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Feb 5 · 106
Kagey Sage Feb 5
actions speak louder than words
but if they're too subtle I ain't hearing
I probably missed the whole **** thing
forgive me, forgive me, I'm lost

Please move like a river on fire
these ships are all coming in for commerce
there's a sale on staying on the shore
forgive me, forgive me, I'm gone

But, If you're not here what will you do?
I guess I'll just battle, battle, battle
gotta keep my arrows sharp
and my teeth gnashing
keep dancing till the dirt trips my legs
and you're not rich enough
to give me poison
please take it back
before it's hopeless

No one's more ambivalent than me
its all the same no matter who says it
we're all angels, who don't have to be angels
let's sin, and see if it's so bad
Recovered from 10 years ago
Jan 26 · 116
8 of Wands
Kagey Sage Jan 26
In between notebooks
writing on the back of bank statement envelopes
My money would be in wise temperance
if I didn't haunt auctions for cursed instruments
I got a bargain baglama in route from Greece
it's just the chase
the replacement of writing songs and hard work
I could at least join the fox hunts
but don't forget coming from those that are forced to hunt
Sometimes envious of that pressure again
but don't resent cause it's just weakness
What I can't force myself to emulate
the neo-Malthusianism of my anointed material condition

I'm back at it
running out of space
Might have to switch to that student loan
refinancing scheme from Chase
I won't even open it cause
I'm just waiting for society to value
education as a better use of time than
bailing out bankers gambling on the
backs of the poor and middle class that take all the risk
You swindle their paycheck and taxes too
Worshiping at the alter of the greenback printer
Sell your grandma and your grandchildren's' future

I think I ran out of unimportant mail to write upon
I need to do my taxes so I can stop stressing
about hoarding unopened letters
I'm afraid I'll find some catastrophe like a disease
or a stolen identity
There's too much to fear in the 21st century
Yes, how weird
there's no aristocratic family lording over my plot of land
I'm not even a renter anymore except
to the bank and I get my food from multi-national global kings
Much less personal than the ****** that used to rule our lives
Now they're depersonalized into the corporate body
Escaping heaven's mandate
I suppose
Through layer and layer of fabric reality
the market, democracy, technology
is the belief that this whole world is fake
Ascribing deity to digital creators
Bad faith actors
Pretending it's other than profit you desire
"Profit's just a means"
but you need more means to make more means
What's the real product you're peddling?
Do you not have pride beyond the money making aspect?
Why do you highlight such shortsightedness?
Kagey Sage Jan 25
150 years ago was the 1870s

Namaste señoras,
Kagey Sage Jan 25
Bleakness in my future, but not for me alone
In fact, through my friends and modest financial luck
I think I may have escaped the worst of it all

You did your hardest climbing and are resting on a cliff side
My eyes focus too ******* the bubbling tar pits below that
threaten to swallow up the progress of the last century
Instead I should rehumanize my eyes
from this microcosmic eagle sight

An eagle soars above it all between snatching
voles, moles, snakes, and other wretched beasts
To her it's all a day's work
It's us humans that envy her flight and dignify her job
We can choose symbols ourselves

I hope for the best in the world while
knowing nature doesn't care
Whether it's the trees and mountains or
the fountains of hive mind free markets
It's only people that give value to the world
Jan 25 · 90
What's Next?
Kagey Sage Jan 25
About when I graduated in 2009, America tried on a strange glow up for the next 10 years. Dive bars, chain restaurants, and bumping clubs started to be seen as tacky by young adults. New Ideas, seemingly home grown and more authentic sprung up;  craft breweries, farm to table restaurants, concept bars, and quirky shops selling only alpaca wool socks. The walls and floors were brick and rough wood. The tables were stone and the lights were strings of bare bulbs, dimly dangled over minimalist décor and ferns.
Jan 25 · 106
Breaking Nostalgia
Kagey Sage Jan 25
Killing it from Khitomer to Herkimer
Garfield's Insults, Put Downs, and Slams
The light of Truth at High Noon
is not for tender leaves
Will you help me revive this dead Earth?
Apr 2022 · 114
Kagey Sage Apr 2022
How can I follow up?
Sipping tea, realizing my dark age in the ides
of March was just a melancholic cover up for
intensive art and getting **** done
"Adulting," I hate that word
We can learn so much from having a child-like nature
But they got you coping with drudgery by
coddling you in comic book imagery
Is your boss your dad that gives you play time or
a **** that's increasingly stealing more of your time, and money?

Stand up if you have the energy
The old don't protest cause
they got nice pensions from FDR and Mao Zedong
We're still the ever lazy young
with distinctive wealth gaps
not seen in a couple generations
It's a grim calculation by cold algorithms
as if that absolves the humans that
put the spirit of the questions into them

How much can we make them work so
they don't have time to protest but can still survive?

We've already stopped the pensions but
how can we stop social security?

It's been well invested
can we really just say the money's run out?

Yes, I suppose they really do believe anything
if you couch it right

Good work everyone.
Jan 2022 · 705
A Tear for Ed Snowden
Kagey Sage Jan 2022
How would the best user friendly widget
stay that way in a profit incentive?
The physical products escape this unseen
(They're thrown out en masse when profit fades)
The internet’s been a slow fade
from revolutionary layouts and interaction
to the bare minimum you could tolerate
Today most are conditioned not to bat an eye
when the most trusted news sites
are filled with grotesquely glitching ads
that look worse than a 2001 spam virus
Selling sweatshirts with an incomprehensible
automated message containing your last name
Then it switches to threats
the FBI wants to take over my machine

Such is life today
Ignoring what we think we can
Jan 2022 · 1.8k
Overfull on Past Overflow
Kagey Sage Jan 2022
Passing through mid-century
these jazz oneironauts reached Apollonian heights
while society drifted into Dionysian drunkenness
the merchants caught on too soon
The most beautiful parts of humanity
enamored to serve the ugliest:
The merchant class, the bourgeoisie
Buddha’s undeserving in charge
If only in past centuries
those noble princesses embraced
even more lowly patronages
all this potential today could be staved off
Saved from the drive to be commodified
People stopped buying jazz as it reached its height
No more smiles to appease the whites
Jazz for the few
the noble, the individual in the know

Until this too becomes the simulacrum
The Ornette Coleman on the bookshelf
to signify your snootiness
your refinement from wealth
Aging Dads in thousand dollar sweaters
kicking out their 22 year old kids
for being ****** addled hipsters
meanwhile Bird on Verve is nodding out
and Dad’s girlfriend pops a Percocet
to deal with all the stress
Jan 2022 · 526
An Appeal
Kagey Sage Jan 2022
And you could have given us this and that
but you were in the throes of some spaz attack
Spiral down
your spires of blame
and you end up forgetting all the innocent
in their small existence
Influenced by their helixes
and culture, the temperature
and more than we can comprehend
Forgive yourself first and
you'll stop being such a ******* to all the rest
The malaise of the mayonnaise
Lives of all these unwitting folks
Jan 2022 · 183
Jan 2022 · 1.5k
A Less Boring Søren
Kagey Sage Jan 2022
I went from the "overabundance of life"
to a knight of resignation
I'm back to cheap pilsners
local Genny's, union made
Sometimes a Three Heads
when I want to get plowed
I'm trying to refine myself
into a thoughtless identity
so I may taste life again,
make music again
Did I do it all in
the grapes of my youth?
I guess I need a sommelier
for my heart cause
all I taste is river rock
where there was once native berries
and rare spices
Sparks that charmed
The dazzle of a demon
that could cover their faults
You dine or drink with thee
and you're stuck in the Fae
I'm the only one that hasn't stayed
Dec 2021 · 91
Apollo in Winter
Kagey Sage Dec 2021
How else can I choose to view this moment?
It doesn't matter what I pick
so long as I can stall
the wheels of that accidental
over rationale

Yes, I'll learn better next time
That's all I need from this
evolutionary process, so
I'll let the wheel slow

breathe and enjoy the superfluous
us madmen threw around
I'll newly choose
what's good and bad about it
No, good and evil

Let that divine multiplicity shine
Nov 2021 · 120
Fall Frost
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
I gotta salvage my siding
Homie's helping me fix a
hole in the wall
and it's grueling

Other goals today:
Make a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich
don't eat meat on weekdays but I
cheated on Thursday when
at dinner with my parents
Ma won't take no for an answer
for to-go plates
I'm thankful I
still don't live with my folks

I wish I lived alone here
in my home by the river
but gotta save wishes for Xmas
where I'm sure to eat too much
give and receive pointless ****
Every year ma and pop say it'll be
more low key
Imma just gonna get
down in the bass clef my **** self
How vegan is OE?
Nov 2021 · 81
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
I accidently created a homunculus
while trying to foster up all the
homologous ways to
see you once more

In that meeting
I hoped to enamor you
half as much as you have me
Instead there’s a 13 armed monster
rolling across the house

branching off realms of reality
that ought to have stayed closed
If I would have left it alone
my wishes and luck
just might have been enough
Nov 2021 · 173
Too Much Signage
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
Oh the Americana days
are waning babe
Feel like I gotta put on spurs
and give those haters the boot

cause you said our love
would grow bigger than
Texarcana to The Ohio
Oh baby didn't you know
the lines in your mama's
old trip tips continue to grow

The distance ain't just physical
it's in my rattling antique thinker
as well as the snow
on them cold smoky mountains
did you really forget to
hang up the phone?

or was you talking to your sister 'bout
that dude at the ranch
from your sepia childhood picture
I found in the locket
you left by the brass lamp

I blubbered all night
hoping he's a long lost brother
you never cared to open up about
Here I am popping another
Genny red tall
while your answering machine's full

Oh whoa whoa whoa
guess this is what they mean
about changes in the fall
I skip another rock across
the whole **** river
but no one else saw
Nov 2021 · 101
Vapid Polonius
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
The sand
they let blow back to the sea
was once a sculpture
a mandala and
a brick to an Atlantean home
How could you just let it all go?
I feel much different
than I once did
and the scenery and cast
has changed
but for the parts that got stale
the dynamics are gone
I can only sing in double pianissimo
The reverberations of good times
bounce around my bedroom walls
nights and mornings before I forget
the broken wish fulfillment dreams
I'm clinging to past lives while
forgetting the flames I fought
I'm done being what I think I ought
from all the fictions wrought
I'm about what I am
no imperfect influences unexamined
I'm me, I'm you
I'm god, I'm my ma and pa
I'm the pub floor stone that
built this town and slapped me around
I understand me by knowing you
don't waste your time
knowing me no more
The caterpillar that overanalyzed
his life never got in that chrysalis
to learn to fly
"Know thyself. A maxim as pernicious as it is ugly. Whoever studies himself arrest his own development. A caterpillar who seeks to know himself would never become a butterfly."

Andre Gide
Nov 2021 · 253
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
If I wait to finish my
to finish my food
all the tiny
notifiers to my superego,
my id
would wither
music, writing, commiserating,
and commiserating
eight-fold path that could
fit in my pocket

I can play
Make children with songs
that have been inside me
half a lifetime
when I picked up an axe
14 year old me
Shyer in most ways
but bolder
in interesting ways
I walked the path
humming 4 noble truths
in between theses

erratic days
I lived a myriad of lives
I fear it’s all
swirling to be the same
Circles within samsara
used to last for
months now I’m stuck for
and I no longer
wish to become
Nov 2021 · 372
c. 2011 Red Rap Book 2
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
Get up off your thinking chair
and ski-doo all your blues away
Drive a cold heart through a snow drift
Realize that the static's too blurry
to rationalize through the fake
So don't look for clues, junior
The facts of life are that sitcoms
are no way to base a future
So all I can do is find breathtaking views
and write words that ought to be listened to
by people kneeling in pews
Nov 2021 · 513
Wu Wei
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
No, I won't turn off the T.V.
so I can concentrate harder
The point is I want to be so care free
that I multi-task out of existence
I do all the tasks at once
I am
I am
I am
even if you say it
Now, I do all the tasks at once
Video game
and the antennae TV hum
so I can't skip no commercials
Have my feelers all over the globe
I feel all the feels at once
I am
I am
I am
even if you say it
Now, I feel all the feels at once
Video game
Now, I do all the tasks at once
I am
I am
I am
Even if you say it
I just need you to say it
I am
I am
I am
Even if you say it
I just need you to say it
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
Crippled inaction
is the fear I'll fail at asking her out
when the moment comes up
or the fear that it will all work out but
it won't feel like enough
Same story for doing my laundry
Same story for writing songs and getting them out

Narcissist that knows he
could be Emperor if he gave it his all
But knees buckle at the thought
of those peons and
what they're saying 'bout me
in their decrees
These bouts, these bouts,
these bouts
Let's run to Nothingness
don't get off the couch
Let's run to mundane business
Everyday I scrub these floors
and someday I'll see us in them

arm around shoulder
the sparkle in your eye
reflected back at me, me, me
You're the sing-song voice of my other
Even though I heard you say no words
I just finished the story I started
the first time we caught eyes, eyes, eyes

They feel like grapes and your
spaghetti hair sure feels like brains
so can I ask you something?
Cause I don't know you enough
to say I'm not a fan but life's too short so
can we shatter some distance?
Like, "Hey I'm not too partial on pasta and sauce
but I sure would like to chat and canoodle on the couch."
Lazy eyes find the forest in your perfect ones
No more mistaken for trees, trees, trees
We're all firmly in this world
Nov 2021 · 1.0k
c. 2011 Red Rap Book 1
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
Someday last April
I lost my sincerity
Life became too fleeting to blink at absurdities
and after all, it's all you hypocrite logicians
that ****** **** up for me
but not just me
I'm just drones in society

I'm using a machete as a tea-cup coaster
to protect a table that's hacked to bits
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
Learn to write again
learn to type right
first time in 3 decades of life

I want to write closer to when I think
speed time, to slow it
make it feel like I do more
like I was in my teens or early twenties
****, these days 3 go by and it feels like one

I count my blessings to build confidence
Life grows more cruel but
I might win if I act like already won
Chaos magick, nay we do not speak of it

You forgot to pretend
to suspend quests for rationality
No longer moved by a book or film
We conditioned to be unconditioned
only to realize we ought to been wistfully in the herd
the whole time  
We're the Bodhisattvas forestalling enlightenment
to get drunk with the butchers
after decades of sober high ground
We're the over-analyzers
lamenting our anachronisms in self-assuring
new philosophies
Either fully embrace one or drop out of being smart at all
the only tolerable choice to start to enjoy life again
No, no it's a false dichotomy
I want to be the eternal well-wisher
no matter the decadent displays

The shared dream of a soon to be future
We scavenge and defend
through pockmarked streets
make shelters amid crumbling concrete
We forgot how to imagine a secure society
Measured expectations and social safety nets
they took it all away along with our balanced serotonin
I used to get all jazzed up over a library book
but now the images promise us much more bliss
right around the corner

But it never soothes
never comes close  
We cannot buy the contentment you claimed to offer
so we'll get it in collapse
We'll be sniped, starved, and deranged
but the thought of that life
makes us whisper excitedly to ourselves
"finally something has happened to me."

I, the eternal well-wisher
will wag no more fingers at preachers of death
Neither will I become them nor pity them
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
You smell like a carnival
in some forlorn town or county
I open the door
and smell the fried dough,
the petting zoo, the bumpkin hoods
with too much cologne
looking at you like you was eyeing their girl
wearing his lanky white arm

You smell like cotton candy,
maybe they could only afford a reptile guy,
the lions club and their burgers and hots
you can only purchase with coupons
The backseat of the worst corvette
owned by the greasiest ugly old man
who has a couple more benjamins than his
old lady's last daddy
Nov 2021 · 456
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
Brother, your narcissism is mine inverted
I too almost started speaking with "I" or "My"
but I stayed quiet for a few seconds
I rolled those grindstones in my mind
wondering how much the other knows my faults
"Are they judging me now for my pauses
and speaking a bit out of one side of my mouth?"
So to seem like I'm in the moment
I focused on you first

You're the other way around though, aren't you?
It takes a lot out of you to stay quiet
but even more to act the part
cause you still think that everyone's out to judge
so you brag a strong case for yourself
amid the external world
You ask about others naturally
measure their power over you
Who can be your patsy
and who can you never ask for money?
Nov 2021 · 726
Lollygagging Logos
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
The hadron collider showed an unknown influence affecting subatomic particles.

“Is this proof of a higher power in the universe?” asked Marianne Williamson.

“Is this Will, is this magick?”

Yes Herr Nietzche, there will always be unknowns in human science as the scientists should have known all along, instead of substituting the most recent names of observations as the replacement of God.

No, there probably isn’t free will but we seem to be life in the unknown with more power than any other around.

This universe may just repeat on and on but what do you do with that knowledge? Can you even help to choose what you choose?

All these past influences and instinctual impulses lead the charge. But there's that spark. That mystery if we can ever really know and comprehend it all with limited senses, time, and minds.

Maybe you don’t have a choice in your life, but you can have the feeling you do. The feeling you can shape your world amid the destiny you feel in your heart.

Practice being a yeasayer to life because that just might be your fate.
Amor fati each time around.
Apr 2021 · 73
Bread and Circuses
Kagey Sage Apr 2021
Bread and circuses
Live off unemployment just enough
to eat cheap
get distracted by
the politics
They're so evil
or they're so evil
while your dreams come true

Unlimited access to your favorite shows
without commercials
so long as you got the cash to subscribe
They say generations are the same
you look down on the kids on the grass
They just don't understand
I used to wait in lines at the video store
It was expensive and limiting
but maybe those limitations help us be more human
It was there son
that I first bumped into your mother
We both reached for the same copy of The Matrix III
and we talked about the machines
for a full half an hour
It's then I asked her for her number
I called her home and
had to introduce myself to her mother
Yes, your grandmother

They all feel the same as I
and you will too
Cause our tech is moving so fast that
we got to catch up to the racetrack you were born in
People used to be farmers and
walk the tarmac track  
and slowly pass it on to their kids
that walk just as slow
Then people start inventing
pretentious things other animals don't
and the baton gets tossed to the next walker
who start walking really fast
and now we're at a lightning bolt sprint
A baby's born
and they jump ahead
with the baton in their hand
while we collectively lose our soles
to efficiency

These cheap new shoes
don't last like my old ones
Mar 2021 · 73
Kagey Sage Mar 2021
The thoughts sound too forced
too scattered in blasé
Can you blame them?
All I see in one day
all my questions
ready to be answered
the lack of closure leaves me
staring at a screen
hood on
in the snow on my front porch
waiting for the dog to ****
but can't sit in the silence
I check the news
check my stocks
no attention paid
cause the tension's raised
What should I do with my life when I go back inside?

Too many options
Antenna TV
Star Trek all night or stream the same
But which ones to pick?
Maybe I'll check the net to see what's best
cause I already watched them all
still would really like some comfort
from good stories with morals
And while it's on commercials I'll
find something else to do on my phone
I keep doing it
and all the time I'm thinking about work
or trying to move to a better place
or pondering the doom of the human race
Mar 2021 · 209
Kagey Sage Mar 2021
What do you keep on your shelf?
The kind you can lock up and hide things
where once we held poor rabbits
pets when we're kids
but mistreated because
in most places and times  
they eat them

not just the kind that's hunted
The illogical culture of America
and all places
Here, it's more humane to herd cows in sheds
than it is to keep small rodents in cabinets
our indigenous and precious pets
deserve crates and cages
Time in the yard when it's sunny
and we can watch them
Feb 2021 · 463
Veil of Ignorance
Kagey Sage Feb 2021
Burning nostalgic memories
letting the smoke flow out my nose
Cause I resigned myself to just sit and pine
and dream about times where I paid no mind
to past lives

The past five years
I though the world would end
I shacked up with one that decried
my wasted potential in normal jobs
Like where do you get off
if I'm making halfway decent bucks?

The irony of our artsy resurgent humanity degrees
Just go and sell life insurance
Them boomers turned us into gloomers
Generation X, my young parents
the first victims,
at least they had half a fair shake in life
I think the 90s had it right
dripping in yin yang rings and necklaces
so we wouldn't lose our way

Woo wee, where were we?
Hiding from my brother in a clothes rack
with my parents at the mall every weekend
So much confidence in where we were going
The end of history itself
in our careful chaos regulation
Feb 2021 · 82
Souped-up in the 'burbs
Kagey Sage Feb 2021
Trying to make sense
and maintain confidence in a superfluous world
where you simultaneously have too much choice
but feel like you lack control under indecision.

The derision
looked down upon from those that
were able to mete out a comfortable existence
where they went off toward goals with focus

Now they're maxing
New goals include weekend boat trips, weekday dinner dates, and vacation travel plan always ever posted on the kitchen fridge
Another in the garage just for beer and pop

Can they understand folks that have it rough?
A rockier road to get to the top if there is one at all
Fear to bring children into this world?
Aug 2020 · 546
Desperate Measures
Kagey Sage Aug 2020
Let's pretend we can enjoy the world's decadence
like the oblivious do
Let's do chaos magick
to make our dreams come true
and grow closer together as
the monkey claw closes too soon
and we sit on a pile of
decade old what-if situations
stamped down by unintended consequences
Let's cash in our paltry spoils
and toast to loving fate
Here's to staying together
just for the story
We used to say: predictable, finally
Now we're thinking: routine, help me
The wheel's spinning so fast
it's a blur
We're shamans of samsara
cautioning against becoming gods
Fear change
but can you please spare some?
I forestalled enlightenment
just to help you all become
one mushy blob
and now I'm bored

I'm not uptight  
I'm just a bodhisattva
waiting to die so I can leave this world
Wish someone would just give me some spoiled food
so I'll be done for good

When life gives you rotten produce
make banana ***
'Cause it's no use sitting
and ******* about
how our world isn't another one
Drink up
store extra slurp in your tum
Make society so no one's starving
and the kids can have some fun

­**** your pie factories in the clouds
Bulldoze churches to build parks and playgrounds
Make it illegal for stores to throw food in dumpsters
just so some homeless guy will learn
how to fish in a desert sandstorm
caused by industrial emissions
that our overlords refuse to pick up
themselves or even pay the bill for

You bamboozled fools
just want to watch subliminal *****
on your shiny screens
all to trick you into drinking the
venomous ***** milk from plastic straws
It's all the slaw that the marketers peddle
Indecipherable hacked bits
your mind fractionalized
and trained to keep coming back to bliss
The endorphin kick of these brainwashing clips
Can't read anymore cause I got
a worse attention span than a goldfish
Me and Skipper tried to save the Minnow
but she was no match
for the ocean
Now we're stuck on an island
where we don't even consider
the headhunters human

I forgot what we ought to do
I keep ******* up the signal fires
and coconut powered sonar systems
'Cause I look all around
and all I wanna do is clock the Professor
cause we're fighting over Ginger
It doesn't take a brain surgeon
to season your oil
and if you forget
the vegetarian oyster sauce
can it even still be considered a stir fry, smart guy?

**** it
let's just eat the octogenarian and his wife
'cause I read a study that said
the rich would willingly give up their life
for the economy
Last I checked, sand dollars aren't tasty
so your bone marrow's much more valuable
than your bullion and Nasdaq arrows
Kagey Sage Aug 2020
Once I feel a little comfort
I'll start blabbering about my dreams in progress
She's so supportive
thinks I'm a renaissance man
for all I find important
all the albums and paintings I've planned
Young da Vinci to a T
Little she know I don't dot my eyes
So I'm just sitting there
looking at a bland pole
with blurry vision
She's too great
so my childish totem's fade
cause all I want is you babe
Streaming binges on the couch
I sense the boredom bubbling up
So I start sifting through that rolodex
of perfect dates in my head
Walking through the naval museum
I still sense things are out of step
'cause a flawless Connery impression
just fell flat
I double down
beat the dead horse
of course, of course
So we sat down on the bench
across from the U.S.S. She don't give a ****
We talk about us
and I'm hit with a brick
"You used to wanna be a rock star
write books, teach college
and travel far
What ever happened to the "Will to Power"
you never used to shut up about
You're just content to be a hobbyist simp
that talks big and likes to hold my hand
I fear I'm holding you back
You've gotten so lazy since we met"
I wipe the brick from my face
and explain that my mind
is the only chains
that stopped me from doing those things
I was never even happy with those lofty dreams
She got me outta a dark place
and I'm content with just
strumming chords on my front porch
and exploring Western New York
So long as it's with someone more gorges than Ithaca
And you'll be my Penelope
She says she doesn't deserve me
but as she stares at Lake Erie
I know she means that I'm not the man she hoped I was
I used to rap about snatching power and holding gold
while beating myself like an opus dei catholic
just for being too lazy and not doing enough
I'm sorry you made me comfortable and happy enough
to live a modest life
(Oh good tidings of comfort and joy
comfort and joy)
Now I'm alone again
and it's opening day
Wreck myself with unachievable goals
just to reel them in
Get secure and balanced 'till
they'll throw me back into the mercury waves
I'm an ancient treasure in the making
don't excavate me.
Aug 2020 · 288
Bloomer to Doomer Cycle
Kagey Sage Aug 2020
I'm a pagan that's more Christ-like than Christians
I'm an anarchist that's more patriotic than patriots
While these fools idolize empty symbols of ideology
I'm the optimist wanting to work with my community
to make a better society
**** right I'm inept
I'm raised by boomer tech
you got a life
and are outta debt
Your kids fell in the trap
you set later in life
You're happy with a home and a wife
I'm renting to stay transient
in case my boss decides my career is worthless
Romantic and hopeless
I'll fall for a podcast host just by hearing her voice
and the truth she tells
The Right thinks we'll all flee to their side
once we start making these bucks
where you can leave managing a wally world for oil wells
Well I made it bud
Got the prestige but no full pockets
or pensions to speak of
The older folks got enough crass to complain
'bout their pay cuts and theirs alone
We'll never see piles so grand
Got the inflation calculator app
to proselytize about this scam
But those ears can't hear
unless it happens to them
Jul 2020 · 350
Same Thing on Every Page
Kagey Sage Jul 2020
This body's not eternal
and this mind just might be along with it
soul just might decay with the brain
Sparks of life become ash
and fertilize the lake and sands
where my last wish will flow
by who knows who will be
the last of my loved ones
You're my purest afterlife hope

I sit here in uncomfortable indecision
feeling every itch and twitch, T.V. off
trying to listen to the cellular hum
to reach peace of mind
give in to the fractals and functions
and blaze when it gets too bad

It's the present we forget
I'm always in-between doing this or that
waiting for inspiration
waiting for the stars to align
when my shuttle works fine
Jul 2020 · 171
High and Noble
Kagey Sage Jul 2020
High and noble
clawing back up to confidence
the fractionalized ebb and flow of my self-development
It sinks to laze and despair
then comes back with newfound action and plans
Just constricting and expanding
in the entropy of a universe
where everything else does the same (collapse)
recognizing so I can do better than better each time
Wondering if it's just my body
What pills did I did or did not take?
What did I or did not eat?
One weekend off and I'm knocked out
but what's worse
the routine or the break?
Jul 2020 · 3.0k
Pyramid Coach
Kagey Sage Jul 2020
Done with thinking because that's for god to do
I am just this appendage of a greater consciousness

Ahab is blameless
in his small existence
Don't quote me
quote Herman and Freddy Nietzsche
They and their hermits
coming down from the mountains
to declare they ought to have
loved their fate all along

Amor fati
Why couldn't we have been stuck in the herd all along
guys who get love and happiness effortless
no need to spend their life in anguish
searching through tomes
found in tombs for eons and eons
enhancing their social aloofness
and their unremembered trauma
'till those sad souls give those pansies confidence
to leave an exegesis of their own

Too smart kid
that decried Christ and
the shadows of a god all around
only to find the search for truth was hopeless
Find a way to dumbly enjoy life again
and you only say again cause
that's all we can control
our memories
and we too often forget
our thought habits
the pre-neolithic mind tricks
on ourselves

Too many MLMs profiting off false mindfulness
missing the point beyond exercise
and short stress relief

Change your thought patterns to love your destiny
That's the best we have
to pretend to have control in this ̶h̶e̶l̶l̶ hole
Jul 2020 · 253
Hippos not Elephants
Kagey Sage Jul 2020
The hypocrisy of the American right and a global pandemic
It's a hoax or it isn't
but China, a place where people eat bats
is to blame
If only the communist government would step up
and ban them  

and boy, wouldn't it be nice
if the Dem commies got off our backs
here in our government
and let us sell anything we want
without regulation

Or maybe the Chinese
are more crafty than that
They made it in a lab to destroy Trump
and hundreds of thousands of Americans,
and Europeans, Asians, Africans, and South Americans
including their own Chinese, all perished
that's how cruel they are

Now, us here at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
will tout the American president's line
that reddest China is indeed to blame
and all this blood is on their hands.
Yes, all these deaths are going in our ticker
as victims of communism along with
the dead **** Stormtroopers

If communist China would just forcibly stop
their free wild markets
none of us would be in this mess
Kagey Sage Jun 2018
City lights, I romanticize
the energy for security crimes
by the hegemonic infrastructure
corporations mindfuck ya
Must got some artifact from the Tomb of Ra

Set up in God country
where you you can get peaches by the sack
and its more convenient
to practice environmental hierarchy

No need to provide septic tanks to tenants
when you can live so close to the sun
Go out into the parking lot
where there's county subsidized petrol tar
Fry and egg and toast the bun
Kagey Sage Jun 2018
Progress is what we denote our history
but I think every human
must be high on helium
a rapidly depleting natural gas  
But we'll still frack the Earth up her ***
'till Cheney's great-grandkids choke
on air that weighs a couple ton
So instead of crying, Heil! I-burnt-a-ton!
He'll be saying, I failed ya son    

It's billionaires tricking millionaires
and poor funeral expenses heirs
They say the pretension is concentrated
in the impoverished to middling educated

"Those ***** Planeteers driving Priuses
and demanding taxes for their green agenda
Taking subsidies away from good ol' coal and oil
Like the Earth's more important than employment

Jesus was a carpenter, even he had a job
and there's still plenty of resources left to use up
Once the last drop of oil is drilled, the last animal's dead
Then the carpenter will come back to judge your soul

Hopefully you didn't waste your time
trying to save what was meant for man"
Kagey Sage Mar 2018
What’s new about Hipsters? It’s not that they're the first co-opted counter-culture, far from it. The Beats were co-opted. The Sentimentalists, over 200 years ago, were co-opted before capitalism was so industrious. It’s not even new that calling a ***** a ***** is offensive. “Hippies,” “Beatniks,” “Emos;” all insulting labels for youth that thought they were much more.

There it is, or some of it, perhaps. Does the current so-called counter-culture feel like they’re part of something much more? Even without labels, I don’t think they think of themselves as a counter-culture at all. The worst part about it is the Hipsters and  non-Hipsters are really much the same. Falling for a similar niche, but feeling like they ain’t.

We all like flannel, thick glasses, and good beers. We’re all killing Applebee’s. We’re the waitstaff there who laughs at ourselves, cause we’re just so low-down. Not the last, but toward the bottom rung of a ladder that once meant progress beyond our parents’ lives. We stand for nothing and everything, because a secure tomorrow seems unlikely and unwanted. Beget suburban kids like our parents did? Could I buy them as much as I had? A student loan on top of a mortgage, I think I’m better off paying exorbitant rent. Plus, it just feels more temporary, like everything else.

Late twenties, long passed the age my parents conceived, I’m getting old. Lack of full adult independence, still feel floated in embryonic fluid, trying not to give juvenile hopes up.  Qualified for that secure job, but is it open? Maybe I’ll have to move down South. Just like everyone else.

At least there’s always music. Nearly a century of recorded songs. Indie, Scene, and Emo; the last real counter-cultures associated with rock genres, and most practitioners scoffed at these labels. Why didn’t Punks or Metal Heads care?

More pressing, what is the newest rock genre? Emo faded nearly 10 years ago. Some formation of Americana seems sorta fitting now. Not far from that “Indie” umbrella,  it’s what Hipsters seem to like most, at least in the TV commercials. These more choral, sometimes bluesy bands. Some are good, but it’s nothing new.

Now, the algorithms anticipate evolution years in advance. All tastes like Styrofoam, so we spit it out fast. We keep skipping tracks to futility escape the same persistent hum. All the price for our growing clairvoyance. Telescopically, we are flying fast into a wall that ends originality. Too many citations needed. We enter them into software to manage. Our fear of plagiarism makes one uninfluenced instead of inspired. We just make homages. Turn anything creative into a list of allusions.

We forgot to forget
Suspend St. Anselm
patron of using rationality
to explain away one’s faith
in magic and mystery
God exists because
all we can imagine must exist
Your unicorns are but
a mind’s fusion of
horse and narwhal
and your culture is but
a culmination of has-been trends
So it’s all been done
Why try to change a thing?
Why try to be new?

This is the end. Not reflecting and absorbing past cultures with an eye to the future. But judging and consuming past cultures with with a carnal now. There are some niceties to be gained in solely present preoccupations. Yet, no Buddha abounds in these selfish meditations. We are no longer the bodhisattvas, suspending enlightenment to save all beings. “We’re woke, because we know we’re ******” Then we type a symbol for “laugh out loud,” while our mouths stayed closed. We take a morning slug and drive off to work. The complexity of our controllers v. the simple fleeting pleasures. What can I do? Why should I bat an eye at the way the world works?
Kagey Sage Jan 2018
It's time to contemplate
the twilight of post-modern idols
- An Ideal
can we live for one?

We lay out what we stand for
in simple platitudes
then spend all our time
defining what we're not
despite all the death done
in its name
Protecting Freedom's
just an umbrella
replace "carpet bomb families"
with "neutralize enemies"
- who threatened our Liberty

but that means
sway elections away from those
that reject economic puppetry
Cut the cord
if you want us to buy Contras
Reaganomics define
Drug War: Sold crack,  
bought guns from Iran,
fund death squads
in Nicarag-Hooah!

Freedom's lambs
they had to die
They tried to reach out
against exploited workers
so even Catholic priests
got murked
Yes, murdered
but also muddied
in the waters of
historiography's story
As in, no one studies history

Today's armchair historians
they just find bargains
and hero worship
while they channel surf
Pulled by yachts
they don't make waves
Oceans abound but
most just coast
in creeks and canals
No Wake Zones
Think you're woke, bro?
You just came up
with a narrow strait thought
that was simply dismissed
by Heraclitus of Ephesus
nearly three millennia ago
Your certainty of knowing
brings danger of you drowning
Cause "Ever-newer waters flow
on those who step into the same rivers."

All I know is fire
so burn a hen for Prometheus
and we'll topple poser's podiums
then yoga flame them back to oneness

Cause after horrific mediation
and barring off public relations
You'll catch me drunk playing video games
with butchers and their daughters
πάντα ῥεῖ
Jan 2018 · 864
Peak Irony
Kagey Sage Jan 2018
I wore a Bush/Cheney '04 shirt
from a thrift store
to an upper level history class
on election day 2012
Professor and classmates stared
scared to talk to me

I never explained
that in 2004
I was the only Democrat
on my hick town bus

And now look who's in office?
No one even dares
wear that red hat in jest
For the right co-opted irony
as their latest prize

Either your genuinely
hyper patriotic to absurdity
or you're an enemy
Kagey Sage Sep 2017
We're forgetting the art of talking on the phone for hours and hours
It was better than texting because you could hear each other's voices
in near real time
without having to show oneself
Now you can hide your voice too
and overthink everything you say

It's texting or video chat
You're either the most remote
or as close as you can get
from a near human reaction

You're yourself after you think long and hard?
Not who you trained to be on impulse
Who trained me I wonder?
Me, commercials, parents, environment, or destiny

It's my goal to be a fractured self
that can immerse themselves in the entrails
of any one of these cubbyholes
Sep 2017 · 509
Clean Slate
Kagey Sage Sep 2017
He's drunk on dharma
and that's alright
Wouldn't want him to abuse
anything of substance anyway
Kagey Sage Mar 2017
What is it that stops us from questioning
the scaffolding of our reality?
Why aren't more of us solipsists?
Shouldn't we all be like those
delusional violent ones?

They see no reason
to think the world exists
outside their heads
Therefore their thoughts influence
their reality more and more

All of our thoughts
influence the reality
We sense to a varying degree
unique to each of us

But do we really all, for the most part
believe some **-hum passivity?
Oh, what pressures magnetize our brains
Mar 2017 · 1.7k
Frontal Lobe
Kagey Sage Mar 2017
Trying to feel fulfilled
Trying to be fulfilled
Thinking of a to-do list
seems so easy
but they're always too ambitious
Nothing fills
Trying to clean up after myself
cannot keep up with the slob I am
before I storm out the house
after picking up some kind of purpose
from the oblivion
after licking the wounds of being lost in infinity
Finding a way to embrace
the superficial beyond tongue-in-cheek
Lost in dharma
I don't live the truth I know
in my heart
Nothing here is permanent
Should you chase after delusions?
We consciously delude ourselves
past the intellectual epiphanies
where we admitted how little we know
Or do you just sit and enjoy the show
limit you exposure to negative experiences
and chase after ones which end up positive?
Even that's too ideological
But how do you stand without any ground
even for just a moment?
God's been dead
but what have you replaced him with?
May is
may well be
what ought
Because what else do we have
besides what is anymore?
But should our perceptions of what is
become our argument for what ought?
There, the shadow of a god still looms
Feb 2017 · 1.3k
Has This Always Been?
Kagey Sage Feb 2017
Is it the human condition to be swayed by morons
whose only talent is to talk big and vague?
They get paid in bribes
cannot turn on empathy
toward those harmed
"What's best for me is best"
Cannot see past
Cannot see:
"What harms another, harms me"
Polluted the air
to make some dough, now
you're breathing the cancerous soot
Lower the workers' pay
live in a world of hungry thieves
May 2016 · 3.3k
The Letter "A"
Kagey Sage May 2016
We do not pine for just one day
where the markets, morality, or technology
tune themselves in perfect harmony
We say the future's now
if we unite in just one way:
the acknowledgment that we have the will and machinery
to feed, clothe, house, and heal
every human being

Who cares if they find a wage
Let's "let anyone follow their dreams"
be the creed of Earthlings
I'll have much more a fun time
going to my neighbor's for beers
if they spent their days doing
what their inner child intended

Pipe dream, much?
Acknowledgment our task's a process
another must, even when we feel so close
What's your story
other than the idea that authority's some natural right?
The Government and the Propertied
Working together or against each other
forever in eternity
(the Capitalists are the biggest Marxist narrow minds
who refuse to hear Karlo's ending)
Mar 2016 · 1.4k
The Propertied
Kagey Sage Mar 2016
This divided society
putting most of us in poverty
but can't do nothing 'bout it
cause the computer cuts us too neatly
Still upholding the divinity of Austrian economic theories
when for the last hundred years
the rise of the dollars been all about
demographics & behavioral science
Capital is nothing more than a natural resource
I don't care that you got there first
The aquifer runs wide
please don't poison mine
Profit is nothing but an unpaid cost of labor
Cause I agreed to a certain pay
I must work the rest of my hours as a Wage Slave
Yeah, you could say it was consensual
but don't have much choice
when I got mouths to feed, a checklist of other needs,
and no extra dough to risk buying
exclusivity rights to plunder a piece of Earth

Human Beings: We call ourselves advanced
when we never been closer to death  

Human Beings: We fear the government
while proprietors with most control grab up more

Human Beings: I get more joy buying things today
than playing with the things I bought yesterday

Human Beings: Millennial pessimists, riding out the apocalypse
instead of promulgating progress
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