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Kara Ashley Feb 2015
I give you my all
But sometimes..
It's like I'm talking to a wall
You're so afraid you're gonna fall
But don't you see I'm here to catch you
You never seem to hear
All you do is fear
You're a brain washed
Something of a girl
You're thoughts are just a whirl
You can't get yourself together
Love the ones who ignore you
Ignore the ones who love you
That's all you do
It's nothing new
You cannot help someone unless they are willing to help themselves
Kara Ashley Jan 2015
Have you ever tried so hard that you cried?
Or cried so hard that you wanted to die
But in that split second the thought enters your head
You hear that voice saying
No you don't
You know why it says that?
Because you are worth it
Because you are so much more than you ever believed
You are important
The oceans
The forests
The sky
How beautiful
How breathtaking they are
Go look in a mirror
You are a product
A product of an amazing thing called
Now you see
What you can be
Is anything at all
To even think for one second that
You are anything less than a sky full of stars
That is a flaw
A flaw we call
Kara Ashley Jan 2015
When I was just five years old
My story began
When I first called out to God
My life had changed
Weakness brought me down
No more
Strength could be found
Sadness and fear
Happiness and hope
Instead of
Laughing now
My peace
The light
Dwelling inside of me
Into a deep dark misery
I fell so hard
But though...I thought
God was there with me the whole time
Well he was...and now I realize^^^
(read back up from bottom)
#God #faith
Kara Ashley Jan 2015
Anxiety please go away
You define me
And confine me
I feel so trapped
You hold me back from flying
Sometimes I just feel like dying
I usually end up crying
Why can't you just leave?
Do you think you amuse me?
Cause all you do is confuse me
Though something may seem to be tearing you down, look back on all you went through; you'll see how it really just built you up. You have walls of strength around you now. Even the bad things help us grow, they are never an excuse to give up. Ever.
Kara Ashley Jan 2015
You are strong
So strong
Stronger than you think
If you can't find that strength
Find it
Find it through God
Find it through others
Find it in your heart
Find it somewhere
Because it's there
Kara Ashley Jan 2015
It seems so unfair
Always feel like you can't compare
Well you know what I just don't care
Kara Ashley Jan 2015
When it hurts the most smile the brightest
The whole time you're worrying
Or your mind won't give you a break
When your broken and confused
Angry or lost
Whatever you feel
Just smile
As big as you can
Let your mind do it's damage
Let your tears fall hard
It can't hurt you
It won't hurt you
They can't hurt you
Let your mind wander and drift
Don't think
Just smile
Honey you're gonna be just fine
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