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 Oct 2017 chuckae
Anna Blake
it's you.

i would have never known
unless i saw
the light meet your face
that morning.

neither of us are early risers,
but i couldn't waste
a second.

above me,
at 6:40 in the morning,
a perfect blend of
blue, gray, and sincerity,
which was born
on the rising sun,
peered through an ivory curtain,
and landed on a gentle face.

infinity soaked gaze,
honey coated touch,

your color was
the crisp mountain air
through a rolled down
Jeep window.

your color was
a John Prine record
and local barbeque

your color was serene.
it was the light's reflection of
a summer enveloped
by two people
in love with
right now.

-Anna Blake
 Mar 2017 chuckae
 Mar 2017 chuckae
i have learned to breathe under holy water -
grew gills so strong they are
lined with celestial gold.

the ocean is a puddle to me now.

and i ***** pearls of pain,
lick them clean with my acetylene

my acids will heal what the world cannot.

pills and love potions  
can't take away
my virginity.

i am clean, so clean.

the devil watches me and
cringes at my radioactive light.

for i am dead and alive all at once.
poison, poison.

the radium drips from my lips like
babyspit and i am too pure
for god himself

so i offer my golden blood
to a higher power

that would take the pureness of it all
and make it an ounce
of what i could have been
 Jan 2017 chuckae
Autumn Rose
Drown my dreams
in October winds,
Drown my memories
in leaves of fire,
Drown my melodies
in sunset's regret

Keep me from dreaming,
Keep me from remembering,
Keep me from singing

So I too can fall in oblivion with you
 Jan 2017 chuckae
Autumn Rose
The wild roses grew,
all upon the wooden
garden fence, painted white.
Gentle autumn breezes blew
and stirred the
emerald-green leaves.
The melancholy fragrance
was spread in the air,
as I sat and watched
the red petals submit
to the deadly season.
So i sang them a lullaby,
to fall in a summer dream,
And peacefully wilt
with no sorrow,
with no tears...
 Jan 2017 chuckae
Denel Kessler
We crash through
Class V relationships
with no life jacket
emerge waterlogged
and disintegrating
only to blunder through
thorny undergrowth
while searching empty
pockets for some
kind of map
to this always
foreign territory.
 Nov 2015 chuckae
Mike Hauser
It's love that holds us together
It's love that tears us a part
It's love we never have enough of
Deep within our hearts

It's love we are demanding
But is it love we're willing to give
Love that should take precedence
Over how we all should live

It's love that pours down from the heavens
On each of us like drops of rain
But how many of us set out buckets
To catch the love that's given

It's love that starts the cycle
That spins the world around
When we find ourselves at loss
Love is where we can be found

It's love that is the answer
To the questions that we raise
A solid yes lays all else to rest
As we let love have its way
 Nov 2015 chuckae
Bridget Allyson
It’s a fire
You and I
It’s a word
We testified.

We grew larger
It’s a flame
Every singing crackle
It calls your name.

We have heat
You and I
Have many colors
Trapped inside my eye.

It’s a dream
Yet so real
Can we deny?
Should we feel?

It’s a fire
You and I
Such a flame
Grew so high.

It’s a fire
Me and you
Such abundance
Where fire stood blue.
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