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Karl Stewart Dec 2012
i am nothing,
less than nothing
I am the empty space
where something should have been
wallowing in my own self pity
I am becoming less distinct
soon, even I won’t be able to recall
who I was, what I held dear
or if I ever was, at all
Karl Stewart Mar 2012
Cross eyed raspberries
a signal for truce

he's breathing my air!
as I hyperventilated

but she never suffocated
so I figure she was wrong

her air was her air
even if she didn't know it

It was still fun trying
picking on her was great sport

fighting with my sister
was a hobby for me

being the only boy gave me advantage
I was never the one blamed

and if I acted hurt
she always got in trouble

it wasn't really fair
but she was bigger than me

I loved relentless picking
but when we each had had enough

cross eyed raspberries is what we blew
a signal for truce
Karl Stewart Feb 2012
And unto themselves kept they
who were inclined not to mindless conversation
but when in full acquisition of their faculties
tended towards economy of words.
for bothersome it became
to such as they
that when drivel was about them
a tempest of thought would confound them
being accustomed, as they were
to voicing only that
which was necessary

when matters of great import
were upon them
heart to heart did they speak
not of tongue and mouth
but of heart and soul
through mind and thought
would they commune
Karl Stewart Oct 2011
Watching the roguish young man

walk towards her with languid grace

she swoons with possibilities

only imagined.

His actions speak in tones

of pure sensuality

as with a soft feathery touch

he reaches out

and runs his fingers through her hair.

Spinning her around and leaning in,

their eyes connect as

they gaze into the mirror.

His sonorous voice fills with promise

as with scissors in hand

he quietly asks,

How would you like it cut?
This is the result of a list of words provided by a friend. The words are:
roguish   sonorous   feathery   scissors   tones
Karl Stewart Sep 2011
going on forever
always talking
never acting
usually getting in the way
if not outright obstructing
progress is made in spite of them
rank and file almost always
saving their *****
gotta love em
Karl Stewart Sep 2011
unconsummated love,
insistent yet unquenched.
there is a bitter sweetness
that is at once wonderful and
connected as we are
by the stuff thoughts are made of.
touching hearts that remain solitary,
fleeting yet substantial, sometimes
it is more real than reality.
holding on too tight, I loosen
my grip to find...
everything and nothing.
Karl Stewart Jul 2011
Mother In Law has a huge collection of dolls (creeps me out)

Those dolls,
always watching me
with their beedy little eyes
following me where ever I go
they are in every room
I can't get away from them
they sit there with smug looks
those dolls
always watching me
creeps me out
I swear I saw one turn its head
why does she have this infernal collection
I think she is out to get me
I am quite sure of it
she even has a pair of them in the guest bath
sitting there drinking tea
both of them strategically placed
so they can watch me
always watching me
those dolls
creeps me out

the life sized ones are bad enough
but she has dozens of little ones
every time i visit my mother-in-law
they are someplace else
and yet, I have never seen her move them
does she even know they moved?
they follow me
and not just with their eyes
they follow me
room to room
place to place
and they all smile
oh you can't always see it
but I can tell
I am not paranoid
I am quite sure they are out to get me
they talk amongst themselves
i swear I have heard murmers when alone
I can't stand being alone in that house
the constant rustling
she must hear it
why can't she hear it
I am not crazy
I can't be crazy
can I

when alone
i think one of them tries to talk to me
it is on the edges of consciousness but it is there
just barely audible
i cant believe no one else hears it
what was that
did you hear it
tell me you heard it
i am not crazy
I can't be crazy
can i
those dolls
always watching me
creeps me out
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