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Jess Cormack Jan 2019
In every ray of light,
A life shines bright.

And even when darkness looms,
Light somewhere else blooms.

Sadness will always run away,
Happiness can never stray.
Or perhaps they are never truly there

Smiles survive.
Frowns die,
But they will always be there;
In the back of your mind
Or everything you can think of.

But, of course, everyone knows about the Colours of Life
Jess Cormack May 2017
Monday, the devil's spawn
Or a new beginning;
The leaf being turned over.

Tuesday, the day for early nights
And promises of happiness

Wednesday, almost there
Eyes start to droop,
Whilst the TV mumbles on.

Thursday, shop and shop hard
The takeaway will always be there.

Friday, finally,
It's party time
Dancing all the way to...

Saturday, the day for relaxation
And a whole season of your favourite show

Sunday, for a late breakfast
And the dread for what's to come
Jess Cormack May 2017
Kitty, my dearest Kitty
These heartfelt letters all for you,
As I've told you before, I'm split
One purer, finer, deeper.
The other harder to contain,
Cheerful, exuberant.
And although the need to hide the light in the dark is greater,
I wish,
I wish I could hide the dark in the light.

Kitty, my dearest Kitty,
What shall I do?
This poem is based on her last diary entry where she talks about how 'she is split in two'
Jess Cormack Jul 2016
The sky murmured,
The clouds muttered,
The grass mumbled,
And the leaves whispered.
Ignorance is key in a life of despair.
Trapping the dead,
Enticing the living.
The wind, like a crying baby;
Sending a chill down your spine.
Thoughtfulness is key in a life of despair.

— The End —