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You start to understand your childhood when
You come to the intersection
Where two worlds meet
The Imaginary and
The Reality

What no one has realized for centuries
Is going between the roads
Through a forest
Might actually be the better choice

I will say this now
Reality helps you survive
But Imagination keeps your sanity alive.
I'm not sure what to make of this. It came into my head and you can interpret it however you like.
TeddyBear Sep 26
It's a struggle to see the perfect,
But just take a moment my dear
because what you will see in the mirror will excite you.

You are you and no one can compete to be a better version of you.
They are insecure
hopeless little monsters.

See that sparkle in your eyes?
you have something in your heart no one else has
you are an amazing little creature.
This is for anyone who is struggling during the worldwide pandemic. I'm sorry to anyone who has had it harder than others in this time of pain and sorrow. I also understand there are many issues (especially in the US) involving race (and adjacently religion).

I would like you all to know that my page and my IM's are safe, judgement-free zones where you can speak your mind.
TeddyBear May 1
I don't know what I did to you,
But I do know I'm hurting less than before.
We were calling every night,
I do know that's over now.

You've tried getting me to pick up the phone,
Even after telling you I've moved on.
I'm tired of being let down and pushed to the side.
So you can just sit there as my life goes by.
TeddyBear Apr 16
I left everyone behind,
It hurt me once i got to where i was going.
It wasn't my home.

Why do parents bother trying?
Mine were never there when i needed them.
Now i rely on a man I've never met
To show me what it's like.
To show me care.

I can't rely on god anymore.
He's not in my life.
Never has been.
TeddyBear Apr 5
How's everyone doing? You all ok?
TeddyBear Feb 28
I want to kiss you at every red light we hit,
I wanna stay in love until the end.
I want us to show the people in our pasts that we are doing much better now.

I know you're used to the pain,
But I want to show you how happy we can be together.
I see how you smile,
I hear how you laugh.
It all shows me you're scared of love.

So let me kiss you at red lights,
Let me hug you good night.
I'll show you over time
Everything is ok.
TeddyBear Feb 12
Funny thing,
I used to be stuck in a cage.
Now I’m flying all over the place.
And it’s all thanks to a special person I met.
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