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The times we had
The good outruns
The bad
I used to think your songs were sweet,
those you'd sing to me.
But now you sound so out of tune,
and totally off key.
I heard a better song,
with a nicer melody
It gets stuck in my head
and it sets my spirit free

You stand outside my window
with your busted, old boombox.
Playing on repeat
all the memories we lost.
But I'm sorry, it's no use.
I only hear my new song.
It's nice of you to try,
but sorry, you took too long.
 Jan 2015 Kate Irons
in size
the earth is but a thought
passing through your mind
but you spoke a spark
and magnified in kind
the importance of this little park
to the words upon your tongue
none can fall or go to waste
the universe expansion just begun

slowly carving, you do not haste
the adolescence of a race
whose lives are flashes in a glass
Your countenance of tears
a God of suffering
a God of rain
the God who takes our pain
and forms it into golden coloring

Time, Love in action
is a forever forward dance
it never ends
and stretches on
like the twinkling light that bends
down to us from the stars
That God would choose to make that which could cause him grief, then absorb the pain and wreckage his creation has given themselves, is His great mystery. I love how God's love is shown in the book of John in the Bible.
I thought if I delete you enough,
I'd finally forget.

{ E.I }
I'll delete every part of you I have.
 Jan 2015 Kate Irons
You talk to me..
with the language of my dreams.

Of promised joy
and a solid decoy.

With the cries of night creatures,
that I dimly understand.
I think of the fine features,
that in our life, I have planned.

and then I realize..
its all just a plain mirage.
A life full of false pieces,
a hopeful montage.

Your binary words,
glow in my darkness.

Your 'darling' hangs in the air..
and my head just forgets.

Making chemicals run in my blood, just by looking..
you freeze my sound, take my free will and throw it away..

And I feel your cold warmth,
as the icy sparks fly upwards
from the burning of all my wishes
with a simple blank line..
How do I go on?
You claimed to be my White Knight
Your words not mine
I felt a disconnect and knew you would break my heart
I tried to break it off

These words I said
I love you deeply
You my soul mate
The response was the same
Your words
You are my soul mate

We were so happy
Happily ever after type
You begged me not to leave
Called me your lifeline
I would have given up everything
Just to be in your arms

A picture of you
Shared only with me
So I thought
You said only me
Only me

We were a secret
You didn't want others jealous
But everyone knew
You get to the airport
Tell me it's just me, only me

My friend talked of you
I confided in her of Us
A letter arrives
You cut me to pieces for telling her
Telling her we were Us

You were my White Knight
I was your lifeline
Pulling you from the brink
Soul mates
Stars aligned

I will never know
You would never tell
The picture partly a clue
You sent it to her too
Dumped me for saying you loved me to her

She was our friend
Only a friend you said
Then why
why all this pain
I saved you

You almost killed me
I saved it all you know
Every word, phrase, poem
The pain unbearable
You had to know
I would try to end my life

Your lifeline would be dead
Nothing but silence from you
One day out of the blue you show again
Say you still love me
Still desire me

What were you thinking
After all that time
Just needed your lifeline again
Then what
Disappear after

What you did White Knight
Was inexcusable, cruel, vindictive
You swore you would be back
I would see you again
You might as well have been the knife

Sliding across my skin
This time you succeeded
Severing all ties
Bet you didn't think it would go this far

No longer your soul mate
Your lifeline gone
All because our friend's feelings were hurt
You could have done better
Should have done more

Now I am gone forever
They buried me today
Our friends were there
But not you
Not even then would you show
Written by Jennifer Humphrey. All rights reserved 1/31/15
I am burned into you
Scar tissue hurt
Did you really care?
Did you really love?
Was it about the pain?

Cast burn on the wall
Silent and empty chair
Charred my life
Emptiness complete
You lit the match
Another look on cheating
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