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KM Feb 2016
I never much cared for
the weight of my body
crashing on top of tired
feet and clumsy knees.
I prefer the more intense pain:
muscle fibers ripping to bits
and tired limbs collapsing
under pressure. It feels
more natural that way...
a mirror of how my life
was before I put myself
together again.
KM Feb 2016
Time has a way of
sealing our fate before
we ever realize the
countdown began.
KM Feb 2016
I'd rather hold onto
the memories of people
gone than try to untangle
the broken strings.
I've never been the best
at delicacy or alusiveness.
KM Feb 2016
My poems never made
much sense while they
float around my head.
Just useless words stitched
together to dig deep
at some inner beast
that roars in my soul.
KM Feb 2016
Killing my dreams is
something you never
planned on. It's just
collateral damage from
your inability to get
your ******* **** together.
KM Feb 2016
What's easier for you?
Picking a fight with someone
you love or facing the war
inside your mind.
I choose neither.
KM Jan 2016
Lips are some of the
fiercest gates to Hell
that I've ever seen.
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