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why every time i feel secure, i mess up, and lose even more
TeddyBear Sep 5
Why did you break my heart tonight?
What did I do wrong?
Is a break up text what I deserve after trying to be a perfect girlfriend?

Why did it end this way?
TeddyBear Aug 18
You got me feeling some kind of way.
It’s a pain in the *** to explain.
But I smile when I see your face,
And honestly I need to come to your place.

I hope that after last night,
there doesn’t need to be a fight
to control certain things.
I really do care about you and I want this to work.

You know I like you a lot.
I love you as my friend.
And I think when we meet,
It’ll be a day that should never end.

Being in the military isn’t too bad...
You’ll get more muscles,
(Which I’ll love)
But you’ll also be forced to write not type.

Coming from someone who hasn’t written poems in a year,
Take the chance,
Say how you really feel.
Yeah I know this might be weird,
But writing things down can open your mind.

I know things may be crazy,
But I want you to know I’ll always be here.
If not in Georgia,
I’ll be a phone call away.

I’ll always be here to fall asleep on call with you. I care too much to let you go.
You are special, you’ve changed.
No one seems to understand that.

I’ll be by your side,
Through the good and the bad,
Before, during, and after these next eight years.
I’ll be a shoulder you can cry on,
I’ll be the one to help you.
I wrote this for a very close friend of mine that is going into the Marine Corps for 8 years. Then he’ll come back home. It *****. I’ll miss him a lot. But he wants to do it so I’ll support him no matter what.
TeddyBear May 17
I do care about things,
But I can’t make it across this
Raging river,
This canyon without my courage.
There’s a wall in front of me.

I don’t understand why my body is under
Your control.
Leave me be.
Don’t hurt what I’ve got left.

I need this scrap of my heart to keep beating,
Or I’ll stop breathing.
I promise I wouldn’t hurt myself,
That I wouldn’t shed a tear.

But you don’t understand...
It’s difficult for me to say what’s on my mind
Without being stereotyped.
TeddyBear Mar 18
Most of my poems are very serious unless i say otherwise in my comments. I have been very defensive lately about my writing, and myself, because of many rude comments. Most arent on here.
TeddyBear Mar 14
I wish i could remember what happened,
Between you and me.
Did i hurt you?
Did you leave me?
Why aren't we the way we were with those messages.
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