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A promise I made for you
To give you a clue
That I truly love you
James Harvey Nov 11
The woman whom I've longed admire
Came walking to me with such great desire
As she told me how she truly felt
My heart started to melt

A confession of love right in my face
Left me speechless with nothing to say
Accidentally I dropped my cup
Then suddenly I woke up

It felt reality as it may seem
But it was just another hopeless dream
James Harvey Nov 6
Someday when we get old
Someday all of it will get told
Someday when our wish come true
Someday it'll all be about me and you

Someday 'neath a swishing tree
Someday I'll propose to you, "Will you marry me?"
Someday is just a day
A day for you and me
James Harvey Nov 4
Falling in-love
with you
was never
"An accident"

But rather
A lifetime
James Harvey Nov 3
I'm okay, I'm okay
That's all I always say
But deep within my heart
Jealousy is tearing me apart
James Harvey Nov 2
Like a kid stuck in a cave
Hiding from a fight he has engaged
Looking for new hope to start anew
To start again and be with you...
James Harvey Nov 1
A solemn oath that I took
As I write it on this book
An oath to no longer love
I pledge it to the one above
A promise that's meant for me
Just for you to live full and free
A sacrifice that I must make
Only for your sake
This may seem a mere joke
But to this I pledge my solemn oath
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