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gabby 19h
pain creates the most
profund poetry,
pain creates the most
shiny pearls,
pain is the tool
that changes who we are,
pain is the sharp wind
in winters,
something you undoubtely feel
when you are brave.
an alarm signal,
a remider that your body is not
translucid and that it shines.
you try to escape reality,
but the remais of past
come agressively in waves.
anyone can hurt you
and you are anyone too.
so what can we do?
pain stars and ends
a war.

pain is better than fear
as the blue skies are
better than the grey ones
....and i dare to say i am feeling better
gabby 7d
yesterday i decided
where i will run away to-.
i wrote the coordinates in black
on a blue colored paper
and threw it
in my childhood friend's garden.

i also called a star after
my first lover's name;
that star will be my home.

i will travel just at night
because i know that all the people
that pretended to care about me
are all so afraid of the dark.

....and i will begin to write
about my life as a youth,
but by the time they recongnise me
i will be gone, diving
into cherry blossom water
and bittersweet freedom.
i will dye my hair
light ocean blue and
finally settle myself
in the first city i fall in love with.
i will spend nights
at karaoke famous clubs
dedicating songs to old faces
and i will spend mornings
sipping lavender tea at fancy caf├ęs
observing those people
who will never die.

but i know that, in the end,
none of these will be part of me
for eternity.

a scared girl who thinks is brave
because she ran away.
too...? i know this is a bit chaotic, but i am glad i found a way to express all these things i kept for myself for too long. wish i could go anywhere
gabby Jul 24
tonight i slept with
my windows wide open.
now, i am part of this world.
i feel it, it doesn't feel me.

400 000 people in this city
have their own warm
incandescent light.
my friend was crying
on the floor of her house;
all dark.
one lady was listening loud
to the song that defined
her life.
but all i heard that night
were the sounds of peace,
coming from the shaky leaves,
the sleepy urban dogs
and the fast red motorcycles.
hmmm i don t know what to say about this lines i have written. honestly, is anything i do right?
gabby Jul 18
i don't need people.
the sun embraces me
the salty waves
greet me at nights,
and the stars
dance beside me
with their disco light.

i find myself in
this quiet,honest,wild
where every bird's song
and every wind blow
is playing in the

nothing hurts me,
everything is just as it is.
another *poem* about how much i started to love nature in the last past weeks '_'
gabby Jul 13
take deep breaths
before summer comes.
the hot heavy air
once inhalated
destroys the coldness
of the mind, of the body.
spontaneous fires
light up in people and
burn as wildly as the sun.

summer is heaven?
it heats and heals,
but slowly withers
the green, honest souls.
summer is freedom?
the sky is clear,
the moon is tenderer,
we feel the night.

a pretty fall,
a blushing evil fairy,
summer will become the all;
a steamy world,
in which
the lovely shady trees
the ocean breeze
will be a dead touch.
it s been so sunny here and i hate it. i miss the clouds, my head is spinning around and i feel as hopeless as the nature in these days.
gabby Jul 9
i've heard you
talking to the stars.
do your scars
heal with their light?
do they feel,
compassionate and kind,
your sorrow,
and understand
your blue life?

i've talked to them once
cold as iced ice,
they wasted my time.

i like talking to the
grass, the flowers
they aren't dead,
immortal or fire-red.
they aren't wise,
they just empathise.
the trees, the green
sometimes talk back
and i listen like a child;
the rustling leaves,
the broken twigs.

but you look up!
bored of the ground,
you need their coldness,
their empty shiny eyes.
i like nature more than people sometimes
gabby Jul 7
stormy storm,
do not fade away.
the raindrops falling
as cold rivers
**** the silence and
the lonely loneliness.

the birds hiding,
the bugs diving.
still i see the pretty,
the innocent you.
connection is vital,
transparent and true.

stormy storm,
i feel your anger,
i know your rues.
it rained heavily today
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