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kainat rasheed Jul 2019
I’ve experienced seven hundred and seventy moulds

I died from minerality and become vegetable

And from vegetative-ness I died and become animal

I died from animality and became man

Then why fear disappearance through death?

For the next time I shall die

Bring forth wings and feathers like angels

After that soaring higher than angels

What you cannot imagine I shall be that.
your response ?
kainat rasheed Jun 2019
Strange situation
              There is no interest
No Motivation
              All are good
But doing all this
                     Running away
part of the race
              Why am i staying
I'm absolutely static
                     I'm not  bored
I am not unhappy
                  even there is no restlessness
There is no hurry too,
                      no Attraction
there is aim but no movement
                    I am not agree
But accepted it too
                       I want to do everything but
Everything is not done by itself
                         every step is heavy
How long is the time
                        to pass quickly,
the friends are good but not true
                       But hopefully
Why are the people who are truthful
                        but hopeful of hope?
Everyone knows
he think of others
           the same which is he himself
That's the reason
                     Not every time this would happen again
that my sister wrote this
kainat rasheed Apr 2019
There are two men on the earth
both with closed eyes
Both are fighting
There is a mirror in  their hands
  One says hold my mirror
Other says my mirror is more clearly visible
The glass says what you are doing here
I say
world was screaming so i am here
I ask  from them  that these  mirrors are not showing your own face
the mirror replied  they haven't used me for themselves  they only use me to see others
I say to both of them
Why do not you open your  eyes?
The mirror says
If they would  open their  eyes, I will break
I say I'll bring them a new mirror
the mirror laughed at me
and said they will close their eyes
I look at the mirror
The sunlight  was falling on the mirror
i felt a pain in my eyes
so i  closed my eyes
Now I have a mirror in my hand
reflecting faces in opposite directions
kainat rasheed Mar 2019
No one is happy
it's just his own acting
one says it all
other one  hides it!
give a guide
kainat rasheed Feb 2019
shallah tatti hawah na lagi
shallah jhugi badhh rawi
shallah rab kand na lavi
shallah sokhi manzala honi
shallah uchay fakar honi
shallah  sham na thivi
Ur the tundra
Then I  became sun that
Set  warmth a little
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