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Kansha Betha Aug 29
She put her favorite dress on
then bite her own skin
and throw herself out
to the shimmering stream

Inside the cold water
drown with a sinking feeling
into the euphoric liberation

A triumphant farewell
from her desolation realm
Kansha Betha Aug 27
There were times,
the thought of death
soothes you.
Kansha Betha Aug 27
I adore you
and every
inch of your

and how you
saw mine
not as frailty
but rather

and how your
fingers run
on mine
send shivers down
my spine
Kansha Betha Aug 26
My thought has been preoccupied by you
consuming the rest of silent night
until dawn proceed to gently emerge

My veins are filled with entrance
the jolt of exhilaration
you seem to possess on me
Kansha Betha Aug 25
just as
the one
porcelain teacup
she adores
it has
crackling veins
on it
it'll be
in the verge
of shattering
Kansha Betha Aug 25
I mistaken you
as a shelter
of withering petals
you put them up the ground
caressing each and every one
just to lay all of them
on top of your rotting bed

I mistaken you
as a sovereign
of kingdom come
sit on the polished throne
presented with a crown
only to be unveiled
upon your counterfeit

I mistaken you
as genuine devotion
a failure to perceive
your caress and throne
was only as shallow
as your devilish lust
and your outmost pride
Kansha Betha Aug 25
She was once unadorned
a translucent flesh
never been consumed
by the noxious feeling of romance

The first time she tasted one
it was bubbly and bright
though in the end
left her veins blue and bitter

But the yearning left
of the flutter and lift
albeit the eventual overdose
might cause her skin numb and cold
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