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c Aug 2019
I heard the mountains move in your voice
And the unearthing timbre of trees
And the rippling hush of waves collapsing
And the crumbling green underfeet

You split the world in half
And spoke to me
And all I could do was
Fall further beneath

c Aug 2019
The tune hums along in G
And the lights buzz softly

I am being taken somewhere
Someplace beneath it all
Underroot, I am
So deep
The dreary sun
And her arms
Cannot reach
Than those commonplace people
And all their happenings

It is cold here
Below the surface
And the door appears, open
As I

c Aug 2019
It’s all taking too long--
The commute, the wait
The procession, the speech
The descent, the dark--
I’ve dressed for the occasion
And repose in my finest robe
I just wish
He’d hurry up

c Mar 2019
He’s shaved like a survivor of something
And this is the first time I’ve realized, his
Head normally baubled under a dark cap

His arms spindle, bark bent at shoulder and elbow
The leaf of his hands shiver around a 6B
I watch him become a Broadleaf before my eyes

He stretches long around the room
Determined to crowd every corner
Trundling, truncated at root

I wish to be as I see him
A beautiful tangle, loud in motion and
Silent in speech, sprinting full speed

His feet pound in dirt,
Name sprawled on the walls in capital BLACK
Demanding to be heard or at least recognized

He is the mystery of the day, every day
The jumbled stranger, in pieces strewn
& unsolved

Falling in love with a stranger/acquaintance
c Jan 2019
I awoke to time beating
its fists against my walls, and
could do nothing but
sing along

  Jan 2019 c
Lone Chimney Sweep
I didn't die
I just surrendered
And of course, the wilting began soon afterwards
c Jan 2019
It has begun to rain and
I count its minutes washing away
The dirt of yesterday

In the hollow basement silence
I attempt to commit to memory the unadorned places I’ve kissed you
Before they’re washed away as well—

Shoulder blade.
Cheek stubble.
Letters in your name.

I consider pooling the falling rain in my arms
To show you what I’ve found

That you, too, embody
The smell of springtime

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