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Divinus Qualia
Canada    Hello! I'm just another 18 year old procrastinating student and an INTJ. Scary, yes. But I like writing! You can also find me at ...
24/space exploring    i wrote this all for you
Kaitlyn Marie
21/F    ♡ I've come back to shed a little light in my life. I'm twenty one and learning
SG Holter
Fenstad, Norway.    Norwegian. Construction worker at daytime. Poet, musician and artist at night. All poems are the original works and property of © S.G. Holter, unless otherwise ...
Raj Arumugam
Australia    ..been thinking in the language of poetry and scribbling verse from as early as I can recall of my days...FLASHBACK: born naked in India in ...
Shashank Virkud
Tallahassee, FL    dinosauraus-rex is best animal.
aspen simone
22/F/Chicago    hold this peach.
Amber Grey
24/F/Monroe, WA    I only came for the words.
H M Jeffrey
Missouri    I am a recovering drug addict that has been down a long hard road. I am hoping to soon publish a poetry book called the ...
Courtney Snodgrass
neverland    most days, I write.
Amanda Jerry
Los Angeles    Just waiting.
Jene'e Patitucci
california    i wrote some poems a long time ago, and sometimes i forget who i am last update: 11/30/2016
Gem Elliott
West Wales   
Jillyan Adams
Moments Before
27/Neither Here nor There    Guilt and apathy
K Balachandran
Kerala, India    Poetry to me is self exploration that reveals submerged landscapes, otherwise one is unaware of.I love to read fiction and poetry.As a daily news journalist ...
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