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TeddyBear Mar 18
Most of my poems are very serious unless i say otherwise in my comments. I have been very defensive lately about my writing, and myself, because of many rude comments. Most arent on here.
TeddyBear Mar 14
I wish i could remember what happened,
Between you and me.
Did i hurt you?
Did you leave me?
Why aren't we the way we were with those messages.
TeddyBear Mar 9
Lost my best friend through jealousy and pain,
Gained my boyfriend through the same thing.
Why does life work in ways like that for me?
I guess some would say this is a type of perfection.
Lose the toxic,
Gain the love.
TeddyBear Feb 20
i did it
i hurt you and myself
go me
ill go now
dont question it
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