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E Jun 2015
Wait for me under a blackened night
eager to swallow us whole.
Upon the stroke of new day, the world
will shift and I will find you on tilted toes,
spinning towards celestial arms with the
magnitude of the galaxy coursing through my veins.

Show me the constellations etched in your skin.
Tell time to reach its palms to a heaven
above, giving us ability to explore a
divinity of our own.  I will breathe in the stardust
from your lungs and taste the eclipse of our destiny.
We will embrace the universe near its end.

Until azure paints the dawn indelible, hold me
before evening spits us onto pavement.
When dusk strikes four, the earth will twirl
and I will dance under the light of the Luna,
descending from the pull of your gravity,
listening for the yearn on your tongue.
E Jun 2015
Calloused soles against the asphalt shingles
Pressed back against the window panes
Unhinged at a deadly height
Staring at the brick patio
Contemplating the fall, unwilling
To leap wishing
For courage

For convalescence
To recover waiting
Continuing the agony, unyielding
Staring at the linoleum floor
Damaged attempting a fleeting escape
Relieved for external wounds as distractions
Numbed for the wrenching, unbearable pain.

This will not end in broken ribs and patterned bruises.
This will not end in inked gauze and well wishes.

Hardened heels retreat from the ledge
Opened chest against the **** carpet
Unhinged on a deadly night
Staring at a closed door
Listening to voices, hushed
To fall silent
For ears

This will end in confused hands and a screaming heart.
This will end in collapsing knees and a wretched spirit.

For inevitable
To arrive fearing
Knocking the bell, ringing
Staring at a glass demise
Shattering tears piercing reddened cheeks
Recognizing voices while fleeing up seventeen
Creaking planks towards a deafening hell.
E Jul 2014
There is a thumping beneath my pillow and it is peculiar that I wish your heart is on the other side.

It is only the dull roar of thunder cracking in the distance and my clarity is breaking because I see the lightening through my crescent window but I cannot see my thoughts spread out across an ink sky.

My notions have been clouded lately and I can't clean substances without knowing their surfaces. Nothing in my mind is behaving coherently and everything is hazy. I am losing expression and finding complication; (this is not entirely baffling because what I feel for you stretches far beyond complexity.)

This madness is a beautiful thing because I now see the simile right before me.You are like lightening: white hot and fleeting, a sight eyes with permeating pupils have the utmost difficulty of absorbing. Instantaneous and electrifying to the touch, a brush of a finger and the senses are fragmented.

I have always been fond of natures illuminations. There is something so awe filling about the unexplainable things in life. Common phenomena, if you will. So understand that whenever I am speechless around you, it has nothing to do with a loss for words or a struggle for sentences. It has everything to do with my want to smear my words across your charcoal horizon; to reach my stained fingerprints towards our white streaked atmosphere and to be scarred by your crackling kiss.

There is a thumping beneath my pillow and it is peculiar that your heart is on the other side.
E Jul 2013
"I guess, I uh, gotta go so I'll -",* you say in a lilting tone I know all too well.

(Even though you would never really want the call to end, I can't help but
think that when you leave the conversation, you'll leave and drive away the
second you can.)

Resisting the urge to say words that will make you stay, I fail to remember that this is just a tired game.

"Wait, no!" I hear scattered laughter through the phone and I let out a frustrated groan.
"You know I hate when you do that," I pout.

"I would never leave you," he reassures me.  I can't help but chuckle.

**"I don't think there will ever be a day where you fake a goodbye and I won't say 'wait'."
I felt like I needed to write this down before I forgot.
E Jul 2013
Her hair is* Autumn.

Cascading hues of locks that shine
golden and auburn. They tumble down
her shoulders like the crisp leaves of
September. Rippling down her back in
the bold sun and falling perfectly into
place, grazing the small of her back.

Her eyes are Spring.

So lively and filled with the light of one
thousand suns. Fresh and vibrant;
astounded with all of the beauty beheld
in the universe. Captivated by one
glance and then cast adrift into
turquoise seas; a lost sailor with no
intention of being rescued.

Her voice is Summer.

Sultry and sensational. When she
speaks, every word is like delectable
honey; one taste is never enough. When
she sings, warm sun rays illuminate her
and she basks in nature's spotlight. The
delicious melody seems infinite. Everyone craves
to hear her succulent symphony.

But her soul is Winter.

Bitter and frigid, scarce and bare.
Chilled to the bone and frost covers her
spirit. It is always bleak in her heart
and the ice never thaws. Her life is
a permanent tundra and there will always
be one set of footprints in the snow.
The blizzard is getting stronger.
E Jul 2013
with the phone pressed to my ear
and my hot breath on the
transmitter, i told you of my
consuming fears that cover
me like heavy blankets:

      smothering and comfortable
like a second skin i can never
shed because there is no
recognition or elasticity of
the first (even if i found
it i wouldn't be able to wear it;
it has been worn too many times before

      with the comforter tucked
underneath my chin and my ear
on the receiver, i waited for you to
tell me of the terror we both share
except the reason:

      you are the origin of my
darkness and the stars in your
night sky have not burned
out yet, i don't know why you hide
them with ink splotches ; (mine are
shriveled and etched into the
palms of my hands; they
never fade away

      with another call ended
and our thoughts encompassing our
tortured minds, i stare at my wall
counting all the
wasted and the ideals
i never achieved, while you stare out
your window

      counting all of the innumerable
lights that you think are never
in your favor and you lay
waiting for a shooting star
to crash through your bedroom window
why won't you just admit you're afraid of love
E Jun 2013
I don't know what to do.
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