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Kate Apr 2018
I'm doing well. I'm happy and feel secure in myself for perhaps the first time in my life. And the best part?
It's no one's fault but my own. I feel good for myself, not because of anyone else.
I'm getting better finally.
Kate Apr 2018
I've never been able to believe that people find me attractive. Desirable was a word used to describe other people, not me. I wasn't noticed or asked out or anything like that. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but now it's become a problem.
I don't believe people when they are actually interested.

I've been asked out twice in the last month and I don't get it.
Where did these people come from, and how did they decide that I was desirable enough to date?
I have been feeling better lately,
I guess they noticed.
Kate Apr 2018
No one can figure out why he scares me.
He literally did nothing wrong, im sure hes a good guy but he looks just a little too much like my ex and he wears the same jacket and when he gets frustrated he reacts the same way and when he gets near I shrink away and I can't really articulate why without sounding dumb
Kate Mar 2018
I hate that you wore me down to nothing
To where all of my worth was based on you
And when you liked me i was good
And when you didn't I was worthless

But it's been six months
And I still have you
But my new tattoo reads
"I am enough"
And it's right.

Kate Mar 2018
It's been six months since it happened.
Six months since you left me in the dust with nothing but your insults to remember you by.
Six months since I screamed and threw things and told you to get the **** out.
Six months since you told me that the reason why you cheated was because I was boring. You didn't like the way I looked, I was ugly.

When we first met you told me I was cute. On our first date you told me I was beautiful. When we moved in together you said that it was the happiest day of your life.

What changed?
Kate Mar 2018
That's how long it took.
I knew we were wrong from the beginning but I ignored it
Because you told me you loved me and I believed you
I wanted to fix you and heal you

But healing you came at the cost of breaking me
You lied to me and tricked me and told me I was.ugly and not worth loving
You told me you got bored of me and that's why you did it
As if cheating on me wasn't bad enough

As if I'm not going to spend the rest of my life knowing that I'm ugly, boring, worthless because you spent the last three years telling me so

I just hate that it took this long
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