point out my flaws rather than the tear stains on my cheecks
2.2k · Dec 2014
lustful agony
Kate Irons Dec 2014
your demons drive an interest in my soul
i crave more of you
Kate Irons Dec 2014
while we rest, our minds infuse with magnificent visuals.

are these wonders of what we desire,

or are they futures to be revealed?

for the free spirit can merely ponder of how sensational our dreams are the following wake
1.3k · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
she's clawing out her eyes
to see that you were
never there to begin with
1.3k · Jan 2015
afternoon words
Kate Irons Jan 2015
let me be your laugh when you thought you could only scream
1.2k · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
The damage a storm can do
isn't even close to how I felt after you
1.2k · Jan 2015
happily cursed
Kate Irons Jan 2015
i fell in love with the way your eyes stared at my imperfections and how you told me they reminded you of your favorite place to be
1.1k · Jan 2015
Kate Irons Jan 2015
loving me is like loving the dead flowers in the winter
1.1k · Feb 2015
small amount
Kate Irons Feb 2015
Love is when you reach for her hand instead of the bottle
1.1k · Dec 2014
soothing cries
Kate Irons Dec 2014
I miss you.

These words would be the last breath that I allowed my empty soul to take in.
975 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
His hands are numb from
strangling the demons inside
890 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
she roamed in the pale moon light
only so no one noticed the physical scars
that bandaged her broken heart
885 · Dec 2015
Kate Irons Dec 2015
everyday I walk past the same bus stop searching for a familiar face in the windows
I couldn't tell you how many times the bus stops there each day but I can remember each time the memories begin in my fingers and ended in the tears on my cheek and how often the driver closes the door so fast that it busts on my face like my windshield did last Christmas break and how I sat and listened to each piece of glass cutting into me like the words of my father whose religion was drinking himself to death
everyday I walk past the same bus stop with the same people at the same hour and I wonder how often they go home to shaking bodies and broken bones and how many times that door gets slammed in their face so hard that they remember every time he grabbed her too hard and how she would claw the door for someone to pull her up for air or how often they almost got away but they didn't press the gas hard enough or the window wasn't high enough
and I wonder how many of the innocent souls on the damaged bus have seen the light after they've been in the dark for so long
873 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014

the feeling of being trapped inside your own body.

you struggle for air to breathe in and fill your lungs but you gain nothing. you cry; begging your own mind to understand you are okay. but your heart knows otherwise. you hide behind a wall of lies that have happiness written along them.

but your heart knows otherwise
862 · Dec 2014
time lost
Kate Irons Dec 2014
for three months, i counted the days i would see you again. i spent every moment figuring out what i wanted and after three months, it was finally you again. i sat each day and just thought and wondered how it could have been different. three months i have been emotionally alone. and now after three months, you're back. and now I've lost interest because you have shown none. this time it is going to **** when you leave and to be honest;

i don't think i ever regained myself from the last time.
847 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
i need you to need me
828 · Nov 2015
loose noose
Kate Irons Nov 2015
he makes me feel like I'm running to the subway with only a minute to spare and I can't tell whether I make it in time or not
800 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
learning how to forget the pain caused is the worst pain of all
766 · Mar 2015
lost words
Kate Irons Mar 2015
i wonder if they notice that i can't breathe when they mention your name
745 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
she's choking herself with the tears she's holding back
731 · Nov 2015
past times
Kate Irons Nov 2015
everything was such a beautiful lie and I never had the courage to hear the truth being screamed in my face
705 · Jan 2015
falling apart
Kate Irons Jan 2015
i'm screaming your name and your response is a blank stare
698 · Jan 2015
Kate Irons Jan 2015
let me be the one who tells you everything will be okay,
let me be the one who makes your fears go away
648 · Jan 2015
external betrayal
Kate Irons Jan 2015
the day that you walked out was the day that the bottles we threw finally broke on my face
605 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
I've heard that sitting in silence is peaceful and relaxing.

All I can hear are her screams of regret.
594 · Feb 2015
i remember
Kate Irons Feb 2015
1:25 AM and i can still feel your breath on my shoulder when you would beg me to stay
586 · Feb 2015
two way
Kate Irons Feb 2015
i needed you but you needed her more
579 · Jan 2015
empty mind
Kate Irons Jan 2015
I am surrounded with people and I feel alone sitting next to you.
577 · Jan 2015
satisfying touch
Kate Irons Jan 2015
you are the person that makes every clock stop
and every broken memory fade
576 · Feb 2015
Kate Irons Feb 2015
i know i love you because you make me want to do things that i have never had the courage to do before
568 · Jan 2015
painful attraction
Kate Irons Jan 2015
i am so sorry that every time i speak, i cry
i am so sorry every sad movie leaves me feeling alone
i am so sorry that i am everything you never wanted
i am so sorry i am broken
565 · Jan 2015
Kate Irons Jan 2015
let me put back together the pieces of your heart
that you thought you lost forever
562 · Jan 2015
unwanted attention
Kate Irons Jan 2015
my heart only
the pain of your love
557 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
you ask me what's wrong
as if you weren't aware that
the scars on my body
were because of you
555 · Feb 2015
no control
Kate Irons Feb 2015
tell me who broke you but don't say my name too loud
552 · Sep 2015
the way
Kate Irons Sep 2015
I saw your face for the first time in over a month today. for some reason, it still hurt to see you smile and laugh with other people.

we haven't spoken in weeks and we probably won't ever feel the need to again. but God ****** there's something about you that won't get out of my head.
545 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
the day you stop caring what people think
is the day that you can smile
without someone telling you to
542 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
"I used to be the person
who took pictures of
beautiful sunsets but
now all I see are dark clouds"
539 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
i love how your fingers fit perfectly between mine
538 · Dec 2014
open road
Kate Irons Dec 2014
Sometimes I drive fast
to feel what it's like
to be alive again
529 · Jan 2015
back then
Kate Irons Jan 2015
maybe if you scream my name loud enough it will muffle all the doors that were slammed in my face

maybe if you hold me tight enough then every voice saying i'm worthless will fade away
529 · Dec 2014
dying interest
Kate Irons Dec 2014
He holds his breath
So she can gather her thoughts
He would die for her
And she would watch
527 · Aug 2015
the details
Kate Irons Aug 2015
I've built this wall up for so long that I'm only now realizing that every brick I used was filled with the memories you left me
526 · Jan 2015
please call
Kate Irons Jan 2015
i beg for you to call one last time because my worst fear is forgetting your sweet voice when i need to hear it the most
524 · Apr 2015
false attention
Kate Irons Apr 2015
My obsession over being wanted came from never feeling wanted.
522 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
maybe my hands
are always cold
to show
i would be nothing
518 · Mar 2015
falling x2
Kate Irons Mar 2015
i'm strangled by the thoughts of your lips on mine ever again
511 · Mar 2015
Kate Irons Mar 2015
and the saddest part is that i still listen to one of your voicemails that i saved from months ago because that was the last time your voice ever begged for my love
510 · Dec 2014
Kate Irons Dec 2014
When i sit in church
Every inch of hair stands on my body
Chills run through all my flesh

It's the demons killing me from the inside
493 · Feb 2015
Kate Irons Feb 2015
maybe it's because i get lost in your eyes,
maybe it's because i can't tell day from night
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