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Melancholy of Innocence
Planet Earth    Philo-poetic fable of love. Its our journey into self-discovery about true meaning of love. Poems of LOVE for Z Facebook: melancholy.innocence Twitter: melanofinnocent Instagram: melanofinnocent
25/M/Maine, USA    "I felt pantheist then -- your heart beat in my ribs and mine in yours, and both in God's. A sense of unspeakable security is ...
17/M/Somewhere    Thanks to everyone who inspire me to make them... to the reasons why
BM Green
29/F/Oklahoma    Embrace All. Exclude None.
to you my silver bullet that made it rise above the keepers.
15/F/illinois    got a lot to not do
Beth Garrett
19/F/NI    Feel free to come chat to me about writing or even suggest collaboration Check out my tumblr: @peachpoetics
19/canada    be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire
Possum living
34/M    Novice arranger of thought and word.
31/M/San Francisco    Carpenter working on a burning house.
Renn Powell
26/F/United States    @rennpoetry coffee drinker / dog lover / music/ songwriter
Samaria West
111/Other/Hellas Planitia    ▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎ 《 «любящий» - всего лишь фаза 》 ▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎ My poetry is not for those who are weak of heart, stomach, ...
19/among the stars    lost in my mind, so i follow my heart
Senna-Mia Rahner
Daniel eason
27/M/Manchester    My interest in poetry came about when i was depressed one night. I sell lazer engraved poems in different shapes and sizes to order ...
26/F/NH    Silence is the loudest cry for help. 4 AM knows all my secrets. I keep it all insidecause id rather it destroy me then everyone ...
mercy party
M    a plot device to let me live
36/F/Seattle, WA    Creative writer, dreamer, make-believer...INFJ...I started a poetry blog, and since then poems seem to come out of a place so real yet imaginary.
13/F/usa    my ribcage scrapes against my heart body soul but isn’t supposed to protect me?
21/M/Where ever my poems take    Writing poems to ease stress and take me to a different world
F/out there    I’m not supposed to be here.
F/the islands    on a journey to whats destined..
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