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kainaat Feb 2018
I’m afraid of being alone but don’t get close to me.
I wanna be loved but don’t give me your affection.
Such precious feelings and nowhere to put them.
But don’t invest them into me because I’ll just think it’s all a game you’re playing to mess with my mind.
I wanna believe that you love me but my whole life I’ve been told otherwise.
I wanna grasp onto you, onto all the feelings, faster then a jolt of lighting.
But I’m also ready to let go twice as fast.
I’m not ready to get attached to you yet.
Love me but don’t.
Let me love myself first.
To love me before I love myself is like battling through bloodshed and war.
kainaat Feb 2018
Welcome to today’s society
Where all your happiness is bought off of store shelves and those addictive little pocket sized screens.
Where you spend hundreds of dollars on tickets to see your favorite singer only to watch the whole thing through your phone screen because you were too busy making sure every single one of your Snapchat followers knew that you were at a concert.
But were you really at that concert?
I mean you practically watched every second of it through your phone when you could’ve easily done that for free at home on YouTube.
Where impressing people and being the superior has become everyone’s main goal in life.
Where doing drugs makes you look like the coolest kid on the block.
Where doing the right thing is wrong.
Out here, being nice just means you’re gonna get kicked around and made fun of.
Not hopping on the latest vaping fad makes you lame.
Caring about others? That’s unheard of.
Welcome to today’s society, where life is solely based upon materialism and plastic happiness.
kainaat Jan 2018
what does the pain feel like you ask?
it feels like someone has ripped open your chest, tore your heart out and stepped on it.
but it doesn’t just stop there oh no.
after crushing your heart they’ll put it back in you with such force making you feel guilty where you’re not at fault the slightest bit.
They’ll build you up so fast just so they can feel pleasure in pulverizing you ten times faster.
All they want to do is feel empowered, they can only attain this goal by pulling every layer of you off,
But so slowly, like ripping off a band aid at a pace where you experience immense pain
They’ll pull and pull until you can’t feel anymore
And when you can’t feel anymore, when you can’t give into their torture
You watch them and it’s like the view of escalating walls
So in order to recover they’ll quickly find the most absurd of ways to tear you down and somehow through all the numbness they still manage to destroy every single piece of you.
  Dec 2017 kainaat
Tearing me apart
Only to ask why I can't
Put myself back together
kainaat Dec 2017
I hate that they’ve broken me down so much
that I can’t even accept the fact that I’m a being with feelings just as much as they are who deserves to be cared about too.
kainaat Dec 2017
Billions of humans yet no humanity, a true tragedy.
  Oct 2017 kainaat
Lior Gavra
People power people, and pick their equals.
Ideas, decisions, and what becomes real.
Whether we stand in a line, elections.
Decide who continues on, selection.

The rich become rich only from people’s contributions.
Using their products, services, or through admiration.
Social media, likes, comments, a way to get attention.
Striving to break from conformity, this world’s automation.

Scream, shout, acting strange in public.
Shoot, attack, people turn on each other, frantic.
People become desperate, run out of options.
Detectives try to figure out motives, using caution.

Joker said it best, why so serious?
Wasting time on the small things, getting furious.
When you can turn it around, hear how they feel.
Truly care and help them heal.
Be a friendlier face, selfless.
To those hiding in their shells, helpless.

Maybe everything seems right for a while.
But this world is in chaos, and in need of smiles.

Why so serious?
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