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Katelyn Rew Jul 2017
Shadows never lie, truth is found in darkness.
Katelyn Rew Jun 2017
Do you ever stop and think, why am I here?
Only to close your eyes and see the world disappear.
Do you ever stop and wonder why?
We live our entire lives only one day to die.
Do you ever stop to question things?
Why people live on streets, and others live like kings.
Do you ever ask for proof?
Don’t believe what you hear, seek out the truth.
Katelyn Rew Apr 2017
I no longer see your face when I close my eyes,
a life with you is something I no longer visualise.
So thank you for freeing me from the shackles that did bind,
finally I can start a new chapter and leave all of this behind.
Katelyn Rew Apr 2017
I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me,
just two bodies of atoms swimming round in an endless sea.
Katelyn Rew Mar 2017
Empowerment is to stop begging you to come home,
self love is realising a soulmate would never leave you alone,
happiness is letting the loneliness fade,
fulfilment is realising the best lives are self made.
Katelyn Rew Mar 2017
There once was a princess, as beautiful, intelligent and kind as could be.
One day a prince came along, but none of her kindness and beauty he could see.
Nonetheless she loved him more than all the planets and the stars in the sky,
but he treated her poorly, never appreciating her, and it wasn't until a few years went by,
that she kicked him out and realised how stupid she'd been,
she was sad, angry and alone, but after much self love and reflection,
that princess is now a Queen.
Katelyn Rew Feb 2017
Corners remind me of you.
Darkness sleeps in them and so do I.
Rivets of light seep through the window,
echoing whispers in my resting place.
Day turns into night and night into day,
here in the shadows is where I will stay.
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