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GreenTrees Jan 25
No matter how high we soar.

It starts from a place on the ground.

Karl V.  2019
From it all things come and to it all life is bound and in the end we shall return.
GreenTrees Jan 15
Every year I get excited to tell you I love you in some special way.

We go to the place we met.

A place to remember and never forget.

To you it was just another day with a fancy title.

Another day filled with regret.

Another day of sadness like a secret I kept.

You hide me from your life and friends.

Under the rug I have been swept.

You keep me on the sidelines off to the left.

Karl V.  2019
GreenTrees Dec 2018
I spent all this time searching for the truth and when I found it,
I realized I wished had searched for something else.
GreenTrees Nov 2018
Not all things happen twice,

and in a lifetime, sometimes never at all.

So if you were lucky enough to have it once.

Be happy that it ever happened at all.
GreenTrees Nov 2018
If I die waiting.

If I die praying.

If I die at all?

If I loved you.

If I Love you against it all.

If I find a way home.

If I die quietly like a whisper down the  hall.

If I had answered the phone, the one time you called.

If I did nothing.

If nothing wasn't really nothing at all.

If  I never stopped waiting.

If  I never stopped at all.

If  I die waiting.

If I die waiting for something.

If I  die waiting.

If I for nothing at all.

Karl V.  2018
GreenTrees Nov 2018
A hop an a skip
A jump and a flip

A smile and a frown
A king's crown turned upside down

The Bi-Polar express is coming to town.
The Bi-Polar express is coming  to town.

Welcome back my quiet friend
Glad to see your in town again

Like pen to paper
and fuel to a flame

I hope this time you've come to stay
Dancing in the flames our hearts on display

Majestic thoughts and divine inspiration
Drowning in confusion of hellish motivation

The Bi-Polar express has pulled into the station
The Bi-Polar express has pulled into the station

Staring for hours in quiet desolation
Up to the stars I look to my favorite constellation

The Bi-Polar express has reached its final destination
The Bi-Polar express has reached its final destination

Karl V.  2018
Mood Swings  bipolar
GreenTrees Oct 2018
True love is easy to find when it comes from within.

Karl V.  2018
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