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kate crash Jul 2011
I want to share u with all the world
but we must keep to eachothers pockets
sniffing in our secrets
laughing at the darkness

I roll into u
from the nowhere in which I came
and all that does not matter
suddenly matters again

I stare for hours
at this possibility

how can we touch forever

for ever   ever for ever

how can we stay good

when we are those who corrupt?

morning spills all over
lap it up
red flowers in a vase
black hair
all over the place
mirrors in my mouth
have a taste
this pretend world we have
is far too great

to make me go out
and face the day

sat 104am july 9 2011
kate crash Jul 2011
lost in time
lost in space
lost it all
lost my face

shivering through the afternoon
blue cloak on
no place no place

a green daffodil
wavers in the choice
of stand taller
or fall beneath the choir’s voice
they are everywhere ,

crumpled in my hand
a dead man to a
going through the motions girl
I can see the disappointment now
even when I shut myself out
from all the noise

the railroad track I flay myself on
I’m glad u smashed me into ur front train
I go
just go
and fall off again

who r we
beneath these daggers
feel the real
the real
that thing with which u cannot bargain

kate crash Jul 2011
I live in the land of concrete and flowers
of broken dreams that dazzle on gower
the end of america
The edge of the pacific
where the mad fEver rush
rolls the last minute carney hopes
in the sea swallowed by
Foam, gasp, foam, spread, foam, butter legs, sand *****, scabs, toxic waste, castles, meltdowns, stock crashes, dance parties, heroes, well -theives disguised as them, cardboard castles o **** n drugs n poverty,
some promise that one in several million will b truly rich beautiful and free enough to complain about meaning
Hello my ***** luv
That throws me up
After its feasted my youth into apathy
Hello oligarchy
Birth place of so many things I lust after
Broken concrete flowers peak through
Some neon sunrise
A prop to be used
a marketing strategy of humanity
living the dead end dream
kate crash Jun 2011
ur so pretty & mean
    i give u everything
roaring horses by the sea
fields of bronze, my feelings
        off with my shirt
slow over my *******
my head
    blonde & in a puzzle                   
     unbutton my heart
pull off my screens
       on my knees
  if i give u everything
will u love me?

you go so deep
i scream
    the  misunderstandings
    of humanity
in every ******
    i can forget how much
  it hurt to love
        you yesterday

kate crash Jun 2011
i came in her mouth
  i can’t stop hurting myself
the patron saint of blood
       self appointed self affliction
  i only want her when she doesn’t want me
   an explosion of pain & misplacedlove
   it’s  4am & I’m lost again
      somewhere too far west
    in this bed
wrapped like a present
  with my legs around her head
& sheets lumped under my
on my back
she caresses my thigh
         she wants something
i don’t have

the ceiling is blank
         the room bare  & heavy
“where were you born” she asks
     starting to stand
face all wet
time choking the elephants
      hiding in the room
“i don’t  know” I say say                   say
   her eyes fall all over
          the place
she is a wire with a onion bulb head, onyx eyes, tiny fine young delicate hands the kind when i was a small girl i wish i had

“don’t know, don’t know,
i just woke up one day and was”

kate crash Jun 2011
between    chains & carnations
my silent disavowal to the night
the tethered  ropes of humanity
the pulp that ripens & rots
   before the first bite
    before he get’s to have it all
     the promise of an america   (lost era)
    we all fall
       amongst the bricks & poets
   the machines & hoplessness
     the starvation of the heart
            once we could all
  finally reach across
the earth
    it falls
it ruins of rhyme
with too much reason
  too much of everything
      left the future with nothing
yet here we lay
     dreaming of a big pay day
   ******* hope
    from between my legs
i love you
i love you
         ‘til I go away

b4 midnite sunday
kate crash Jun 2011
the space between living & not
a thunder bold fire bird   bird
leather skirt
wife beater shirt
******* on the neon    suckin’ on the moon
black black black
so fast down sunsets
everything full throttle
  don’t bottle ( she/me)
her up
louder LOUDER
don’t wanna hear the
world falling
all over
       & over

John has a fresh pressed shirt
waits on the corner for her
her who smells like another woman/her
there’s no justice to love he thinks
tugging at his loafers with the back of his guilt  
mothers forbidding
he’s too young for such fast woman she yelps

time melts the pavement
he flips his nickel
the rumble old car rave
the ground shakes                                 he sees   the familiar
a flash fast smile
    it "phooo" nickel smack lands on heads
he jumps in the passenger

& off    off

   to get off

    to get lost

  in something he’s not
     nor will ever be

a woman


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