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What is this feel

This feel of caring

the kindness of a guy

So good looking and daring

I hope he sees these poems some day

To know how I feel

If we did meet

I would tell him

Of the experience

Of the revealing

Of this New Feeling
 Mar 18 TeddyBear
Limem ALi
I had a dream of an angel
She was waving her wings to fly
But in a minute she stopped and started to cry
She looked so tired
and i really felt sorry for her
made me wondering
she might lost her direction
I went straight up to her and talked to her,
Please sit down and take your breath i said
Can you fly? Me asking her.
I don't really even think i can she said.
I said no, no you know the way.
You know where you have to be.
You came from the sky and you will come back to the sky.
But you choose, land and stay down the ground or raise and fly again.
It's all about you.
Either way live or die.
 Mar 18 TeddyBear
Limem ALi
You were there
When i came
You were there
For a long long time

You're always up there
In the sky
Sitting quiet, sitting silent
Falling me everywhere

Morning you are hiding
At night you are brightening
Sitting right next to the stars
 Mar 17 TeddyBear
 Mar 17 TeddyBear
Bear with me. I'll bear with you.
Together, we can carry the world
Update: we failed.
 Mar 17 TeddyBear
What can I dream, outside of a memory?
What can I be, without you?
 Mar 17 TeddyBear
It was okay.
I didn't feel it.
When you said 'this',
I didn't see it.
I remember for once
What I'm here for.
This isn't it.
I don't feel it.
Your gentle touch
Let's me know I have a friend
Your gentle touch
Calms my fears

Life doesn't seem so bad
When I am holding your hand
The sky seems more blue
Darkness and trouble
Seemed to stay away
When I am with you

You let me know
I will never be alone
If ever I need someone
You are there

Through the good and the bad
Through the joy and the tears
Even at our worst
I know I can count on you
 Mar 12 TeddyBear
Grace E
The days pass & he lingers
I sip on the memory  
Of his calloused fingers
Like he etched his initials into my skin
I, robed in his jacket
That still smells like him

I dance whenever I recall
Our nights together
When we exposed it all
I was the sea
We took and gave
& elated, he splashed
Inside my waves
will I ever shine like you?"
I asked the bright night stars.
The stars


and answered
in response;
"It you desire it,
then you shall.
I remind myself
of the words
the stars gave me.
I will try my hardest
and hope that
I can join them and together
we can be.
Looking up to the stars...
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