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  Jul 2019 Kapi Laur
You tell me
To follow
My heart
I ask you
Which piece
Lost and confused
  Jul 2019 Kapi Laur
space is my addiction
proximity is key
get a little closer
and i'll never
let you leave
don't leave, stay in this proximity with me
  Jan 2019 Kapi Laur
Jolene D'Souza
My girlfriend was so pretty
And normal as could be
But then something horrible happened
And changed her entirely

One day she was sipping coffee
A spider fell into her cup
It was too late when she gagged
And realized she had swallowed the spider up

The next morning when she woke up
And scratched her sleepy head
She discovered that overnight she had grown
Eight spider legs and a giant spider head

She screamed as she crawled out the door
And shrieked when she looked into the mirror
Her spider senses tickled and twitched
And made my poor girlfriend quiver

Her life has never been the same
Being half a spider and half a lady
At first I wasn't sure I could continue dating her
I mean, just imagine starting a family and having a spider baby!

Sometimes I think and wonder
What to do with our lives
Normal is seeing your girlfriend shopping
Not chilling upside down from the ceiling watching Desperate Housewives

Sometimes its quite funny
To see her browsing at a store
Where she’d usually buy a pair of shoes
Now she’d have to buy three pairs more

When I couldn’t take her shopping
And tried to run off with the guys
She spun her spiderweb and caught me
And took me by surprise

I’m so sick of her spider antics
I really wish we were done
At first she was a lot of nice things
But now my spider girlfriend is no longer fun

I took her out to dinner
And the only thing she ate
Was a plate of fried houseflies
And a glass of lemonade

When I tried to hug her
Her eight legs wrapped me tight
They gave me such a shock
Eight legs were such a hideous sight!

I couldn't take it anymore
I broke it off with her and made her understand
But now I really regret my thoughtless decision
Because now my girlfriend is dating Spiderman.
Mary Jane must be furious at the guy's gf :P
Kapi Laur Jan 2019
returning back
to the art of word
makes me realize
there is no art in these words
the interpretation of such nouns
is what makes poetry
and what breaks poets
Kapi Laur Nov 2018
the feeling i had never felt
was what i had loved truly
Kapi Laur Nov 2018
if i had the voice to sing
the canary in the sky
  if i had stronger wings
to the moon i'd fly
  if they had a love like ours
they'd never have to try
if they saw you walk away
they'd also see me die
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