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Srujani Oct 2021
It felt so real!
those eyes of yours looking for a sunshine
that crumbling body alone to define
telling things went so insane
It felt so real!
that running nose hiding tears boldly
way for optimism fiercely
It felt so real!
when you said you are happy
that smile of yours melting things rocky
innocence in face calming all smoothly
shine in heart jolting agony hastily
those kindest acts leaving trance of humanity
It felt so real!
Immersing in your duality.

Everything about you!
It felt so real thou
even after leaving my pillow!
Srujani Oct 2021
Be an optimist to present and
a pessimist to future
Srujani Oct 2021
Doing what you love is ok
but Loving what you do is also equally important i guess...(?)
Srujani Oct 2021
the more you go ahead
the more you have to things to lose
the more you fly high
the more scary the journey becomes
the more sad you becomes
the more happiness makes you happy
the more you dare to dream
the more you get energy to flow
the more low you put yourself
the more others put you down as well
the more you search for the pain
the more you hurt your heart again
the more you think it's in your hand
the more you get the things hold
the more you make it positive
the more people thinks it as their motive.
give it a'll never regret
Srujani Oct 2021
I heard those giggles behind me,
You really thought I was deaf?
I saw those whispers around me,
Oh!I'm just making it clear.
I know you are acting up ignoring,
You thought you are good at it?
I saw you looking happy around,
You thought that can really effect me?

Yes I heard you calling me cling
But, ever know about my 'never knew how to not care' thing?
Ever thought about
How it feels to be hurt by the other?
Facing these all, now
I wish I could read this on your face & make you feel one.
Srujani Sep 2021
If people loves,
they can do anything for it
and if they hate,
they can do everything to it too...
Srujani Aug 2021
I don't know who cares for me and
I don't even care for the words which been said
But when ever it comes to you
It all differs

All this joy of yours makes me happy
All your surprises makes me jolt
All your tears makes me weak

Sorry that I'm a cold bug
But trust me-
Hope is all what I can do
Under the pounding heart smiling like an idiot
But let me ask this,
can u still see my eyes shining?
Did u found anything in it??
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