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k May 2020
hugging is like saying
i hear you
and i feel for you
and my heart breaks to see you hurting
k Apr 2020
i no longer know
why i feel sad
days are turning grey
all i do is think
counting down from
one hundred, what if
tomorrow never comes
i have too many regrets
today, all i want is to sell
my soul
for a moment of blissful ignorance
and happiness
k Apr 2020
i was thinking about you the other night while
lying in the dark. the safe space of my four walls
suddenly became a prison of some sort. i couldn't
fall asleep and i wondered why
we never met again.
is there a chance that
maybe... no, forget that.

hey. i hope you are safe and well.
message never sent.
k Jan 2020
it's not about how you feel, cause frankly my dear
you feel nothing
all the emotions pass you by and you don't even notice how
the wind dances around with your hair
you wake up day after day until there's no strength left in you to
greet a new day and just like that all the promises
turn to dust
you  never know when it starts
until the moment when it's too late and you're deep
underwater drowning in your own head
and the number you are the more
you miss the soft kisses that sun used to leave
on your cheek

Welcome to the land of nothingness, I think
but I'm sick of sadness and
I had enough grief for the whole eternity
k Dec 2019
when lights go out
loneliness creeps back in
like a dear old friend that never left
and meant no harm
even though every time we met
i ended on the ground
k Dec 2019
i'm still thinking of you
when it's late at night i wonder
of the things we used to have
some places call your name
i'm not naive to believe that we will
ever fall for each other again

it's been a long time
it's been too long now

do you still think of me
and all the precious moments that we
like that one night when we danced our way
through the dark
or when we made a promise to be each other's
and we tried and we tried
even though it burned and it would be easier to
simply walk away
i've heard them say that love will never die
was it all just a bunch of lies?
k Dec 2019
there's a monster underneath my bed.

my first reaction was to call out your name
just before it hit me
that you're long gone
and there's no one who took your place away
to deal with this hideous monster while i could
lay in my black dress waiting for it all
to be over
so i looked into an abyss of his dark eyes

he held all my fears
doubts and promises and this time of which we never talk
showed me all the things i've done
one by one

until all i ever wished for was to reverse
to that day when i was a naive little girl
not knowing of the games i'll play
when nothing was broken and love
was a granted feeling
not something that i'll try to hide away from
wishing to start again
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