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Kara Jean Jul 2015
The actor on the screen of our favorite show has nothing
on the way the TV glow graces your skin.
And the vibrant sunrise pales
to the green and gold peeking out between your tired eyelids.
There is no comparative to spilling words into your chest
in the quiet darkness when neither of us can sleep.
And the warm fizz that fills me when you pull me
just a little bit tighter
and press your full lips to the base of my skull.
I wouldn't trade that little smile that tugs at the right corner of your mouth when I kiss the left for all of the big things in the world.
I love our unimportant moments.

I haven't written in a while.
Kara Jean Jun 2015
How stoically your eyes shroud
those growing storm clouds.
I know you're hurting, please don't use this fa├žade with me.
Kara Jean May 2015
Dry leaves rustling
Remnants from fall float away
In a cool spring breeze.
Spring is nice, I guess.
Kara Jean May 2015
Green buds, fresh mowed grass,
Bees and pollen everywhere;
I can't stop sneezing.
I love spring but spring does not love me.
Kara Jean Apr 2015
I tried to show you the stars
but all you saw was black sky.

I tried to lift you up
but all you noticed was how far you had to fall.

I tried to sing to you
but all you heard was the silence between words.

I tried to give you warmth
but all you felt was the itch of my sweater.

You're far too aware,
yet so very blind.
I wish you could see what I see.
  Mar 2015 Kara Jean
Inhale. Exhale.

Whether you're at your high
Or low
Just promise me to please,
Inhale. Exhale

When life is too much to bare,
And you want to end it all
Just please
Inhale. Exhale*

When you're lost and alone,
With no where to go,
*Inhale. Exhale.
Kara Jean Mar 2015
I feel the waves crashing into my spine
knocking the wind out of me
and again
and again.
I can't keep my head above water
but the tide never stops
(I fear that soon my heart will).
I reach for your hand to pull me out
but it seems you just push me deeper.
Choking on the salt rushing down my throat.
My lungs are bursting,
won't you throw me a line?
It's never ending and I can't take it.
You're going to **** us both.
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