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You are not broken
and I don’t need to fix you,
always remember.
I watched him slide his hands around her waist,
Kissing her shoulder softly
With a kind of gentleness that I had seen in him
Only twice:
When he was asleep,
And when he was in love
No more sadness
No more blues
I'm trying to assist her in forgetting about you.

Oh, when I took your place.
I tried to erase you from her imagination.
Yes, when I took your place.
I trying to erase all the bad things you have done.

Cause while with her
I never hear good things you ever done with her.

And from my perspective.
She's a good woman.

So when she mention you.
I try to erase all the harm you ever done.

No more frowns.
Or unhappiness
I just want her to know you simply not worth it.

Cause my my view.
She's a great lady.

So when I took your place.
I try to erase you from her imagination.

By giving hope.
By giving her support.
By giving her my love.
I hope she will cherish more.

There are many foolish men in existence.
Who use and abuses good women?
For no apparent reason.
This was crafted as if Smokey Robinson had wrote it.
 May 2015 Kailey Brown
 May 2015 Kailey Brown
"One good thing about music, when it hits you,
you feel no pain
," Said Bob Marley once.

We are a society of addicts, not in the literal sense,
but in the sense that music is controlling our lives.

We tell ourselves that we are okay, We're fine
But we can't go a day without our headphone.

It's like music has inter weaved it's fingers into our brains,
As if letting go of it, would **** us right along with it.

Music is great for making us believe in things that aren't real.
It reaches into our minds and whispers to us.

Music, to me, is manipulative, it changes us,
It shows us how our lives could be.

Now, I'm not saying that I hate music,
That's not my point at all.

I'm just saying that maybe, just maybe,
Music isn't the answer for everything.

And, I know I will probably get hate for this,
But that alright.

Because, I understand what it does,
I understand the influence it has.

And, I'm not asking anybody to give it up,
Because that's not fair.

I'm just asking that sometimes,
Take the headphones off.

And Listen,
Listen to everything around you.

Instead of focusing on the music in your ears,
Listen for the music all around you.

Because that, to me, is the true music,
The music so pure, and so true.

The music of nature, the music of people,
Everything around you that makes a sound.

Listen to that and the maybe, just maybe,
You'll understand.

But, until then, just keep going,
Keep listening to what makes you happy.

Because if that what you need to make it through the day,
Then it was worth it.

Because really,
Who am I to tell you not to.
I just want to note that this is not about me bashing on music. I love music as much as the next person. Well, maybe not, but I do like music. It's just something I thought of that I felt like writing. I'm not meaning anything by this poem. It's just my thought. So please, no hate. Thx
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