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  May 2016 Kaitlyn V Mcnay
Zara Wolfe
For the girls tattooed as one.

I’m traveling north: beyond the sky.
above the horizon, bleak as the night.  
I’ll sail amongst the stars,
splashing about in their dust to heal these scars.

I’m traveling north: to escape fate
like moths to flames, I am to blame.
I’ll burn my deathbed atop Jupiter’s clouds,
floating flames of pyres igniting my soul.

I’m traveling north: to preach the testament
of a girl abused as a child. Reasons, she’ll never know.
I’m traveling north: because of the forgotten warrior:
a guardian bruised, stolen from humanity & abandoned to fight for sanity.

I’m traveling north: upon the waves of a lion’s roar,
the tide of the mighty echo, the righteous, the torn.
I’m traveling north diving overboard,
cursing the man who sought my freedom for a greater reward.  

I’m traveling north: to visit Abigail’s soul,
to skip and share secrets with a girl I once shared a home with.  
I’m traveling, traveling, traveling
traveling, traveling, traveling.

A nomad in search of gold.
Along an unknown path
Distant from the place you call home
Voices summon you in the distance
Edging you to claim your destiny
New legends unfold and lessons learned while
Traveling to new lands
Under the strings of fate
Reach out to that light within and
E**scape through your dreams to release your inner self
  May 2016 Kaitlyn V Mcnay
Taylor Lynn
I want to go back,
to the time in my life where I had not a single care.
To a time where existing,
was much easier than it is now.
Take me back to when I hadn't been touched,
by the harsh reality of what was in my head.
Where monsters didn't dwell within me,
and I wasn't drowning in my own thoughts.
I want to go back,
to where people weren't toxic splotches in my life.
Why can't we go back to skipping rope,
and the only cuts we worried about were scraped knees.
Smoke came from fires,
instead of cigarettes.
Sleepovers turned into ***,
candy into drugs.
Our cups aren't filled with juice,
but filled to the brim with our alcohol of choice.
Keeping secrets was for jokes,
not to make us seem fine.
We were home when the street lights came on,
and now were creatures of the night.
The dark scared us,
now it is our greatest friend.
We were such innocent children,
wanting to grow up so soon.
We had a glimmer in our eyes,
that's now replaced with a dead blank look.
Why were we so eager to want to face this nasty world.
I am no longer that young,
lively little girl.
I have become a
anxious minded,
damaged teenager.
And this is what this world,
and society has done to me.

  May 2016 Kaitlyn V Mcnay
"celeck" gun loaded

Her past,
The darkness,
The pain,
Made her who she is,
But one thing missing,
She forgot how to take care of herself,
People FOOLED her,
USED her,
TORE her apart.

"techek" trigger pulled

She loves the others more than herself,
That’s why she is not a lover,
Because she doesn’t love herself,
She had and still a good influence on me,
She made me WRITE better,
DRESS better,
DREAM bigger,
But the most of all,
She made me a man.

"BANG" bullet shot

Not what you think,
She didn’t **** herself,
She killed her past,
Really fast,
Without a doubt,
She is STRONG,
A now a LOVER,
Maybe not me,
But whoever he or she is,
"you just found my blessing"
"you  just received a pure soul"

She burns her cigarettes,
Just to let go of her past,
Heart rate slowing down,
Breathing gets slower,

"teessh" sound of the cigarette burning.

She is a lover,
But she don’t know how to be,
She is a blessing,
But she is not convinced enough.
that's what i love but hate in her, she never puts herself first, she always want the people to be happy before she is. darling if you are reading this mark my words no matter how much you help them, they will always hurt you. but im going to be there not to say "i told you" no im going to help you back up. i will be your hand forever and always
Kaitlyn V Mcnay May 2016
How selfish to want
Want what does not belong to me
But take it because I can
It's 1am on a Friday morning
My head nuzzled into his chest
His breath gently grazing my neck
I listen for the sound
The mechanism inside his chest
I gravitate towards its pull
As he dozes off
Whilst tangling his fingers in my hair
I listen to the metronome
A sound that puts me to sleep
With the rise and fall of each breath
I become confused listening to clock inside his chest
This compass is not mine
Something doesn't sound right
It hasn't given me chills
It hasn't left me in awe
Of how a simple pulse could keep my favorite human alive
Perhaps he's not my favorite
And my attraction falls short of a fallacy
What am I doing
With this tattoo covered boy
In my silk sheets
Whom is clenching my half naked body.
But my god, we look like art
Disillusioned and stained
Lonely as can be
When I say he doesn't belong to me. I mean metaphysically he doesn't. He has not promised himself to another. He still isn't mine
  May 2016 Kaitlyn V Mcnay
E Copeland
Our lives were lit by headlights and perfumed of beer.
You tasted like smoke, intoxicating me deep in my bones.
You were the tattooed boy my mother told me to stay far away from
and my father hid that he related to.
Spending time with you was back pedaling into a hurricane of disappointments and bad decisions.

I wouldn't have traded you for the world.
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