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GreenTrees Sep 25
One step towards Humility brings you farther than a thousand miles of revenge.

Karl V 2019
GreenTrees Sep 15
You have a contract with God and you signed on the dotted line.
The fine print was written by the devil in Hellvetica font size nine.
GreenTrees Aug 1
The tide and waves of my emotions crash on your desolate and barren shores. As I sit on this beautiful island with white sands and unending views of the horizon. I realize I must follow the sun into the mouth of the sea... there is no life here for me...
GreenTrees Apr 13
The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.

And oh what shadows I cast upon thee.

These dark days and my dark ways,

from my love you may never flee.

Karl V.  2019
Bound so tightly like leather and twine
in a cage she keeps this broken heart of mine.

My knees bloodied and my hands tied behind my back
In her shadow, dressed darkest black.
GreenTrees Jan 25
No matter how high we soar.

It starts from a place on the ground.

Karl V.  2019
GreenTrees Jan 15
Every year I get excited to tell you I love you in some special way.

We go to the place we met.

A place to remember and never forget.

To you it was just another day with a fancy title.

Another day filled with regret.

Another day of sadness like a secret I kept.

You hide me from your life and friends.

Under the rug I have been swept.

You keep me on the sidelines off to the left.

Karl V.  2019
GreenTrees Dec 2018
I spent all this time searching for the truth and when I found it,
I realized I wished had searched for something else.
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