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GreenTrees Aug 9
I dig the hole wide and deep and she gently places the tombstone.
GreenTrees Jul 25
At night you are the light of my dreams

and in the day your darkness drowns out the sun.
GreenTrees Feb 7
The road to the future is paved in the acts of kindness we do for others and future generations.

Act now!  Get ready for festivity and celebration.
It's our acts of kindness our one true salvation.

Karl v 2020
GreenTrees Dec 2019
I called her Autumn only to realize years later that it meant from the beginning I knew she was going to leave...

And when those leaves fall sweetly to the ground each year

the fallen leaves like small letters goodbye to a season lost.

I think to myself the stars shine a little brighter in autumn.

Karl v. 2019
GreenTrees Dec 2019
If there is more wisdom in failure than in success, then I am wise beyond my years. The gap between you and success is equal to the sum of your fears.

The measure of true friendship is that your friendship no longer requires measure.

The beauty of life is boundless. It is only limited by our ability to see it and our willingness to create it.

Arguments only prove that in time
that whatever it was, it was not worth arguing over.

A hidden treasure...

Karl v 2019
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