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Kancer Jun 2016
I carry the weight of your you on my shoulders
A burden larger than ancient boulders

You are the blood that runs through my veins like mud
I fight through this unceasing flood

You are my air the wind in my prayer
One day I will see you again over there

You are under my skin
So guide my sword through this battle I cannot win
Kancer May 2016
As sure as the wind blows
For as long as time flows
I have wanted you

Locked out of time
You will be mine
A love brand new

Until the day we die
It was always you and I
These moments are too few.
Kancer May 2016
Here stands I at my weakest end
A soul too broken to mend

Here stands I no path in sight
An unholy darkness devoid of light

Here stands I facing a black destiny
For life has taken the best in me

A blunt blade and rusted armour
Burning ships line the harbor

Alone I face all kinds of foes
In a world filled with woes

There is no stronger than the love of two

Here I stand waiting for you.
Kancer May 2016
May the Seas dry and all the earth's creatures die.

Let the winds stop and fires reach the highest mountain top.

May the cease of rains extinguish life upon the greenest plains.

Let the world burn beyond any recognisable discern.

May all smiles turn to frowns and sadness fill the happiest of clowns.

Let grief and sadness suffer all for I take them with me as I fall.
Kancer Apr 2016
What wicked waking day has thou cast upon me?

For fallen forsaken I shall rise and rise again.

Take this turmoil upon yourself for I take you upon my back.

Keep all neurotic speech ever rescinded, for tonight you burn with me.
Kancer Apr 2016
No worst hast thou done,  
yet no worse than I...

Forsaken for mine sin, for which thither art many...

Cast off from thy valorous grace, for I am owed nothing but mine penance unto thee...

Thine smileth and favour I am yet to winneth again...

For thy divine light to breath life into thy soul...

For all that I has't done and the sins I am yet to commit...

Mercy beest upon me...

For I still carryeth the glimmer of thy fire in mine heart.
Kancer Mar 2013
I stood aside a vast river

I do not know how I have come to be here

The air was dry and the night was dark

No stars were apparent in the sky above

Only the moon gave light to the glistening river before me

A wooden boat stopped aside me sailed by a robed figure

“It is time to cross the river my friend”

He said to me as he held out is hand

“Your work here has come to an end”

“Come with me I’ll take you to the over to the other side
But we must leave now before the tide”

I climbed into the vessel

“Your deeds were bona fide
In you must trust me for I am your guide”

I soon began to realize before me was no man

No mortal man anyway

I began to remember falling ill

I began to remember my friends and family

I began to remember my life

And then I had forgotten

The boatman looked at me with his skeleton face

*“Cast your fears and grief aside for you have already died”
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