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Kansas Oct 16
sits patiently alone in an all too quiet darkened room
weathered face a roadmap, years of constant pain and gloom
a dusty phone hangs silently upon a paint faded wall
many lonely sunsets have passed without a single call

his body slowly gives into age, his mind not far behind
living in the past, only escape from being totally confined
a dreamworld if you will brings it all to life for him again
young man with wife and child, such a happy time back then

"if memories came to life" softly whispered in his sleep
"you'd be in my arms again, our young son at our feet"
"laughter filling the air cutting through like a hardened knife"
"our family again together if only memories came to life"

she had passed ten years before, forty years a loving wife
one son, family of his own, living his own hectic life
each morning rising with hopes this will be a changing day
a son will come visit so he may watch his grandchild play

morning softly turns into afternoon followed by a quiet night
tears slowly slide down a wrinkled cheek, he turns out the light
another day of waiting over as he crawls into an unmade bed
looking forward to drifting off to hopeful dreams that lie ahead

"If memories came to life" he softly whispers in his sleep
"you'd be in my arms again our young son at our feet"
"each lonely sunset watched brings me closer my dear wife"
two hearts forever locked as one if only memories came to life
Kansas Sep 18
The oak tree stood for many years, it's many stories yet untold
today we share it's historic past, great adventures will unfold
planted in the 1800's by a family that had bravely journeyed west
in honor of their lost daughter, in her name the tree was blessed

built a life on land they farmed, many hardships were endured
droughts common in these parts, crops could never be assured
years went by, wagons came, bringing both harmony and strife
the mighty oak slowly grew watching a new town spring to life

over a span of eighty years this small town turns into a city
underneath the mighty oak hippy's form a protest committee
"make love not war" shouted loud, peace signs seen everywhere
police arrive to intervene, the stench of teargas soon hits the air

now to the present day the mighty oak begins to show it's age
so much history it has seen, a book with adventures on each page
some say if you watch and listen closely at the tree's haunting glow
one can hear a young girl say goodnight to those she left long ago
Kansas Sep 5
When darkness falls and all is silent fears begin to rise
broken promises, shattered past, one's guilt never dies
endless pain self inflicted like a dagger's twisted blade
false confidence once portrayed lost as daylight begins to fade

heart pounding rapidly like swelling waves crashing upon shore
haunting voices scream at me, silhouettes appear at my door
I clench my eyes, scream out loud, "please just go away"
but taunting laughter fills the air,  sanity begins to sway

politicians say the war is over, in my head it never ends
what once was a peaceful world lost in life's chilling winds
nighttime engulfs deep memories of comrades laying silent
young men and women lost forever in a distant land so violent

darkness yields to a brand new day, fears must be put to rest
family and friends to never know of these evils once confessed
standing strong day by day, a new war in which I forever fight
knowing it all starts anew when darkness falls again tonight
Kansas Aug 19
The man behind the mirror asked to talk to me today
his troubled face made me listen to what he had to say
harsh words that were whispered came as no surprise
guilty tears slowly filled my dark and hollowed eyes

“ I am but a reflection of the life you choose to live"
"I have no control of us but this advise I wish to give”
"the choices you have made are a path to our slow death"
"yet I remain by your side until we draw our final breath”

reality hit me in the face, my life had to somehow change
all the things I loved suddenly appeared to be quite strange
I stared down at a half full glass of my favorite evening drink
clutched it firmly in my hand and poured it down the sink

finally a new beginning, a life filled with trust and love
every morning I wake up blessed to thank my God above
a reflection in a mirror of a man that hit rock bottom
simple reminder of bad choices and the pain it had brought him
Kansas Aug 11
together once again after ten long years apart
missing him daily, he never left her broken heart
a love that spanned fifty years without a single fight
happy once again as they dance in Heaven tonight

two teens that met by chance at the local county fair
little did they realize the love story they would share
a smile graces her face as she fades into the light
feeling his loving hands as they dance in Heaven tonight

each anniversary brought flowers as he walked through the door
Their song playing in the background, gliding her across the floor
singing how he loved her, in his arms he held her tight
two hearts beat as one as they dance in Heaven tonight

although they left this world the love story did not end
if you listen closely you can hear their whispers in the wind
two young lovers reunited now dressed in pearly white
a never-ending love as they dance in Heaven tonight
Kansas Jul 10
As the shadows fall life’s light begins to fade
reflections of our past, all choices we have made
an aging mind takes a stroll down life’s memory lane
emotions felt in our heart both happiness and pain

our childhood comes to life playing with our friends
no worries in the world, all smiles as each day ends
we see our mom and dad, the love they gladly shared
with loving hands sheltering us, never being scared

teenage years now appear as if just yesterday
our world begins to grow, opinions begin to sway
self choices to the forefront, decisions pave our road
young love a new experience, wild oats to be sewed

young adulthood playing now, a soulmate has been found
feelings never before felt, a young heart begins to pound
laying awake at night their face in your every thought
a lasting bond is formed two young lovers tie the knot

a family begins to grow, life’s journey quickly passes by
loving hands guide your children so one day they may fly
in the blink of an eye it is over, another cycle of life ends
one by one our circle shrivels as we say goodbye to friends

as the shadows fall life’s light begins to fade
reflections of our past all choices we have made
our trip down memory lane gives us peace on this our final day
a final journey now begins, in his name I humbly pray
Kansas May 24
in the beginning young love burns so bright
words of endearment whispered at night
true love now blossoms under the stars
slowly happiness heals life’s past scars

for a moment in time all troubles are gone
arise with a smile at the crack of each dawn
two hearts become one as the calendar turns
two souls on fire with a passion that burns

life’s not always a fairytale, there is no pretending
not all love stories have the perfect happy ending
sometimes tears fall where once was laughter
sorrow often felt instead of happily ever after

when love fails and two hearts are left broken
hatred is spewed where once kindness spoken
remember the past when two hearts were one
memories of young love never to be undone

young love comes with both happiness and pain
with each encounter much wisdom we gain
never give up on love, don't ever be swayed
as you grow old great memories are made
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