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Kate Nagle Jan 2015
stop comparing yourself to others, you will never be them, and they will never be you.
2. when you listen to music, really listen. a record can be more comforting than people ever could.
3. if you finally fall asleep at 4:00am and you can't bring yourself to get out of bed that morning, don't. your mental health is more important than school with ever be, baby girl.
4. do not be ashamed of feeling broken, it means you know how to survive.
5. people come and go, some are poems, some are novels. those who are meant to stay, will stay.
6. and when he drinks 6 beers and drives to your house and screams that he loves you and wants you back, you lock your door and close your curtains. train yourself in the art of forgetting.
7. you'll make it through baby, you'll be okay.
Jan 2015 · 231
Kate Nagle Jan 2015
you just walked out of my front door,
and you're probably going to go back to her
and she's going to send you away like she did before,
and you're going to go to a bar
and knock back 8 shots of tequila
and think of me
and you're going dance with the girl with the pink hair and the tongue ring,
and you're going to hope that she can't see the pain in your eyes
and she's going to think you're cute in your flannel button down,
and bring you home
and when she does
that i pray you run into the bathroom
and stare at yourself in the mirror
i hope you ***** up all the lies you told
and choke on the "i love you"s that never meant what they were supposed to,
and i hope you sneak out the back door and try and find your way home
with only the light of the moon guiding you,
seeing my face in the stars.
Jan 2015 · 234
Kate Nagle Jan 2015
we went together like
chapped lips and midnight skies
daydreams and stop lights
cheap champagne and empty space.
but now you've shattered my heart,
and I'm choking on air.
we've gone from a magnificent love
to a declining grace.
we were two nothings and in a sea of infinity
we were together and we were magic
but now we.'re apart and I'm broken,
and the truth is
i don't know how to exist in this world
without you,

i don't know how to exist in a world
where you don't.

— The End —