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 Sep 2016 Jwala Kay
Sarah Spang
If I was a mountain

That soared towards the sky,

With craggy snow caps

And stormy grey eyes-

Then you'd be the clouds

That swaddled my peak,

That silenced my thunder

When I tried to speak.

If I was the earth

The desert, in fact:

With arid dry soil

And mud, baked and cracked-

You'd be the rain

The downpour that soothed;

The balm to my bruises,

Relief to my wounds.

If I was the Moon

In the indigo night,

With stars as my blanket

And silver; my light-

Well you'd be the Sun

Just always behind

That lent me your glow

And caused me to shine.
Loneliness is saying hi to people you see from your class.
Loneliness is hanging out with people but not getting anything out of it.
Loneliness is connecting with someone but you never see them again.
Loneliness is feeling alone when surrounded by people.
You are not the stereotype of the girl who has built up walls but is crumbling inside.  You are the crumbling wall that refuses to fall.
Tell me
you know
your blood runs
red and red
just like mine,
you don’t have
enough gold
in your stardust
to convince me
of anything
But the sky:
it might blind me.
It’s still grey,
blue and blue.
You must know
the color of
your own eyes
by now.
 Jul 2016 Jwala Kay
SG Holter
I adore the way the
Presence of a toddler; little

Diaper steps from something to
Something else

Softens the eyes of grandmothers
Smiling between themselves

Remembering their grown

As not.
Paper-skin hands

Veins of deepest ancient blue
Holding love so old

For small things.
New things.

Fresh, little human being
Royalty in our eyes.

Without knowing.

Heart itself on two
Tiny legs.
 Jul 2016 Jwala Kay
Spike Harper
It reeks here.
Pungent yet sweet.
Accepting an unwanted apology.
Woe to the tragically gracious.
For they know not of rest.
As sharks circle about.
Devouring the essence spewed from an unclosing artery.
Until all that's left.
Is a vacant shell.
Not even worth the effort to finish off.
Gluttonuos beings.
The both.
Unknowingky knowing the need.
Of eachother.
For the cause of such suffering.
Bleeds into the affect given.
Effecting the rest.
Distortion needs no introduction.
A slight.
Handing over the next.
Riddled with more questions.
And even as the last die.
Is cast.
A tear falls.
Never lose sight of what is important..
 Jul 2016 Jwala Kay
22 July 2016

There's no one. I repeat, no one can make you feel sad. It's only you who can control your feelings. I do understand why sometimes you blamed someone else for your sadness, emptiness or whatsoever negative feelings you have right now.

Maybe it was the only thing that made you happy after some time.

Listen to me. If he or she's gone, let it be. Let him be. Let her be. There are a few things that can actually help you get over it. Not to get over them, but indeed to get over yourself.

1. *Be grateful for every single thing that has happened in your life

-Be grateful you met them. Be grateful that you were maybe once loved, cheated on, stepped on, laughed at or whatever it is. *As long as it doesn't **** you physically, it only make you stronger emotionally.

2. Forgive them and continue to love them.
-The problem with moving on is people tend to hate the ones that hurt them. You can't. Once you fall, there's no turning back. That's why you move on after you fall in love. You can never undo the love. You can never climb back up. All you can do is to move on, continue loving them. Love is universal. I never asked you to stay. True love asks for  nothing in return.

3. Accept the past. Embrace it.
-The past cannot be changed. You can try to forget, but our minds tend to remember beautiful things. The past is indeed beautiful. Each and everyone of us has a different and unique past, and we should all sometimes think about it and learn from it. You will hurt more trying to forget it.

And more importantly, if you think no one loves you,

*I do.
I was thinking about this because I tried, and it worked on me. Hope this helps. Love you guys and I'm sorry if this is not a poem xD
 Jul 2016 Jwala Kay
 Jul 2016 Jwala Kay
i once loved a boy
who didn't find solace in my arms
but in his drugs
Opia. Noun. The ambiguous intensity of looking into someone's eyes, which can fell simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

As you lie in my arms, watching the television, you don't notice that my undivided attention is focused on you. Something I've been dreaming of for weeks, and it's finally come true. Even better, from your angle, you can't see me staring into your eyes, so I don't feel the nervous compulsion to turn away. Whether directly or not, I could drink in your eyes with mine, for hours, and they would be among the best hours of my life.
Then there's the other hand, held tightly by trepidation. I love the prospect of your eyes staring into mine, but it's not without its fears. I'm afraid you'll see all the pain and fears that I've spent the past seven years working to overcome. I'm afraid you'll see all the insecurity and doubts I have about myself. I'm afraid you'll see all the words that I long to whisper in your ear, but can't, because I'm terrified of scaring you away. I'm afraid you won't like the fact that, behind these eyes lies only pictures and thoughts of you. But most of all, I'm afraid that, unlike me, who loves every detail, and lives for moments like these, you won't love the things you see. I long for the day when you stare happily into my eyes, but I'm frightened that you won't enjoy the secrets they reveal.
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