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May 7 · 175
A melody
Kamila May 7
Let's imagine a melody,
The saddest you've ever heard,
That says all you want to say
Every time you hurt,
That cries all the tears you want
Your soul to cry
To erase all the pain you hold
Apr 13 · 77
New chapter
Kamila Apr 13
Let me start from the very blank sheet
To open new page and pour there some ink,
To shower a bit in the sunshine of hope,
To go down the river of freshness and scope.

Let me savour the flavour of doing first-times,
Even old things are new when they're done in new style.
Let me sigh out of wonder and laugh from the heart,
I'm ready for present, the past's in the past.
Jan 16 · 204
Kamila Jan 16
And maybe at times I will feel myself different,
And maybe I'll never find what I want,
But let my strength be the uniqueness,
Even at the cost of 'I'll never belong'.
Kamila Dec 2021
I'd like to know you better.
Your eyes, addictive lips...
I dream of them, and thinking whether
You see me in your dreams.

I've never told, but maybe
I get a bit distracted
By how your voice appears to be
So soothing and attractive.

You are so charming, cute and kind
It took me little time to see,
I know there's even more to find
Inside your head, under your skin.
Dec 2021 · 364
Kamila Dec 2021
I'm thinking and guessing
What if the things that are stressing
Me out
Are just problems I've made myself up?

I'm looking for a place to belong,
But what if I have this need as long
As I do not embrace that I'm different from others?
Or am I the one who disconnects and becomes another?

What is belonging?
Is it worth ignoring
Things you don't like,
That you don't feel understood or alike?

They say everything starts within,
Is it something I haven't given
Myself yet,
Or should I keep searching for it?
Oct 2021 · 785
Kamila Oct 2021
Solitude is when I honestly enjoy
My company, and feel the joy.
Those are the times
When I realize
How beautiful my life is
Cause I can do so many things.

It's when my heart begins to sing,
My hand - to draw, my mind - to think.
It's when I stay away from drama
As if I'm on vacation, on Bahamas
Sep 2021 · 611
Kamila Sep 2021
I've changed, I'm not that person anymore,
I broke my chains and opened new door.
I ran away and left that cage behind,
There are a couple things have left, but I am slowly getting high

I'm twenty one and I'm approaching phase
Where all my fears are gone and I have set my pace.
I go exploring life and do the things I earlier couldn't.
I hope this liberation's not a lie, cause I'm doing what I always should've.
Aug 2021 · 460
Kamila Aug 2021
In greenness of your shinning eyes
I saw my old and present self.
There were some things you had described
That I could understand quite well

I had some moments of a-ha,
But from my face you couldn't tell.
A lot in common we have got,
Which honestly felt great.
Aug 2021 · 1.0k
I wish I could
Kamila Aug 2021
I wish I could describe the feelings
I have each time I look at you.
You are my source of energy and healing,
And inspiration, too.

You let my worries fade away,
And ground my wandering mind.
When I'm with you, I love the way
I put the rest behind
Dedicated to nature
Aug 2021 · 1.2k
Little steps
Kamila Aug 2021
I celebrate my little steps,
They lead to great success,
Cause usually we move our legs
A bit, but go so far beyond the fence.

I get so proud of my own self,
And add another piece of puzzle,
And with the greatness of that sense,
I finish picture without struggle.

But let me honestly confess
It wasn't always so and wasn't better.
I used to often get obsessed,
Each mile didn't use to matter.

I ran a lot to catch the train,
The rest turned blurred and gray,
And if I tripped, get back again
Was painful, and cause of it, today...

I celebrate my little steps,
They lead to great success
Aug 2021 · 444
Confessions of a romantic
Kamila Aug 2021
I do admit: I am romantic,
I crave for love, at least, affection.
And it may sound a bit dramatic,
But I do need a strong connection.

I want all sweets and cheesy talks,
Broad gestures, fun and much attention.
I want those long and peaceful walks,
And that excitement from confessions.

I want some romance, that's for sure,
To feel like home or in the heaven,
I want long foreplay before,
And always be on cloud seven.
Aug 2021 · 490
Sometimes you change
Kamila Aug 2021
Sometimes you change
And so does your mentality.
You ain't recognize your taste,
Unfollow pages, cause now they bring anxiety.

Sometimes you change
And not only location,
But also people that you place
Around yourself, it's called prioritization.

Sometimes you change
And ain't making same decision.
New choices you now make
Do set new course and clear your vision.
Aug 2021 · 775
A kiss
Kamila Aug 2021
I ain't gonna waste
A minute longer hesitating.
Your fingers running down my waist
Have something levitating...

The length of kiss...
I want to keep it longer.
And while I do enjoy your lips,
My head goes round in circles
Kamila Jul 2021
The sun is slowly going down,
And summer breeze glides down my skin.
The moves of water calm me down,
The sounds of sax and guitar strings.

Amazing views and birds around,
I reach some joy and, maybe, peace
And while I stare at rosy clouds
I feel nostalgic bittersweet
Jul 2021 · 700
A big black suitcase
Kamila Jul 2021
It's been awhile since I'm in the road,
A ******* suitcase taken with myself,
I've tried to fit and carry my whole home,
But home's a feeling and a place.

And all the maps and changing routes,
Those random people I have met
Have brought no answers and no clues
To where I do belong and where I'm at.
Jul 2021 · 326
Best places
Kamila Jul 2021
Best places aren't those
That visited the most,
But those that keep you close
To loved ones, dreams and hopes
Jul 2021 · 294
Kamila Jul 2021
In the chaotic pace of life,
With rushing people walking by,
It takes more effort and more time
To mute the noize and clear your mind.
Jun 2021 · 532
Kamila Jun 2021
Isn't it weird how fast I've fallen?
I already miss your spirit, sunshine.
To be frank, wherever I'm going
I feel the urge to be back all the time

I miss museums and ancient buildings,
The river, the grass and the trees.
I miss the way I was usually feeling
While I was walking down your streets.

I don't honestly know how it happened,
How quickly you captured my heart,
But I could've never imagined
That I'd miss Roma so hard
Jun 2021 · 1.1k
A warning sign
Kamila Jun 2021
When my lips form charming smile
And in my eyes you see sunshine,
Be careful, darling, it's a warning sign.

Cause once sweet whispers touch your mind
And flirty laugh blurs track of time,
You won't notice that your heart is mine.

And when you watch the moves I make
And then you skip a breath intake,
Be cautious, darling, of heartbreak.

Cause once I get into headspace,
I live rent-free for weeks and days
Before I kiss goodbye and leave a trace.
Jun 2021 · 442
That's not about ...
Kamila Jun 2021
That's not about what could've happened
It's all about I want to realize
I've dreamed enough, I couldn't help it,
But now my eyes are open wide.

I take the charge and choose direction,
And head towards a happier life.
I swear I had to learn the lesson:
My joy is up to me, myself and I.
May 2021 · 785
The wrong direction
Kamila May 2021
It feels so great to choose the path
That leads to opposite direction,
Pretend I've never had a map,
Relax and just enjoy momentum,

Breathe in the sweetness of the freedom's scent,
And find the peace in mother Nature.
The wrong direction I once went
Has turned to be a nice adventure
May 2021 · 662
You can't numb the numbness
Kamila May 2021
How do you live, how do you function
When all the feelings you always bottle
Are the main cause of pain, self-destruction?

Stop what you're doing, stop building castle,
You've tied yourself up, don't move a muscle,
Aren't you tired of your inner hassle?

Stop playing cool, please, stop your pretence,
Warm yourself up, and let the ice melt.
It's finally time to put down your defence.

Begin allowing yourself to feel,
Embrace sensations despite the fear,
And I promise you'll break free
Oct 2020 · 353
A break
Kamila Oct 2020
I'm going with a flow,
To some extent relaxed.
I had to let it go,
Put off the questions asked.

Sometimes, it's not the time
To know the things you want to know.
Sometimes, you lose your light,
Get lost, to find the road.

It's fine to take the breaks,
To have your time, explore.
It's better give yourself some space
Than torturing your mind and soul.
Oct 2020 · 1.5k
Humble nobility
Kamila Oct 2020
Your elegant jewelleries and bold outfits,
Your powerful voice and ear-pleasing hits,
Your luminous eyes and heart-melting smile,
So much about you makes me inspired.

Your natural kindness and infinite respect
Towards all the people you've ever met
Have shown the world what a decent man is
Who chooses honesty, love, together with peace.

Your countless talents and creativity
Make me want to express myself fearlessly,
Your pure soul and humble nobility
Fill my heart with admiration, felicity.

To Harry Styles
Sep 2020 · 257
Mistakes, regrets...
Kamila Sep 2020
Mistakes, regrets and feeling pain,
Fun, happiness and being fain..
We do succeed and we do fail.
These all are useful living gain.

Sometimes we fall, but then we rise
And being strong we get a prize.
Sometimes we lose, but then we find.
The darkness's hidden by the light

August 2017
Sep 2020 · 663
Loving looks
Kamila Sep 2020
I want to catch loving looks,
To feel adoration and care,
Vainly try to resist the pull,
Because of the feelings shared.

I want heart-warming hugs,
Soft lips' sensitive touch,
All-night-long talks under the stars,
Honesty, happiness, trust.

I want to drown in the warmth of eyes
To hear words coming from heart.
I want to break my armors' ice
And fall deeply and deeply in love.

— The End —