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 Feb 2015 K0shu
Megan Rose
 Feb 2015 K0shu
Megan Rose
I don't understand how
you can be like this
every time I try to get over you,
you do something
that makes me fall
head over heels in love with you

and the worst part
is that I'm not in love with you
I'm just in love with the idea of you
the idea that someone likes me
that someone wants to be with me
but no one does
you don't.
 Feb 2015 K0shu
Megan Rose
You know that feeling that you get when you let out all your air- and you sink to the bottom of the pool? You know that pressure you get in your chest when you need air in your lungs but can't breathe in? And you you know how your body wants to breathe in so badly but it's not physically possible because you're five feet under water? Well that's the feeling I have right now. I'm breathing but it doesn't feel like it and all I want to do is cry but I can't. I'm just stuck here alone with an immense pressure on my chest and no one notices the fact that I'm stuck at the bottom of the pool.
 Feb 2015 K0shu
S Kate Sherlock
Lately I’ve been feeling
Like my worries are sky high
I’ve tried to conquer mysteries
I’ve tried hard not to die
Once blinded by the brightness
Yet when all I see is black
Trying to find my way back.
I see the changes start to blossom
Through winter, summer, spring and autumn.
So maybe if I close my eyes
My Imagination will compromise
You see,
A wise man once told me that all things must pass..
A wise man once told me that nothing ever lasts.
Although, sometimes I wish that I could be a visionary or a queen
I’d lead my battles from Dusk to Dawn
I crash
I burn
I still carry on
It’s filled with love yet hypocricy
And ruled with mediocrity
The world should be a better place
For laughter, tears of joy and grace
Because I’m finding it hard
And I can only dream
Tomorrow we’ll just make believe
Sharing stories under the night sky
But tomorrow never comes
I wonder why.. ?
Some might say its meant to be
And when all is said and done
I find myself straying on the path,
Back where I once begun.
Lately I’ve been feeling like my worries are sky high
I’ve tried to conquer mysteries
I’ve tried hard not to die..
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 Feb 2015 K0shu
Kelly Rose
Another sleepless night
3am, a bit beyond
the witching hour

A time of quiet reflection
Remembering dreams lost
& Creating dreams to be

Thinking of past sorrows
Anticipating tomorrow's

Another sleepless night

Contemplating Life's mystery
Marveling at the
Wonder of it all...

— The End —