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hi Jul 2019
She once let the world see her as a glass, fragile, delicate, transparent. She used to pray like God was listening. She used to make her parents proud. Until she was caught between two things: Who she needs to be and who she wants to be.

She was daisies, calm and safe
But she wanted to be a rose, confident and wild.
Into the forest she goes... to lose her mind and find her soul.

"You've change for the worst", they say.

Why should she apologize for being the monster that she is, when nobody apologized for turning her into one?..

She was not born to be soft and scared,
She was born to make the world change
To have it shatter and shake in her fingertips.

It's for you to decide whether she's heaven wrapped in hell
Or hell wrapped in heaven.

You may not believe in magic, but wait till you see her.
Her heart was never this brave, she dances with her Devils, they call her "Queen".

She had been in so many heartbreaks that her own heart learned how to saw. Forgotten flowers in lonely gardens, grow wicked blooms. She is fragile in nature, But that's what made her powerful, she made a fragile thing unbreakable. She wears her strength and darkness equally well. She's half Goddess, and half hell.

//K.P, 07022019
hi Jun 2019
I was six when we used to play fairy
The unknown didn’t even bother me,
I went along with the rhythm
The neighborhood was my kingdom
The front yard was my palace
And nothing has malice.

We used to play pretends
Along with friends, without stupid trends
Worlds of magic and fantasy,
Flashily, randomly, valiantly, yet on rhapsody.
We made up spells and slayed dragons.
Years later, we had our own battles.

We looked at each other and all they think about is ***
All they do now is flex
Milktea, Sampgyupsal, Iphone X
Everybody now is an object of what's next.
Those things that should be treasured forever,
I wonder if they still remember.

Remember how the cold breeze of Christmas mixed well in December,
How "Ber Months" was welcomed by September,
How happy it was to do trick or treats at November
When celebrations meant for every family member to be together.
People forgot so fast like it was plaque,
No one even tried to be awake.

Kids these days will never understand
The heat of afternoon I withstand
To play "Patintero", "Garter" and "Piko"
How we chased "Binatog" and "Taho"
To have our bare foot at the heat or wet ground
With ignorance at our feet, we had the world as our playground.

All I seen in social media is words,
Words of people who wants likes and hearts.
I guess only few remember,
How good it was when we were younger.
Ignorance was bliss
When did we become like this?
I've read a poem here entitled "Ignorance was Bliss" so I decided to make my own version. No plagiarism intended, full credits to the rightful owner of the idea, unfortunately I can't find the poem anymore and I can't give proper credits.
hi Feb 2019
Saw you little girl,
No more scars, no more tear.
I see,
You’ve been sleeping early
You don’t go in the window
No, not anymore.
Took you 5 years to finally heal
No more sobbing,
No more drinking
You don’t light the cigarettes at 3 am
Wishing to be dead
Wishing to end it all
You forgot the pain that bought that pills in your tongue

You were 11
When you realized the world was ******* you up
You were Angry
Then Angry turned into lonely
Lonely that lead you to your nightmares
Nightmares that kids shouldn’t have.
Nightmares that kept you awake every night.

Now you’re free,
Sleeping soundly
No more overthinking
No more anxiety
Don’t need those pills anymore
Those 250 peso xanax made you broke.
Now you’re better,
Good thing you didn’t die when you attempted suicide.
Good thing you didn’t die when you attempted suicide.

Khy,  2019.
So, I was 11 when I was diagnosed with depressiod, and was 13 when diagnosed with suicidal. Whenever I cannot sleep at night, I used to stay at our window and look at the stars telling myself that “It will be better soon”. I’m 16 and currently healing
hi Nov 2018
“buti pa si ganyan”

“Talo ka”

“tignan mo si ano”

“Yan lang ba kaya mo?”

If I scream loud enough,
Can I unheard every word I just heard.

If I'll cry a river,
Will you stop comparing me to everybody else.

If I’ll **** myself in front of you,
Will that open your eyes of how much you’re killing me.

If I die
Will you finally see my worth?
because if it will,

I can **** myself now,
Just to be enough for you,


— The End —