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 Sep 25 TeddyBear
She speaks; slowly, softly, inside her, there's a storm.

Holds to hope, she raises her lanterns to see the horizon.
Wears long black clothes,
has a smile that I call home.

Runs clicks and see new things and closes her eyes to find something
no one ever tried to.

I call her magic

Loves ice cream and lefts some of it on her face.

I call her strength.

Last seen wearing a **** dress
If found; tell her that I miss her.

I cannot breathe properly
I know you still share feelings                    (a)
Though, with different meanings              (a)
for I remember:                                             (c)

Your heart gazed into my ego                      (d)
Your crystalline eyes                                    (e)
with pristine seas                                          (f)
Melted my heart, like that of ice                 (g)
Your lips, rewrote my affection                  (h)

Things might be different                           (i)
Though I might now be an insurgent       (i)
for if I re-render:                                          (c)

Your lips, told me to go                              (d)
on the most obscure days                           (e)
in a world of dying trees                            (f)
with no breath, like lab mice                     (g)
I tied a noose, with my rejection               (h)
A poem to my beloved, to whom I say thank you for making me push to the point where I wanted to take my own life. I still love you and I know you love me too, but it's the worst kind of love you can find
Yesterday's tears
are tomorrow's fears
Today's pain
is tomorrow's gain
Yesterday's sad
is today's bad
and tomorrow's mad

Pain ends the same, in madness
Tickle me with your sweet touch
Deceivingly irresistible

Torture me with your words
Until it breaks me
Feed me your poison
Until it kills me

Hold me tight with your alluring arms
Until you strangle me
With your

Kiss me with your beautiful lips
With my closed eyes
I will silently enjoy
Until you swallow me
With my addiction
To killing myself with you

Poison me
Strangle me
Swallow me
I'm more broken
Than I'll ever be
She's being characterized
instead of sympathized
By her first actions
and by all fractions
Her pristine blue eyes
of crystalline seas
reflect the clear blue skies
as she gazes at ease
why every time i feel secure, i mess up, and lose even more
what do i do
he likes her
she likes me
i like her
she loves me
i love her more
while he loves her
a little less
now i understand
why people say
that loves a mess
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