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Sep 2016 · 336
Jwala Kay Sep 2016
Got off my head
Ran along the end
Fell into my heart
Aug 2016 · 433
Curse my muse
Jwala Kay Aug 2016
If only time could be blamed
for every time a sweet love dies,
then all the clocks would cry rivers
for even the skies cannot measure
a lost lover's pain.
Let me calm down to the sanctity of love.
Aug 2016 · 282
Jwala Kay Aug 2016
She loves you like every poetry told
and gets lost as the stories unfold
while you give her heart the paper cuts.
Every. Single. Time.
Jul 2016 · 749
Jwala Kay Jul 2016
When I love, I exist.

However, when my love is not welcome, I don't cease to stand a fight. I demand where I invest. But I have my ego tuned to know when it's not worth any struggle anymore.
**** boy, you lifted me up and spurned all those butterflies with your touch of lips, and now you are nowhere when I need you the most. I should be able to understand that. Be it that you are simply a coward and that I was blinded or that's denial from my side, maybe. Denial of the evidence of love not being able to carve the same in you. I should have been awake. Awake when your lies mesmerized and dosed me with the temporary pleasure. Now my skin is thick. It had the temperature riot. I may not forget the pain and cry from time to time but I will learn to survive all those li'l heartaches that kills me soft. I will move on. I will smile and greet another stranger. I will win in love and life.

Say peace (ira).
Jul 2016 · 538
Kiss me
Jwala Kay Jul 2016
Kiss me awake.
I shall feel the touch
caressing through
my skin.
and my dreams
Kiss me cold.
I shall see you
through the
pain and joy.
Kiss me love.
And I shall stand
by your side
'til the end.
Jun 2016 · 335
My Darling Grace
Jwala Kay Jun 2016
Maybe if my pursuit
of love hadn't stopped
at your presence
then I would have dared
and gone through my life
and loved the idea of you
Apr 2016 · 523
Modern woman 2.0
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
She puts aside the makeup kit,
and Jimmy Choos in the vault
cranking over her beatbox
as she smiles her troubles away;
fixes herself a drink or two,
walks into her den and
runs her Netflix marathon
and calls it a day.
Apr 2016 · 425
heartache affects grammar
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
I used your smile once
too many times
and your presence
was the canvas
I could afford for.
Days fled, words died,
trapped in different worlds,
our hearts quit,
and I write in past tense now.
grammar affects brain which affects life, huh
Apr 2016 · 240
vice versa.
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
if I can display my
heartbreak in poetry
then I can keep
loving you.
Apr 2016 · 364
your name.
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
the bottom of the wine bottles,
the tattoo on my chest,
that restaurant at the 5th avenue,
the first thing my lips utter
when my dreams hurt me.
love - the four letter word that either cures you or burns you.
Apr 2016 · 494
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
so naive, we all are,
that at times we paraphrase
all our life's sweet moments
and title it
with another person's name.
add your own watermark next time
Apr 2016 · 220
don't gimme one
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
sad stories, mostly,
happen when
one don't remember
and the other
You say you don't. I cry I won't.
Apr 2016 · 215
don't gimme one
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
Sad stories, mostly,
happen when
one don't remember
and the other
You say you don't. I cry I won't.
Apr 2016 · 306
Virtue of a lover
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
"I frightfully wonder
whether that kiss on the leap day
could be our last kiss
and I get all sick
and pray we last forever
because the curse of the haunting
memories of all the kisses before
would burn my skin
and my soul."
Oct 2015 · 296
"kiss of life"
Jwala Kay Oct 2015
In the quest for love
I found me in you,
But in the decorum of this life
I lost you and so me.
Jul 2015 · 772
One night stand
Jwala Kay Jul 2015
He said he's on his way
with a rubix cube,
maybe to diss me with
his concept of love,
while I'd stay a square peg
and yet let him in
as I don't see the man
who came in my dreams.
Jun 2015 · 380
Jwala Kay Jun 2015
I remember that August
outta the twenty-two of mine,
I remember that church
we monks were invited to,
I remember the safari
that followed, and ah, that rain.
I remember my hairbun
that you undid for that dance.
All I just don't remember is how
we fell in love just smiling together
but I'll always remember this smile
I'll hold with yours in my head.
Jun 2015 · 378
Jwala Kay Jun 2015
||                 ||                  ||
You sing your own lullabies,
paint crimson lips,
plant wet smiles,
grate all carrots,
and sauté the thorns.
(Pray sins won't replace
no four lettered word.)
In an atlas of commitments,
you stay an island for
every man who seem to set up
the sail, would soon deal his soul
to dry up that ocean around you.
Oh melancholy, you stay untitled.
Jun 2015 · 275
Our Promises
Jwala Kay Jun 2015
Burns like my tears,
hurts like my thoughts,
dies like your honesty.
May 2015 · 309
Love me no sober
Jwala Kay May 2015
Pour me a glass after glass
let me not find a reason to leave
when you give me no reason to stay.
May 2015 · 387
That one
Jwala Kay May 2015
That one song, a thousand memories.
That one picture, reality check.
That one person, forever *******.
May 2015 · 854
So long, goodbye.
Jwala Kay May 2015
Baby, let me die a classic,
pull those curtains down;
give me one last dream,
don't hurt me now,
I won't hurt you ever.*

Fifteen years on board and sail,
then Life hit the breaks too fast;
I saw you grow so old, so weak,
and in your hospital ward blues.
I was trying too hard
not to cry, not to shame.
Hope is one four-lettered truce we frame to spare our beloved.
Jwala Kay May 2015
I am nobody's nothing.
I am not sorrow's blunder
and I ain't joy's wonder.
I'm not a white queen
nor am I a black slave.
I ain't my father's pride
neither an asylum's benefit.
I'm nobody's nothing
and I seem to survive thru'.
But when I say I was your love
that somehow ceases my existence now.
Oct 2014 · 369
Oblivious vertigo
Jwala Kay Oct 2014
Eyes met and hearts clicked
but life had its own plan
when we fell onto different skies.
Sep 2014 · 417
Latchkey heart
Jwala Kay Sep 2014
So it stays unsupervised,
while the dealer is away
and haters stake to play the game.
Sep 2014 · 299
For the love of Universe
Jwala Kay Sep 2014
You are beautiful and perfect,
in every sense of this universe which had you in it
and thus, made you be you.
Jwala Kay Sep 2014
"Hello! Not intending to break this silence between us, but let me tell you this now and I want you to hear like you know that you were meant to hear this.

I see you, friend. I see you from my eyes because you seem to forgot to see through yours, long while ago. I see you rush through your life day after day hoping for a miracle. I see you waiting for a chance to live your dream. I see you double-guarded with all those insecurities you have got. I see you beyond that little negative thought you have on yourself right now. I see you far from all the infinite jokes you ever played on yourself. I see you feel sorry for yourself every other time you are afraid to be yourself. I see you with your constant smirk of hiding things away from the world. I see you falling apart every time you hurt someone. I see you believing me now and embracing these words with your tears. But I also see that all you want is a little more of you. You have to observe these little things you are dreading about is what it takes to define you. You are here in this life to make some ground for yourself and live your life. You need not be ******* yourself, let alone, for others. You are not to bother with others' differences as much as they don't have to bother with yours. You will be fine. You will survive. You are beautiful and perfect, in every sense of this universe which had you in it and thus, made you be you. You will always remain blessed for staying along here on this gigantic-organic boulder. So, stranger to stranger, cheers! Now go, see your life."
I hear you there. I see me now. Thank you.
Sep 2014 · 593
Unbreak my heart
Jwala Kay Sep 2014
If the fairy tales and happy endings
were not what I deserve,
then give me a tragedy and
make me an outlaw
I will learn not to curse
but strengthen my grimace
and try forever
to unbreak my heart.
Sep 2014 · 654
Jwala Kay Sep 2014
The years with him faded promises;
and the nights grew dank cold.

But the father he was to her kids
would beg her to rewrite all the love stories
she ever imagined it would ever be.
Sep 2014 · 252
Let the fire dance
Jwala Kay Sep 2014
Like how he takes you by storm
by that simple touch of his sweet lips
yet never let you weigh yourself back down
with any right words to comprehend
exactly what he does to you.
Sep 2014 · 887
Define first-love?!
Jwala Kay Sep 2014
And that, my friend, maybe the beautiful mess
which hearts mumble loud to their owners
that you should be bewildered now
yet feel blissful the same time
with all those butterflies in your tummy
roughly making sense that
maybe this stranger exists
for you.
Jul 2014 · 480
My bell jar
Jwala Kay Jul 2014
I'm a war, of head versus heart.
So I can go mad by
ricocheting in between.
Gratitude to Ben Gibbard and Sylvia Plath for finding all those right words.
Jul 2014 · 336
Did you know?
Jwala Kay Jul 2014
All my broken smiles
are attempts of self-redemption
by my gypsy soul.
Give my love some space. Then watch me burn at peace.
Jun 2014 · 624
The Falling Man
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
I could have been The Falling Man.
No opinions. No intentions of disrespect.
Only a surreal psuedo-pessimist thought.
Always felt something inscrutable
in that drop.

My reference don't tend a joke.
Please don't fuel any sorta controversy.

But can't deny to wonder what
the thoughts would be,
during that fall.
Will the whole spent life flash
in front of our eyes?
Do we become the kindest, humblest of the few and the worthy human
ever lived in that moment?
Do we wish for some last miracle?
Do we still have ourselves cling to
the last scrap of hope of life again?

As I am writing this, my tears
no more stay tamed inside my eyes,
And my heart goes for the massacre lose.
Lose of lives. Loss of humanity.
Old news, yeah, but still hits the soul.

And the fall taunts my thoughts
as I too beg for a second chance
I shall revive. This is my life.
This thought shall universally exist
and be reasoned with.
Recently stumbled upon the old picture of The Falling Man -.-
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Respected Sir
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
Am I just a flaunting fancy
specified set of alphabets?

Now listen, sir!
My brain has owned you
a long while back
like say, a hundred times.
But ya, my mouth
is zipped for the
Terms and Conditions
I signed to intern here.
My heart is a masked
Superhero that goes
for the needy and
the helpless, while
yours just desires
to sit in the next
luxurious sedan out.
My body serves
for the nation;
no, not in war
but in the agony of being
a good citizen when things
(like you) are nomore right.
I manned up instead of you.
I can prove my worth
to the world w/o you.

Again, I shall repeat, sir!
Am I just a flaunting fancy
specified set of alphabets?
I am more than my name.
I am definitely, more human than you.
Jun 2014 · 428
Turned off
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
Don't romanticize me now.
Let your reminder notes
go hit the snooze button.
Jun 2014 · 878
I'll survive
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
I am fortune's fool.
Someone incredible
waiting to become
Insomnia, an open friend.
Last in every **** line.
Can't just pretend.
Retro style attitude
Towards vintage background
On a rebel's peace day.
Ah! Don't try too hard
to ignore my awesomeness
next time.
I'll still do fine,
I'll survive
For it's my life.
When I am done with the Wallflower label.
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Who/Where are you?
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
My poor ticker
wants to know
right away.
No! No more
No more

Scheduling for being a
Seven years friend,
Five years lover,
Two years fiancé?

How long do you
mean to stay?
Would you plan to
arrive any early?
Can you cut the
chase for me, please?

Fine. Never mind.
I can wait.
But I say this
one last time,
"I nomore love tragedies;
wherein it ends like -

She was crazy like love.
He had the brilliance of all smiles.
They were both made for each other.
But they never met
Jun 2014 · 310
My Bittersweet
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
At times,
I cease to exist.
I don't even move
to tell myself
I don't feel.
I won't remember.
I can't even frame
phrases or
make a face.
Then like a snap,
like a cold wave
Life touches me
and reasons me
with a name.
Your name.
Not mine.
Jun 2014 · 3.4k
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
She fell in love with his words.
It was the wrong way.
Wrong way like
Falling the worse way.
Like Head first,
where neck click,
blood rush,
bones crash
and Heart attempts
to give you hope
one last time.
Jun 2014 · 408
Our own private traps(?)
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
"His love was like
falling asleep on an unmade bed,
Like we won't care
by the end of an exhausting day".

"His love was like
those white-lies that never hurt,
the faint rainbow that can't be
the soft giggle of an asylum
that expired gift voucher
in your high school slam book".

55 years into it;
She just smiles and says,
"If that's not love,
I don't know what is".
The saying goes, "a frog in the well, know nothing about the great ocean". But sometimes heart sees what is invisible to the eye and that becomes their world beyond and within.
Jun 2014 · 741
Modern Woman 2.0
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
She lives with her '70s condescending mom,
And her Gods are nonbelievers.
She sulks, swears 'n spits in air
Squandering in profound style
As she wears plaid shirts to
Jimmy Choos,
"feeds her cat, eats her dog",
Keeps a job, quits on true love,
Flirts in no faith with
the guys in the gym,
overlooks men at the bar,
Smiles at the kid in the park,
Laughs at celebrities' mishap,
Sleeps to Indie pop Rock
post two whisky shots.
But hey, she's too far from
any breakdown.
Jun 2014 · 487
Soon enough
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
Soon enough, I'll move on.
I will not even try to remember
how I met you in the first place.
Soon enough, I will ignore
if I ever heard the sound of your name.
I won't give a hint about you
to the next interesting man
I may befriend.
Soon enough, your words, ideas, jokes, love and memories
will fade away from me.
Fade fast like a thin-malnourished
Soon enough, this world won't even
feel déjà vu when it sees
another couple's kiss and
promise of forever.
Soon enough, this pain will start to subside.
Meanwhile these pills must start their work.
A different version of "soon enough"
May 2014 · 829
Jwala Kay May 2014
These hot Summer days
I wake up condescending
the ticking clocks.
May 2014 · 303
Jwala Kay May 2014
Was it bizarre
to ask you to hold me when
I was falling for you?
Jul 2013 · 469
Do you hear me?
Jwala Kay Jul 2013
I annul to love you anymore;
but these words jitterbug
only ab't you, along any paper lengths.
Jul 2013 · 710
Virgin Speech
Jwala Kay Jul 2013
Just an usual lazy-mode play,
as I sat before this
site of wondrous, happy-to-write,
chuckled long and deep,
wormed through acclaims' poets;
I find you from nowhere
as I did truly forgot
how I got you on my screen,
in my likes, in my mind,
sane side of it all,
for all you wrote
was sour ***,
bitter *** and your happy ones,
with clever words that mostly swore.
If I were a moody Sylvia head,
you are, sure, a shady Ted.
I fess I must leave sooner
or else I will pucker too much
and drop my tongue
down your throat
but I had my chastity,
I remember having it last night, honey;
so I shall prep for a hot water bath
and wear it all over again
but you may have to sleep
with all but one less lover girl.
Jul 2013 · 2.3k
Dear Sweet Pea: #3 Hope.
Jwala Kay Jul 2013
"Traditional B-day treats
and fancy parties,
we know you wanna
dress up like a grumbling
but cute, spotted
jungle cheetah cub;
but you mumble slow
that you would rather
wear a rimmed spectacles,
ruffled summer plaid shirt
with dark tall trousers
and a dimpled smile.

Aw, Sweet Pea darling
I know you miss your Dad
little too much,
to keep him away in war."
Jul 2013 · 1.7k
Dear Sweet Pea: #2 Joy.
Jwala Kay Jul 2013
"It's Li'l Sean's tenth B'day,
forgotten in the orphanage loft.
He curls down
on the dust and
holds tight an once-vivid polaroid,
his lost family's
one spared happy remainder."

"Oh! Sweet Pea,
but Draco limped
his way to his li'l master
and licked off
his soar tears."
"Give a man love, and he will be happy for a time. Teach a man how to love, and he will have joy through all eternity."  ~ James Wilcox.
Jul 2013 · 1.8k
Dear Sweet Pea: #1 Love.
Jwala Kay Jul 2013
"Every single morning
for past forty-three years,
with a greased head
and a goofy smile,
he appreciates and ponders
about silly things:
his milk cartons,
all rusty pipes,
Rabbi's vintage car,
the berry shrubs,
her warm smile."

"Sweet Pea,
little did he know
she loves him too."
"A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved."
           ~ Kurt Vonnegut in The sirens of Titan.
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