kara Sep 2017
it was 6 AM when i set myself on fire,
a blacktop prayer that burned like vodka
when i walked six blocks home with no shoes on
and yesterday’s mascara still stuck to my lashes

2. it’s been three months since that July third,
the morning that i melted pavement
and destroyed the tissue in my lungs
as you slept soundly in your bed

3. i want you to know that i have not forgotten,
that i have been burning my name into all of your bridges
so you will never go anywhere without a reminder
of the person you killed in your bedroom

4. and as this flame burns itself out
and my fingerprints wear down to nothing
i find there is comfort in being the product of a tragedy
that nobody will ever want to touch
kara Jul 2017
this will not kill me
feels more like a prayer
when you’re walking
home with no shoes on
than any hymn
i’ve ever heard
kara Jul 2017
my heart has crumbled
and turned to ash
but with everything in me
i will reconstruct it
like a mosaic

i will turn
it into
kara Feb 2017
you told me
our love was a
sinking boat and i said
the captain always
goes down with
the ship
kara Dec 2016
she told me she was godless,
birthed of lust and temptation
and whatever the other sins were
that she couldn’t bother to remember.
she told me she was godless
but the mattress on her floor was
sacred and every three days she would rise.
she told me she was godless but she does not whisper,
she commands.
she told me she was godless but there is something
holy about the way she stands naked by the window at 6 AM
bathing in light.
she told me she was godless but she has never been one
to believe in what she was,
and gods do not answer to other gods.
she told me she was godless but i am not,
and i worship,
i worship,
i worship
kara Dec 2016
there are cracks
in your soul
that are letting
all the light out
kara Nov 2016
where he is fire
i am a hurricane

viciously and brilliantly
we are destined for destruction
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