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Kaley Kerchaert Mar 2018
Go back and try to read me
most of you don't believe me

My story is his glory
And my past is just my testimony

Life is full of answers
History on repeat

The do's and the dont's,
The failures

You see who I use to be
You see progress at it's finest

Judging books by their covers
Thinking that theirs no others

Looking forward to the future
Theirs new life to be inspired

Don't be judgmental
Just be open minded

Don't hate,
Love and respect
What God has made
Kaley Kerchaert Jan 2018
Hearts bleed open pouring out their souls, trying to find direction,
not knowing where to go
Stabbed in the back
But holding on to hope,
As raw as an open cut
Calling Jesus to make them whole!!!
Wrote this from the heart as I feel allot of people have been feeling this way lately,
Change is coming, revival, renewal,
Be desperate for God!!! He heard you!!!

Love ya all!!

Kaley Kerchaert Jan 2018
To please God not man is my determination,

Forward like a dove, God's goals is my location,

With him Every things possible and theirs no limitation,

No weapon formed against us shall prosper,
God's place is my destination,

You saw my past
When I was weak
You picked me up
Put me on my feet
Gave me the armor
that I need,

You equipt me now
with your secret weapon,

Effectively trained me
For future situations,

Cause In you I build my foundation,

You said go out and bring me the nations,

We are over comers
God goes before us
where ever we go,

Get a change of mind
A grasp of real life
Become the better you
Do the best you can do.
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