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Kamila Sep 2021
I've changed, I'm not that person anymore,
I broke my chains and opened new door.
I ran away and left that cage behind,
There are a couple things have left, but I am slowly getting high

I'm twenty one and I'm approaching phase
Where all my fears are gone and I have set my pace.
I go exploring life and do the things I earlier couldn't.
I hope this liberation's not a lie, cause I'm doing what I always should've.
Kamila Aug 2021
In greenness of your shinning eyes
I saw my old and present self.
There were some things you had described
That I could understand quite well

I had some moments of a-ha,
But from my face you couldn't tell.
A lot in common we have got,
Which honestly felt great.
Kamila Aug 2021
I wish I could describe the feelings
I have each time I look at you.
You are my source of energy and healing,
And inspiration, too.

You let my worries fade away,
And ground my wandering mind.
When I'm with you, I love the way
I put the rest behind
Dedicated to nature
Kamila Aug 2021
I celebrate my little steps,
They lead to great success,
Cause usually we move our legs
A bit, but go so far beyond the fence.

I get so proud of my own self,
And add another piece of puzzle,
And with the greatness of that sense,
I finish picture without struggle.

But let me honestly confess
It wasn't always so and wasn't better.
I used to often get obsessed,
Each mile didn't use to matter.

I ran a lot to catch the train,
The rest turned blurred and gray,
And if I tripped, get back again
Was painful, and cause of it, today...

I celebrate my little steps,
They lead to great success
Kamila Aug 2021
I do admit: I am romantic,
I crave for love, at least, affection.
And it may sound a bit dramatic,
But I do need a strong connection.

I want all sweets and cheesy talks,
Broad gestures, fun and much attention.
I want those long and peaceful walks,
And that excitement from confessions.

I want some romance, that's for sure,
To feel like home or in the heaven,
I want long foreplay before,
And always be on cloud seven.
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