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I have many problems in life
What to eat
What to wear

But my main problem
My main problem is that I Care

I care about my car
But I don't care about me
I care about my grades
But I don't care about me

I care about my parents
But I don't care about me

I love and care those I call my friend
But I don't care about me

I care
But I don't care about me

My car can't care about me
My grades don't give a **** about me

My parents have four others
To care for before me

My friends have their own life
And people to care about

And this I understand

But I don't understand
Why each and every day
I put myself through Hell
And I don't know if I'll make it back

And I do that for all these things
These people
Because I care

I care that they make it through
I care that they are alright

So I care for all of these people
But I don't care about me
 Mar 2021 Vansh kapoor
y i k e s
i'm going to instagram a picture of the sunset
because it makes me think of you
bright and beautiful
but it's like to everyone
isn't it?
so romantic and and cliche, but that's all i'm good at

perhaps i'll instagram a picture of a meal i'm eating
maybe you'll like that meal too
or you'll think i'm a total idiot
'she's one of thoooose girls'

or maybe even, i'll instagram a selfie of me looking dumb
you'll laugh, or maybe even giggle at my face
because it's so idiotic
maybe, just maybe, you'll like it
because that's what people do on instagram, right?

but you won't
 Feb 2021 Vansh kapoor
 Feb 2021 Vansh kapoor
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
I write this poem
Because I have a question
A question I have been wanting to ask you
From the day that I met you

We talked and talked
Shared songs
Spoke about jobs
Read poems
Talked about school

We spoke with each other
Through messages
So I never got to know your voice
Your way of talking

You might see where I am going
So I'll ask it directly
Will you meet me
Over a cup of coffee?
I'd like to cut my heart open
to take you out
or maybe
to see you one more time
 Jan 2021 Vansh kapoor
 Jan 2021 Vansh kapoor
and when you said
laughter is like a foreign language
i imagined that i was
teaching you how to
speak it
jcl. you said you don’t laugh much just in general, but i sat with you for two and a half hours and that’s all we did. i’ve missed this. i’ve missed you.
 Jan 2021 Vansh kapoor
 Jan 2021 Vansh kapoor
Late night texts
Sleepy eyes
Small smiles

Stolen moments
Held inside
Beating heart


Left alone
Tear filled eyes
Chapped lips
Scarred thighs

Empty promises
Cast aside
Broken heart

there's a reason why its called a crush

— The End —