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KajaDigk Nov 2016
While you sleep on your pillows
You will always dream of willows
By Kaja Digk
KajaDigk Nov 2016
Don't scratch your lung
While sticking out your tongue
By Jama Digk
KajaDigk Nov 2016
Don't pull the hair
Of an angry bear
By Fraga Digk
KajaDigk Nov 2016
Hard and solid water
As noisy as can be
Ice cold and freezing
Lumps of hail on the roof
By the Digk's
KajaDigk May 2016
Here is a book
What's the book?
The Jungle Book
Who's it by?
Rudyard Kipling
Oh Mr Shere Khan you better watch out
Here is a Book
What's the book?
Anne Of Green Gables
Who's it by?
L.M. Montgomery
Look at all the Green at the front
KajaDigk May 2016
There's a Pom Pom there's a puppy
Where's the Pom poms? Where's the puppy?
The are  stuck together Pom Pom puppy!
Wait there is two!
Pom Pom puppies!
Made by me!
KajaDigk May 2016
There's a lot of jungle books five different kinds
The movie's 1 and 2
The real life movie and the books of the books
The author is Rudyard Kipling
First published in 1894 The Jungle Book is very famous
Out of them all my favourite is the one in the actual book its self
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