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chuckae Apr 2015
(a poem)*

life may have flaws

and the image may have faults

but the imagination never does

and i believe

the image doesn't matter

it's the imagination that counts
chuckae May 2015
if you are on fire
i will burn for you.
for your entertainment
i will burst into flames.
to be your light
i will bath in gasoline,
light up a match
and set myself  ablaze.
*these flames are for you,
my love.
chuckae Oct 2014
(again and again)

Again I met you,

Again I left dazed,

Again I loved you,

Again mesmerized.

Again the sun rose,

And again it died,

It was just like me,

The sun that is.

I ask myself again,

Why do I wake up?

Just like the sun,

Just to fall back sleep?

Again and again why?

Why can't we just stop?

Why does the world wake?

Just to die at midnight?

Why do we look at the dead,

As if they had died?

They only fell asleep

Only for a little longer.

But someday you might meet,

Just hold onto hope, again.

Take steps, one by one.

Don't grief over the gone

Because whatever lives dies.

So don't live in the lies.

I am not afraid

To fall asleep again8

Though once I did ask myself

What if I never wake?

That thought had not

Scared me like it should

Because you die everyday

And wake up *again

But then I met you

And I suddenly wanted

To wake up every morning

Just to see your face.

But then I fell in love

Everyday a little more

Just like an alcoholic drinks,

I loved again and again.

But I only fell once

It felt like so many.

As I broke and shattered

Again and again.
Hello there! I am Fiona, and this is my second poem here on hello poetry, and it's obviously longer then my last one, so I hope you enjoyed it :) and if you do like my writing, you can check out my wattpad stories and poems on @justplaincliche on wattpad.
chuckae Jun 2015
I believe there is more to a person
They what appears be.
There's a heart, a soul and a mind,
When one disagrees with the rest,
It's a mess.
But when all disagree, then a mess,
Turns into madness.
My words mean nothing anymore.
chuckae Apr 2015
(#3 heart)

Break my being,

Break my very ground.

I refuse to *fall

And then to be found.

Breaking my being,

Breaking my very ground.

The tears that tempt me

Refuse to rain down my face.

Break my being,

Break my very ground.

Words that are whispered

Are secrets left unrevealed.

Break my being,

Break my very ground.

But don't haunt my mind,

Leave my heart  a l o n e.
A poem.
~ Fiona.
chuckae Jan 2017
home is where the heart resides.
tears are what the brain prescribes,
as a heart that breaks forms a lake,
and the body is out of control.
death is the ultimate goal.
everyone is always the centre of their own world.
triggered teens with wristarts and no skin—
thirteen year olds girls calling boys honey—
lonely ladies with cats that don't speak—
old corrupt men who think life is money—
everyone is always at the centre of their own world,
that's where you are born,  
and that's where you shall die,
in a journey to the end of the earth,
you're getting nowhere.
Sometimes I confuse myself trying to collect the complications of my overthought hours.
chuckae May 2015
b or e d

chunks of chatter
miles of stones
words of wisdom
time growing old

despicable doubt
of leaving life un-lived.
tip-toeing around
the cracks on the ground.

step on a crack once
and things fall apart
this ground can't hold
my broken little soul.

tap tap *tap

rain splattered glass
gazing out the window
and boredom reigns.

meaningless words
in this ugly world
they mean so little
and matter too much.

these hearts were broken
stepped on hundreds
of thousands of time
and now it's boredom.

i am broken i am bored
i am happy i am bored
i am crying i am bored
*i am just f-cking bored.
i have no idea what the hell i am writing so just go with it and heart it if you are as bored as me.
~ fiona
chuckae Jun 2015
(beauty burning out)

I love the word 'burn'.
Like imagine,
Everything's burning,
I am on fire,
You're on fire,
The world is on fire,
And I find it beautiful.
Burning beautiful.
It's the burning out part that's scary.
I just really like the idea of fire, and flames and burning. I dunno why.
chuckae Apr 2015
(about second chances)

i remember

i used to be your girl.

but today i know

you used to love me.

so give me a chance.

i can't say i will

go back to normal

again. but

if you loved the me

of yesterday,

i can make you love

the girl i am today.

so give me a

This is just...yeah. I am not gonna tell you what or who inspired it! lol heart it if you like it!
~ Fiona.
chuckae Apr 2015
(from my wattpad story)*

I am just a memory

That you forgot

To live today.

Soon I will

be gone.

I will be your *yesterday.
Wattpad Story Quote
~ Fiona.
chuckae Feb 2015
It been white all morning
As the lightness
Melts hearts.

It's been blue all day
Like the sky can
Breath again.

It's been red in the evening
The rose among thorns
That breaks hearts.

It's been purple at the start of dusk
Something's gone all wrong
Like poison.

It's been black all through the night
Shaking away fear
And desire.

There were rainbows at the break of dawn
And I didn't really know
What it was.
I have no idea what I wrote, it was pretty freakety random.
chuckae May 2015
Last time I saw his face
It was a beautiful mess.
Even the moon shining
Through the curtains
Couldn't be compared.
chuckae Feb 2015
I give you smile,
I give you my name.
I tell you my thoughts
And you ask me again.

Do you like this smile?
Does it brighten your day?
Do you ever think of me?
How about all the time?

Do you laugh at all my jokes?
Even though I am not that funny.
I can make you smile even when
The sun stopped shinning.

Do you constantly get nervous?
Whenever I fail to show up.
Do you grin that huge grin of yours?
When I turn up again.

Do you think this can last?
Do you know?
That I will come back everytime,
And we will go from there.

Do you see that we can never
Be what, where, when, and how
We want things to be?
Do you really see?

Do you think that my smiles
Would last you a life time?
Do you really like me that much?
Do you love me?
Please don't.
As cliche as ever, I am back again!
~ Fiona ♥️.
chuckae Nov 2015
I was without lungs, and he couldn't breathe.
He told me he loved me, but I felt the need,
To find someone better, out of my greed.
But I was an artist he was dying to please,
Stabbing himself for what he couldn't be,
And my blank white canvas started to bleed.
I saw the red and the corpse of the deceased.
The blood blinded me and I was deceived.
He told me if comes a day, he'd die for me.
But after the sun fell, I refused to believe.
And now as he lay dead at my feet,
I have realised that the demons I had released,
Charmed him, harmed him, worked its magic.
And now the spell is stuck in his dead body.
He opened his heart and I had started to feed
Of the love, affection and his soul so sweet.
He was a dream boy, I was a witch.
I was an artist, and he, a mere masterpiece.
You know the cliche
Where you think one day
A boy could come in a white horse
And claim to be yours,
And die for you and stuff?
Well, for me, that was love. XP
This is just a darker version of my imaginations.
I expect a little too much sometimes, I Guess.
chuckae Nov 2015
I'm a drifter;
I drift ashore, and away again,
Like an ever travelsome voyage
En route to finding myself,
The part of me I never thought was lost within,
Until now, until I found myself drifting.
Drifting by people, drifting by days,
From city to city, countries apart
Bad lands, good lands, and wonderlands;
They take me to an incandescent
State of art.
As art is but art, a madness of literature,
I find myself a lonely, lonesome, creature.
I find myself all alone in the crowds,
Of foreign souls speaking in foreign tongue,
Under foreign skies and clouds,
In a foreign land, I walk among
The loneliest of grounds.
What I have decided, what I have realised,
Is that when I flee every city and every sight,
I drift home when I am alone sometimes,
But because I do it so often so many times...
People aren't happy, yet not sad, nor astound,
As I am a drift, I always roam,
And when I come back to my Mother ground,
No one notices, that I'm home.
Me in my darkest hours
chuckae May 2015
the empty streets will fill up
but my heart just can't
be healed.
chuckae Nov 2014
(matter of infinity)

There are about a million different moments
In a person's life,

Where they think that it's the beginning
Of something new.

However they don't necessarily have an ending
To their older beginnings.

No matter how many times you start over
Your start is undefined.

And the end?
Is just not.

Who knows how we might live after our death
In another universe?

Who knows if our death is an ending but
Our mind is still existing?

Who knows if everything we do and don't
Is just another nothing?

The truth is, no one knows, no one dares,
To care for this oblivion.

Because there is no
End to existence.
Hello there, this is Fiona and well as you can see it seems like I have been staring at the wall longer then usual ha ha
chuckae Oct 2014
Dear Thirteen,

I am a huge disgrace
To this thing we call the universe.
Blue eyes,
Blonde hair,
Cheek bones,
And an adorable smile.

I came crashing through the halls,
And right into those arms.
Well, at least,
His chest.
And that is when,
Every eye landed on me.

It seemed as though,
Time had stopped.
Not for me and him.
We weren’t even looking
At each other,
But the school was.

A bubble popped,
A fake smile dropped,
And I stood still.
A tap on the shoulder,
Lifting a boulder,
With that flash of a smile.

I will always remember that smile,
Before he walked away
I wanted to remember.
The bubble gum *****
Was bound to make me forget.

I was trapped
And tormented by
The sight of her frown.
Manicured nails,
Bleached blonde hair,
And of course, the bubble gum.

They do spread like wildfire.
Landing me nowhere
But next to
The dumpster.
My old rusted best Friend.

I was surprised,
When the boy asked me
What my name was.
And even more,
When he started following me,
Every. Single. Day.

He didn’t know
That someone
Was hurting me if I dared
To even look at him.
Confusion made him look adorable,
As I stood and walked away.

He had been willing
To sit next to said dumpster
With me.
So of course,
He was willing to follow me
To the library.

He was not the prettiest boy
But to me
He was beautiful.
With kind eyes,
Charming smile,
And an incredible sense of humour.

He talked so much,
Like any moment,
Time would be up,
Like there is so much
To tell before
I fade away…

So of course,
I went along with it.
His voice,
His eyes,
And that smile
Made me wish, wish, wish.

Keep on keeping
your eyes on me.
Hold on tight
Hold me closely.
I might
Fade away.

I choose to ignore these things,
Annoying you to no wits,
Slipping through your fingers,
And fluttering in the wind.
I might,
Fade away.

Keep on talking,
I might fade away.
And I did.
As heels clacking,
Smiles faking,
She sauntered in.

Hello there readers! This is an extract from my poetry work on wattpad, if you like this, you can read the rest of it by following this link : (
Thank you for reading :)
chuckae Apr 2015
(from my wattpad story)

As he watched her

fall  asleep,

He watched himself

fall a little more

**insane .
This is not much of a poem, more of a quote from my story "Falling Insane" on watt pad. If you wanna check it out, go to !
chuckae Nov 2015
I'd fight to be loved by you,
But would you fight back for me?
it hurts now knowing I will never get to mess up his chocolate brown hair again
chuckae Nov 2015
(the title is intentional)*

You lost the right of calling me a *****
the day you forgot to be my friend.
Because some people say friendship lasts forever, I tried it out.
Turns out it's a myth after all.

F.E. (Fiona Embers)
chuckae Jul 2015
trembling fingers grazed grey lips,
tears spilled like ink on pale skin,
and insanity overcame by being.
First try at Haiku and it had to be about death. Yep, I am me for a reason. Depressing ~.~
chuckae Apr 2015
(#1 heart)

Don't steal my heart.

Don't steal it piece by piece.

And even if you do

Handle with care.

Don't break my heart.

Don't break it bit by bit.

And if you do please

Remember to return it.

Please, *please
, please

Don't steal any piece

Of my little heart

Because at one point

I will have nothing left

and I would become

*h e a r t l e s s .
A message to anyone who even came the littlest bit close to my heart. I love people but I don't want to give them my heart. Isnt that what we are all afraid of? Meh...maybe not xD but I hope you enjoyed the poem! Heart / reblog / comment <3
~ Fiona.
chuckae May 2015
you gotta live through it.
some logic i have right xp
~ fiona
chuckae Apr 2015
(#5 heart)

If you break his heart,

I will
rip yours out

And *chuck it out
the window.

I am trusting you.

Don't let me down.

Do a better job then I did.

And I know, I know that

He is not mine anymore

But if you break his heart,

I will rip yours out.
A poem
~ Fiona.
chuckae Apr 2015
(from my wattpad poem)


It's not okay to cry.

Sometimes you need

To force yourself,

To hold it together

Just for once,

Like you hadn't

Have to do it

b e f o r e .

What explains,

That sometimes,

The more you cry,

The more it

**h u r t s .
This is from my poetry book on wattpad. Extracts from my poem "The More it Hurts". Link:
chuckae Nov 2015
It hurts for a little while, but it's alright.
I tried so hard smile, and laughed for you: to be worth your time, because you were funny.
But today I realised, my genuine laughter has turned into laughs that ring through the air right on time on every joke.
I know you so well, I have gotten used to you, I know you too well now.
You don't know me at all, but you are used to me, bored of me even.
So, when I laugh for you just to make you smile, you don't realise that it hurts underneath.
It hurts for a little while, but it's alright.
I still want to be worth your time.
chuckae Sep 2015
My broken heart
Holds a broken story
Of a broken past
And broken glory
chuckae May 2015
(perfection has flaws)

what was broken,

you mended.

what was taken,

you took back.

what was worthless,

you made worth it.

what was perfect,

*you made flawless.
chuckae May 2015
words of a mouse
they spread from
mouth to mouth
bits and pieces*
bitten and beaten
into *incoherence
randomly thinking about how we don't understand animals and how we might be so oblivious to extraordinary words that poets can't even understand. ok i am speaking bull so ignore me XD
chuckae Aug 2015
hello world,

I heard you used to be a sight to see,

luscious in your own ravenous greenery

but people are fake, people try to be pretty

and now they've turned you into their own toy

of smoke, dust, delight, desire and so much noise

and now they want to make you beautiful

but the greenery is gone and the beauty faded.

and now they want everything you can't give

people only want things that they can't have

and now you are what lays beneath my feet

there's mud and dirt but fire underneath

and now i don't know where to go, what to be

people turned me into a void of insecurities

and now i have come to realize that it's your fault

you don't give us the code to open the volt

you lay there like a ground is to lay

and let us walk over in this screaming disaray

but i know you have the key to all doors

and we are just creatures invented for your entertainment.

so i hope you stay in your silent laughing state

and enjoy the scraps of what we leave behind

but you will never be what you want to be

just like us, you will stay beneath your dreams

you will never be real, you will never be good

you'll never find that moment,

the moment of truth.

and now i've come to realize another thing:

you are so plastic, it's almost pretty;

but that's the problem too... you're too pretty

and that pushes me into a rath of darkness

dear world, you make me ugly.

love, faith.
chuckae Aug 2015
When wishes turn to woes
I'll be by your side
And when unrequited love
Defines limerence in disguise
You'll think that nobody knows
What you have realized
And every bit of love
Will wake alluring lies
It will consume your being
And leave your soul undefined
My darling,
Listen when I tell you this
Love is a affectionate adventure
But treacherous inside
The only route to love
Is to get lost along the way
But hanging from a cliff
Is not for every man everyday
So be careful, my love
In love, in lust and limerence
hmph, meh, random moment of explanation?
- fiona <3
chuckae Aug 2015
(love letter to anonymous)*

kiss me like

the stars are bleeding

and the world is nothing

but a boundless pit

and like you forgot the

last time you forgot to


and **** me when

i stop caring because

the stars are without

a cause without you

in my heart.

and love me then

when i have gone too

far away and only then

when i am too far away

to love you back

chuckae May 2015
I know that you feel lost
I know that things seem
a m i s s
I know that you miss
The memories we shared.
But I wish you missed
Me, instead.
chuckae Mar 2015
You are here
I am here
*And we have an eternity
To unfold before us.
Yeah lame but that's all my brain could think of at six in the morning.
chuckae Apr 2015
(about destiny)

and i bet you are out there

somewhere among the *rain

of people within this world

that we are bound to live in

and i bet you are out there

somewhere along the lines

and i will find you one day

*and it will all *fall into place.
This is just for all those people out there who believe in soulmates :)
~ Fiona.
chuckae May 2015

Poems and poetry
Are like *chromosomes

In a human cell.

Instead of DNA,
Poems hold the voices
of our soul in words.

There's so much
to say and make people

So, they are twisted
and coiled
with hidden

Poets are like scientists
But poets don't invent they
this is just random **** (sorry, not sorry) i came up with
~ fiona
chuckae Nov 2014
(what is it)

What is it now?

 What is it that awakened you?

  What is it now?

   What is it that made you go back to sleep?

    What is it now?

     What is it that told to you to wake?

      That made you live through the day?

       That made you feel red not grey?

        What is it now?

         What made you stop mid-sentence?

          What made you want to scream?

           That caused all you dangerous dreams?

            What is it now?

             What made you all silent?

              You say it is not shame.

               What made you put the world at blame?

                What is it now?

                 What made you not think through your words?

                  What made you blood boil but cold?

                   What made you watch time grow old?

                    What is it now?

                     What made you curse the God you owe?

                      What made your true colours show?

                       What is it now?

                        The thing that close to killed you?

                         What is it?
I just realized that the instant poems I come up with are the ones that others like, so here it another of those poems. It's out of what I am feeling towards someone in particular in my life. Hope you liked it though.
chuckae Apr 2015
(from my wattpad poem)

My throat 

b u r n s

And it  

h u r t s

But I never say


w o r d s .  


I never want

to  s a y  it.

But when I die

I want you to

r e m e m b e r*

Extracts from .
~ Fiona.
chuckae Dec 2014
(don't take it literally)

*Hold in your laughter
Until I'm not breathing.
I might not be funny
But my death is amusing.
Don't take this literally, its inspired by a book called "MORE THAN THIS". If you have read it you won't find a good connection but its just my opinion over the book character.
chuckae Dec 2014
(clear my head)



chuckae Apr 2015

If birds had no wings
They wouldn't

If there was no darkness
Our stars wouldn't
a moment of thought
chuckae Aug 2015
Tame my wild heart,
this violent beast
beating through me.
Encaged in my ribs,
it threatens to beat
right out of me.
I stopped living
in my dreams,
the day that I woke up,
but my wild heart
raced away the
heart break.
And left me
with a whole
in my ribcage,
were the notorious
creature used
to be.
chuckae Jan 2017
an angel for soul
a devil for an heart; you
took me to heaven,
and made me fall my way down,
and it hurt like hell, you see.
a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
chuckae Jan 2017
I go to sleep at
eleven eleven so
all my dreams come true
I wake with a 1:00 am
nightmare, it's reality.
a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
chuckae Jan 2017
muse, one who inspires—
dream, an imagination—
you, muse of my dreams—
settle down, my heart, i say
—but your smile ruins it all
a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
chuckae Apr 2015
(a poem)*

Tell me the thoughts you bear
And the words you whispered
to her.

Tell me that she doesn't matter
That she isn't someone to care

Tell me that I have nothing to fear
No reason for the tears
i shed.

Tell me that the words I heard
And the note left in the drawer
didn't matter.

Tell me that I'm not alone
That you will always be there
like before.

Tell me that you are still here
Please still be hear, please swear
you'll stay.

Tell me everything you want to
Tell me anything and I swear
i'm listening.
I am back with the longer poems! I guess... maybe XD
~ Fiona <3
chuckae Dec 2015
Like a ghost, you haunt my mind.
There's mirrors that reflect our dead love.
And through mazes I follow your footsteps.
The giggles of your laughter ring with empty echoes.
And these dead memories, and ghost confessions
With conjure my mind and possess my heart one day
Because what we had is dead today.
chuckae Apr 2015
(#4 heart)

l u r k i n g   f o o l

never shows up and

if he does he doesn't

remember* the reason

and i start to wonder

why do i keep going

back to him again and

and i realise

i am the fool

not him.
Meh...I write too much of this cheesy crap xP
chuckae Nov 2014
(every little thing)

When I lie, I lie, I lie,
Living is the truest thing I've ever done.
When I cry, I cry, I cry,
Everyone seems to loose their shoulders.
When I try, I try, I try,
I am the only one that's being, said, "lazy".

When I speak, speak, speak,
I'll be the only one that's listening.
When I break, break,break,
Their is no sound and I am all alone.
But When I live and live and live?
I'm the only one dieing.
Inspired by a story I read online :)
Has anyone read "The Conference of the Birds"?
If not, do so. You'd like it (it's a poetry book).
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