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Valerie Aug 13
It’s difficult to bite your tongue
When the truth deserves to escape
The lies flowing forth so freely
Leave me shocked, mouth agape

I know it shouldn’t matter, now
It’s not my problem anymore
He’ll tell his story how he sees fit
Just as he’s always done before

He’s the victim, I’m the cause
If not for me, he’d be doing just fine
I’m a horrible, wretch of a woman
And he’s a ray of ******* sunshine

So I’ll keep my lips closed as I listen
And I’ll fight back the tears as I read
My soul demands vindication
But instead, I will calmly concede

He knows the truth, just like I do
And his stories are his alone to tell
He’ll play the role of the victim
And with pity, I’ll wish him well
my ex started a blog...
Valerie Jul 2
You, my sister, are strong
You are worthy and gifted and kind
You my sister, are going places
Don’t fear what you’ll leave behind

Just think of all that is still to come
There’s so much you have yet to see
And imagine the future that’s waiting
It’s time.  Let your spirit run free
leaving an abusive relationship
Valerie Jul 2
Put on the face you want to see
Don’t bother with anything real
Making a scene does nothing for me
So I’ll continue to fake what I feel

I don’t need the extra attention
I can stand here on my own
I don’t need to kneel before you
I can do this all alone.

Maybe if broke all the rules
Or called you out of your name
Or demanded your attention
And threatened to quit this game

But instead I stand here quietly
Submissive, as I’m supposed to be
And tell you that I’ll wait around
While Daddy handles his Baby

Craving the care you show her
As I smile and nod my head
And tell you that I understand
Why she gets your time instead

Put on the face you want to see
It doesn’t matter if it’s real
Be a good girl, don’t make a scene
Pretending I’m fine with this deal
a **** love triangle.
Valerie Jul 2
My heart is dead… or at least the part that once loved you
You sit there, crying, begging, hoping, pleading, praying
And I laugh, as I remember a song lyric, and it sings itself through my memory
                  "I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold…"

And you watch me, as I giggle, and sing the song aloud
What happened to the girl that once was
Innocent, open-hearted, ever-trusting.
She's gone now… maybe for ever
It seems like an eternity already.
                "I've got an icebox where my heart used to be…."

This woman sitting here now, head back, staring at the ceiling
Waiting for you to wipe the snot from your mustache
She is bitter, and stronger, and wiser, and harder
Just remember who put the fire out.
Who froze my soul
So cold
So cold
So god ****** cold
Can someone please get me a ******* jacket........
Valerie Jul 2
i was thinking…

that it'd be really nice to stand

next to someone really tall..

who, if i leaned against them

i wouldn't make them fall


at all
Valerie Jul 2
Rain rain, come again,
Bathe me in your dew
Fill my ears with echoes
Cover me in blues

Drip your rainy drops
On my hot, defeated skin
Cool all my frustrations
Bursting from within

Light the world around me
I need to feel your roar
Give me all you’ve got
And leave me wanting more

Sing my tired soul to sleep
But please leave in the night
So I can wake up in the morning
And pretend that I’m alright
Valerie Jul 2
Living in a cardboard jungle
Holding out hope for better days
Paper plates and greasy food
First grade drama club plays

Watching the pounds pack back on
As I sit on the couch in a haze
Wondering if this is going to change us
Wandering through my cardboard maze

Boxes on top of boxes
Everything ready to move
Silence then yelling then nothing
There’s nothing for me to prove

As he cries for the things he’s losing
I hold my first born, rocking him tight
Holding back tears of my own
Telling myself that I did what’s right

Squeezing through recycled tunnels
Doing what needs to be done
Living with the bare necessities
Until we finally get to move on

Here’s to a better life for us all
No drafty windows and no creaky floors
No secrets or worries or frustration
Just communication and open doors

A new school and new friends for my baby
A new home for our new family
A new start, and a new way of living
And hopefully, a brand new me.
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