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k Dec 2019
there's a monster underneath my bed.

my first reaction was to call out your name
just before it hit me
that you're long gone
and there's no one who took your place away
to deal with this hideous monster while i could
lay in my black dress waiting for it all
to be over
so i looked into an abyss of his dark eyes

he held all my fears
doubts and promises and this time of which we never talk
showed me all the things i've done
one by one

until all i ever wished for was to reverse
to that day when i was a naive little girl
not knowing of the games i'll play
when nothing was broken and love
was a granted feeling
not something that i'll try to hide away from
wishing to start again
k Nov 2019
heartaches drown in burning liquid
story nights
broken hearts
hopeless minds
breaking us all down

whisper the name of
one that left

it won't help
it's too soon to fall again
k Nov 2019
i'll return
for now i need to hide
lick the wounds
heal my mind

oh, pray for scars
k Nov 2019
how strange it is
that what we loved once
seems so far away
and little now

pain that overtook my mind
is gone
was there really no need to worry at all?
k Nov 2019
well, i could serve you all those pretty white
lies about where i've been and what i've done
how life is beautiful and full of promises that never
break and that love always conquers the pain

reality got in between tiny little cracks of truth
ugly to the core
ain't no beauty
ain't much hope

so i won't speak again
i will stay in silence by your side
if you only let me wonder i might find the words
not today i think
not tomorrow
tho I shall, I know
k Nov 2019
if i knew then how hard it is
to change
i would never
try to save you from your old ways.

not my toys. not my game.
k Oct 2019
i have seen it in your eyes
another empty night
lonely soul hiding in the dark
so afraid of light

but you see,
i don't want to live my life in fear

i don't want to miss it all
i don't want to close my eyes
count. don't cry.
i'll hold your hand, i'll let the storm roar
we'll learn not to drown
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