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K Jul 2019
Huwag mo 'ko hintayin sa dulo,
kitain mo ako sa kalagitnaan.
Sabayan mo ako.
araw pa 'ba kita?
K Mar 2019
It’s as if He aligned the whole solar system,
to make the universe beautiful for you,
and then He gave you to me.
God knows all my silent prayers.
For my Sun.
K Jan 2019
I didn't say yes, either
but babe, no amount of shower
can wash away your touch.

Not even brushing my teeth,
I can still taste your mouth.

It's not love, not even close
the difference was
you acted like it was real,
I didn't even had to act.
It's only fun but just because our clothes were off.
K Nov 2018
pag apak ko pa lang sa pampang,
lunod na ka agad.
tubig na pumapasok sa baga,
hinahayaan lang.

pero bakit ganoon?
pilit ka paring sinisisid,
kahit ang tubig hanggang talampakan,
kahit abot kamay lang ang buhangin.

hindi ako aahon, hindi ako hihinga,
mas gugustuhin kong malunod,
kesa umahon sa mundong wala ka.
sisisirin hanggang may perlas na makuha.
dahil mas lunod pa ako sa hangin na binibigay ng mundo kesa sa tubig alat na inaasam asam ko.
K Oct 2018
That's what I keep telling myself,
is it a good thing or a bad thing?
Almost four months of heart breaks
and a kick on the gut.

And it took me so long to write this poem,
That today marks the 244th day.
Or i dont know, I lost count.
It’s safe to say that it’s been a while.

I don’t really know how I managed
to still be here, breathing.
When all I wanted was to see you,
and look at your smiles.

It’s been a while, and I’m still here.
Maybe because he’s looking out for me.
And that’s the thing that lets me sleep.
That keeps me going.
K Jul 2018
stiff, my body's almost dead
shaky, hands are most likely to fail
slow, almost not moving

but still,
K Jul 2018
It came into my senses that I've been writing for the people who left,
Not for the people who stayed.
I've been writing at night so let me start off by saying,

This is not the end, but a restart.
I'm writing in the afternoon, naked, before I take my shower,
Thinking, this is enough.
I am enough.

No more silly sorry
that comes out of my mouth automatically.
Like it's been sitting in my tongue,
waiting for my lips to part.

This is not a good bye poem but rather,
a fresh start.
No more hiding and running,
I've been so attached to the people who gave up,
That I almost gave up too.
It was selfish.
The time spent to this

Kingdom of loneliness,
Yelling at me with whispers and thin air,
Letting the void be filled with darkness,
Always listening. Never talking. But, I

Rise with my broken bones, not to fight back but
Only to hug bruised skin, and fragile heart
Saying, "this is nothing,"
Saying, "this is okay."
And say, "I'm still here."
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